Ty Law still too pricey for the market

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Mar 31, 2006.

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    I know no one wants this guy since a certain poster who shall remain nameless tried to pimp him for the last 3 years. :D But he makes sense if he'll play the end of his career as a safety. Heck, he's bigger than Keith Davis! On another note, isn't it great watching the Postons squirm as they continue having problems signing their high priced vets this offseason.


    CB Law interested in Titans

    Staff Writer


    Veteran cornerback Ty Law, one of the top free agents still on the market, is interested in playing for the Titans.

    Law's price tag, however, might keep the Titans from getting in the mix for five-time Pro Bowl selection.

    Law's agent, Carl Poston, said yesterday he's had recent conversations with Titans General Manager Floyd Reese about bringing Law to Nashville for a visit. Reese downplayed the seriousness of those talks and said nothing had been planned.

    "We are talking about it,'' Poston said.

    "At this point, they have interest and we'll see where it goes from there. Personally, I think it is a great fit because he could be a role model for Pacman (Jones), who has a lot of talent and ability. Ty has been there and he could show him the ropes.''

    Law had a career-high 10 interceptions for the New York Jets last season — his 11th in the NFL — after playing for the New England Patriots from 1995-2004.

    The Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs are also among the teams interested in Law, who is believed to be seeking around $10 million in guaranteed money.

    That's probably too steep for the Titans, who've already signed four free agents this offseason.

    "If (Poston) comes and says, 'Hey, my guy is in love with your team and he wants to play for minimum,' then things might be different,'' Reese said. "But I am sure he would be very, very expensive. You never say never, but I am going to guess he is going to be out of our price range.''
  2. Bledsoe4MVP

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    It's still a longshot...but I'm definitely on the Law bandwagon if we can get him for less money once market cools down and convert him to safety!

    The draft is still an option, as is Charles Woodson.

    We'll just have to see what happens.....Law would be an enforcer in the secondary! :cool:
  3. JonJon

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    I read somewhere that Law has made it clear he will not play FS. The only way the Cowboys could get him is if we move Henry to FS and then make Law the starting RCB. I wouldn't be opposed to this idea, but his price tag has to come down, especially when we can get a long term stud FS in the draft for much cheaper.
  4. doomsday81

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    Once again, Ty Law is not going to play safety. Ever. How do I know that? He told me in his own words, "I'll retire before moving to safety. I'm a corner and a damn good one. Check out the stats."

    Now lets have 120 more posts about Ty Law coming to Dallas, taking less money and converting to safety. It's never going to happen. Please move on and talk about other options because these posts are not worth the time. Trust me on this one. There's no chance of him coming to Dallas to play safety.
  5. TruBlueCowboy

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    I'd be happy with that. I think Henry enjoys contact more than even Law does. Henry has more experience at the position too.
  6. Bledsoe4MVP

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    It's just a smokescreen.....I'm sure law will change his mind real fast once he realizes that teams aren't going to shell out tons of money for him at this point in his career.

    Also why not come to dallas and be reunited with the coach that drafted him, as well as bledsoe and some other former parcell minions.....

    You never know what might happen, newman or henry could get hurt or struggle and law could have a chance to play corner again anyhow, i still think he'd make a heck of safety and pick off passes left and right.

    The law firm is still open for business! :eek:
  7. silver

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    Won't play safety
    Is represented by the Postons
    Too Expensive
    Was healthy last year but not the previous one
    BP & JJ hate the Postons

    did i mention his agent is a guy named Poston?

    same applies to Charles Woodson

    COWBOYSNUM1 Active Member

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    Law needs to be flexible on which position he plays. Remember Pete Hunter. I know he is a more established player but he is getting up in age. On dealing with the Postons, we are already dealing with Rosenhous. Why not the Postons.
  9. silver

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    because BP has made it clear that he hates them with a passion. Rosenhous is Parcells agent so there's no hate going on there.
  10. Bledsoe4MVP

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    Yes but Rosenhaus is one seedy character, in fact he's down right sinister with his elaborate schemes.....

    Never say never! I think Law very well might be the answer, even if it's only for a one year deal. ;)
  11. DanTanna

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    Rosenhaus girlfriend is HOT!

    COWBOYSNUM1 Active Member

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    :huh: I thought that Jimmy Sexton was Parcells agent??
  13. Dayton Cowboy

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    he is unless he changed in the offseason and I missed that bit of info.
  14. ndanger

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    Not so my friend,Jimmy Sexton is his agent
  15. Danny White

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    The big difference is that Ty has already made serious money. He can posture on this issue because he probably has enough "F-YOU" money to retire on principle.

    COWBOYSNUM1 Active Member

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    LOL. You are probably right.
  17. superpunk

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    I'm shocked.
  18. Charles

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    Very true, Plus Law doesn't have sign up any time soon. He'll just wait until after the draft, a couple of mini-camps and maybe a week of training camp, coaches will throw up when they see the guys the stroll out there, owners will see a Law signing as a way to get a buzz and voila!!!! Law will get another $5-$7 million year deal
  19. silver

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    oops, sorry. my bad. he still hates carl poston regardless.
  20. cowboysfan31

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    Is there anyone that doesn't hate the Postons?

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