U.S. Navy Rescues Iranian Sailors From Pirates

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    U.S. Navy rescues Iranian sailors
    From Larry Shaughnessy, CNN Pentagon Producer

    (CNN) --
    U.S. sailors from a carrier strike group whose recent presence in the Persian Gulf drew the ire of Iranian military officials have rescued 13 of the Middle Eastern country's sailors from a hijacked fishing boat, a military spokesman said Friday.

    The destroyer USS Kidd came to the aid of the ship Thursday in the North Arabian sea, near the crucial Strait of Hormuz, according to the Navy.

    The rescue prompted the captain of the freed ship to offer his "sincere gratitude," according to Josh Schminky, a Navy Criminal Investigative Service agent aboard the Kidd.

    "He was afraid that without our help, they could have been there for months," Schminky said.

    The rescue Thursday came two days after Iran said the United States should not send any more warships into the Persian Gulf.

    The USS John Stennis Strike Group, which includes the Kidd, moved out of the Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz last week, prompting Iranian Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi to warn that "there is no need for the forces belonging to the countries beyond this region to have a presence in the Persian Gulf," according to the semi-official Fars News Agency.

    "Their presence does nothing but create mayhem, and we never wanted them to be present in the Persian Gulf," Vahidi said.

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    I am sick of Iran and all the cry babies defending them. Nuke that *** and make it into the shiniest parking lot on the planet and park a Wal Mart right in the middle of it all.

    Maybe add a Chili's.....but after that call it a day and come home.
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    Jason Kidd has a Naval ship named after him?
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    Why were these somalian pirates even taken captive. They should have gotten a one way ticket to davy jones locker.
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    Its funny that Iran is threatening the US fleet about staying out of the Gulf or else...

    All the while the USS Carrier John C Stennis rolls by behind the the guy threatening us.

    Nice middle finger salute to you Mr. Abomodadmamasandthepapas.

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    I would pull up by the nearest Iranian warship and dump them on its deck.

    Be like...

    HE's a THIEF and HE's a THIEF and that guy over there scrambling into an Iranian navy cooks uniform is a THIEF.

    I heard what you peeps do to thiefs w/ the hand thingy and the sword wack-a-thief game you play.

    Just saying...those guy stole one of your boats over there.

    :laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh1: :laugh1:
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    Iran is trying to punk out the biggest baddest military force on the planet and a couple days later we have to save them from friggin pirates. Hilarious.
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    No joke.
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    lol I was thinking the same thing! :laugh2:
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    Iran welcomes U.S. rescue of Iranian fishermen

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    I love those commercials...

    Whoever came up with that idea was a genius.
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