Tyler Bray

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Sep 19, 2012.

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    What is everyones assessment on him? I like his chances to be able to make the transition to the NFL. I love his poise in the pocket and his deep ball. I have seen plays where he throws it 40+ yards with pinpoint accuracy. If we are picking late 1st I would love to draft him and crown him our QB of the Future, our Aaron Rodgers :D
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    I like his arm. I dont like his immaturity and truth be told I'd rather have a QB with some escapability. He'd get killed behind this line.
  3. Cowboy Brian

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    At 20 and atleast 3 years until he would see the field I would be willing to take all the physical tools and a lack of maturity. It's not a T.O or OchoCinco immaturity it's more of a natural immaturity that will pass with time. 3 years behind Romo. Add in the intangibles and the mental aspect of being in the NFL, he already has all the physical tools. He has Franchise QB written all over him if properly groomed.

    It is rare to see someone in college as decisive as he is, there is no fear throwing the ball deep or in between two defenders. He has the mental fortitude he would need as a QB in this league. Last time I was this excited about a player it was Patrick Peterson (Already shut down corner, pro bowler year 1). Most of my excitement is centered around how we are the perfect pro fit for him. He is not mentally ready to go to a team and start from day one, if he is thrown into that situation he will fail. If he is groomed by the right team (Cowboys, Broncos, Patriots or Saints) he is franchise QB material. I could just imagine him throwing the ball pin point accurate 50 yards down the field to a in his prime Dez Bryant. Perfection!!

    Anyone who doesn't think this is the kid we need and doesn't have the time to invest watching games go checkout some highlights. You'll see him make all the throws, you'll see decisiveness, when it is a dangerous throw to make you will see him put it where only his receiver can get it, you will see Peyton Manning like poise. He is worth a 1st rounder for us... On top of all this he is only 20. He could wait 5 years to get his time to start and he would be the same age as some players just coming out of the draft.
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    He's got a lot of talent, that's for sure... but he's better off staying for his Senior year. He's still raw and needs to prove he can be a consistently accurate passer, also raised some question marks about his maturity during the Florida game.

    Love the size and arm talent though.

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