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    8. Tyrone Crawford Boise State 5.50 6-4 1/4 275 4.86

    The Windsor, Ontario native also lettered in basketball and track as a prep. Attended Bakersfield (Calif.) College for two years and posted 34 tackles, 11 tackles for loss and 4 1⁄2 sacks with one pass breakup in nine games in 2008. Earned All-America honors after the ’09 season by recording 33-13-8 with two passes batted down and two forced fumbles in 10 games. Appeared in all 13 games as a reserve lineman for Boise State in ’10 and totaled 32-131⁄2-7 with one pass batted down, one forced fumble and one blocked kick. Led the squad in tackles for loss and sacks in ’11 after posting 44-13 1⁄2-6 1⁄2 with three forced fumbles and a blocked kick in 12 games (11 starts). Had a 32-yard fumble return for a touchdown against TCU and did not play against New Mexico (unspecified injury).

    Good size and growth potential — has an athletic, muscular build with long arms. Quick out of his stance. Good athletic ability and body control. Is strong at the point and can jolt blockers with his hands. Keeps working to the quarterback. Pursues hard, ranges with long strides and makes tackles outside the box. Has special-teams experience. Smart, coachable and hardworking. Helped himself at the East-West Shrine Game.

    Shows some tightness in his movement. Average timed speed. Not a creative pass rusher. Lacks elite edge burst and shoulder flex. Needs to improve hand quickness and dexterity. Can play with more consistent leverage. Undisciplined eyes and average instincts. Only a one-year starter. Did not dominate (average production).

    Well-built, Canadian-born junior-college product offering scheme diversity to play left end in a 4-3 or fit as a five-technique in a one-gapping “30” front. Has broad appeal and upside.

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    He possesses good size for the position with a naturally longer set of arms. He also coils up into his stance well, comes off the ball low and does a nice job extending his hands into contact as a run defender. He showcases violent hands and a strong base when asked to shed. He also has the ability to stack and shed on the edge, hold the point of attack and work his way toward the football. Crawford will get a bit upright at times when asked to defeat slide down blocks away from his frame, but for the most part he keeps his legs under him, can shed and exhibits good range when asked to close for this size.

    He is still a developing pass rusher. Again, he coils up into his stance well and for his size he has an above-average first step. However, he is a linear rusher who doesn't quite possess the closing speed to threaten the edge consistently and he struggles to drop his pad level around the corner. He does a nice job at times extending his arms, creating a bit of a pop, but isn't the type of laterally gifted athlete to quickly shed and explode up the field. Crawford too often gets tied up through contact and needs to develop more confidence in his pass-rushing repertoire. He comes off the ball low, but doesn't exhibit much change of direction to his game off his speed rush. However, he does have the ability to change directions, as he looks natural on T/E stunts coming inside, extending his arms, being violent and working through the play. He's a former JUCO player who is still developing at the position and might need a little more time than most.

    Impression: I like his skill set. I think he's going to develop quickly at the next level and he has the ability to be a solid three down lineman with some time. He isn't there yet, but as a prospect Crawford has some real upside and displays the kind of blue-collar pass rushing mentality that I like with a powerful element to his game on contact.


    Has him ahead of Ch Jones and V Curry
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    Crawford ended up at Boise State by way of junior college, proving himself an intriguing prospect after only one year starting at defensive end. He is originally from Canada, where he played for a year after high school and prior to attending Bakersfield College. He has a ton of upside considering his history, and possesses prototypical NFL athletic ability and speed on a perfect frame. He can play in various spots across a defensive line and could be plugged into a number of schemes. He is a bit of a late riser and has second- or third-round value as a developmental prospect with starting traits.

    STRENGTHS Crawford is quick to get out of his stance off the snap and has the instincts to slant and hit a gap without being touched. He is consistently disrupting plays in the backfield and is a solid tackler. He is a strong player who shows an explosive arm jolt when keeping blockers at bay. Crawford shows good change of direction when stopping to pursue plays laterally. As a rusher, his motor is the key to his success. He never gives up on a play and can use a strong burst to get to the quarterback. He has a ton of upside, which undoubtedly increases his value to teams that are set at the position and willing to work with him. Despite his size, he could play special teams early on in his career because he has such a nasty demeanor.

    WEAKNESSES Crawford is a raw prospect with limited experience. He will be a project early on for the team that selects him, and he could have a tough time adapting right away. He has had trouble getting off double-teams, which is likely a technique issue. Crawford will need extra coaching and attention to adjust to the NFL.

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    Tyrone Crawford DE Boise St

    Round 2

    Tyrone is a sleeper. He is a pure 4-3 defensive left end for the smart team that drafts him. In any other defensive front, he will be solid, but not impactful. He has excellent size, strength and foot speed to rush the passer and is strong and smart enough to stop the run. He shows good explosion off the line, understands his assignments and is an excellent teammate. He shows leadership skills through his play on the field. Tyrone still has upside to his game. He played in a rotation system that used multiple fronts and was flipped from one side to the other depending on the defensive scheme that was being used for the down and distance and strength of its opponent. Tyrone has good change of direction skills to go along with his good length and surprising natural strength. He has excellent football intelligence and a professional work ethic. Tyrone is the type of player who becomes a fan favorite and a core player for the team that drafts him. He is what I call sleepy good. The fans will know he is good, his coaches and teammates will know he is good, but the media will think he is just average.

    Because Tyrone has played in a multiple front defense and has been moved all over the place, he really hasn't developed his pass rushing moves and is not consistent off the snap. But when he gets some repetitions under his belt at just one position, all of this will change quickly. He does much better pass rushing from the right side of the defense against the left tackle. It looks like that is his natural position. He is not big enough to be a defensive end in a 3-4 and does not have all the linebacker skills needed to be a OLB/DE in a 3-4, but will give you the effort. This limits Tyrone to teams that run a 4-3 defense, which may might cause him to drop in this draft. He needs a lot of pass rushing technique work to learn the little things that will make him an outstanding defensive lineman instead of just a good defensive lineman.

    I think a lot of scouts are overlooking the pure athletic talent that is on this team because the defense is coached so well. These players know how to play TEAM defense and, because of this, they are in the right spot most of the time to make plays without using the effort most other defensive players have to use. The truth is, we talk about this offense all the time, but this defense has more pure NFL talent on it than the offense. Tyrone was used in a rotation which makes people think there is something wrong with his athleticism, but now you see by his workouts that is not the case. Then, Tyrone was used at a position in a 3-4 defensive front, that might not be his strength, but in spite of that, plays very well. He makes tackles against the run and sacks the QB, all within the structure of the defense and that makes most people think he is just an "OK" player. He's the catch, when you see Tyrone put his hand on the ground in a 4-3 front and go up against a left tackle, just his stance alone makes me know something is up with this kid. Than he snaps off and changes the line of scrimmage and pressures the QB and I know right away that he could be much better if that were his regular position. To be sure, I waited for his numbers to come out and now I know I'm right. He has the quickness and just needs the repetitions and technique improvement to bring it out what I saw on the field when he played DE in a 4-3 defense on the right side against the left tackle consistently. With this kid's work ethic and intelligence, I have no doubt he will be that sneaky good player that everyone but the media appreciates. I don't know what round Tyrone will be selected in this draft, but I do know this kid has "upside" written all over him.

    Per Drew at the Huddle Report, me personally I am still scratching my head at the pick.

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