UCLA's Josh Rosen says college football and school 'don't go together'

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by joseephuss, Aug 8, 2017.

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    UCLA's Josh Rosen says college football and school 'don't go together'

    UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen said football and academics "don't go together” in an interview with Bleacher Report published on Tuesday.

    Rosen was the first Bruins quarterback to start as a true freshman. Now a junior, he said that balancing the demands as a student-athlete has led to the realization that "human beings don't belong in school with our schedules."

    "No one in their right mind should have a football player's schedule, and go to school," Rosen said. "It's not that some players shouldn't be in school; it's just that universities should help them more — instead of just finding ways to keep them eligible.”

    Rosen, an economics major, said being a college football player is “like trying to do two full-time jobs,” and that many student-athletes are ill-equipped to balance school and football commitments.
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    wah wah wah

    Lots of students have a full time job and some work several jobs to get through school. I bet they put more time in out of the class room then athletes do.
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    Funny how it worked just fine for 100 years
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    I played D1 baseball in the late 70's/early 80's which entailed 50+ games a year in addition to practices. At the same time, I had a work-study job and two part-time jobs to pay for school and have some spending money. All that being said, I think the stakes for sports and football in particular, have become so high that the teams' requirements on the student-athletes' time has increased tremendously.

    I'm also of the opinion that high schools today are, in the aggregate, doing a much poorer job of preparing the average kid for college. I'm not sure if many kids have any idea of how much investment in time and effort is required to succeed in class. Most college professors I've encountered don't really care about your problems or other requirements on your time... nor should they.
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    certainly will not argue that todays college students are much less better prepared overall due to the so called public education system which is more interested in agendas then education.

    Look how many universities- all of them- have remedial classes for things that a supposed high school graduate should already know how to do.

    Still bluntly speaking I think he is full of it.
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    I had to dump my D-1 baseball gig if I wanted to have a double major that included science. And I did. The lab work (usually multiple 3 hour afternoon labs each week) vs the 60+ game schedule had too many conflicts.
    I also had basketball offers--which would have worked slightly better with practice and game times.
    Football is doable, but still no picnic.

    I ended up getting a part time job to get me through, along with some academic subsidies.
    In the end, I think any college athlete that has a non-science major, should be able to pull it off just fine.
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    Education is a business. Has been for a long time. So is College Football, also for a long time.

    Both care about the bottom line and that's the truth of it.
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    It should be easier because some of the big time universities offer online classes.
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    Says the guy with a hot tub in his dorm room......... cry me a river

  10. casmith07

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    You guys are so jealous your eyes are green, lol.
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    hmm odd he does not mention all the aide they get with their daily schedules and access to free tutors?
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    Bet you said the same things about Johnny Manziel
  13. casmith07

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    I don't understand, but I'll give it a try.

    I'm assuming that you're trying to say that I called posters jealous who hated on Johnny Manziel. That would be incorrect, because I was one of the most vehement Manziel detractors. I was going to boycott the Dallas Cowboys if we drafted him instead of Martin that year.

    I honestly cannot care any less about what some college kid says or does. For what it's worth, though, he's wrong.
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    Since you can't grasp the point........ it isn't jealousy to point out the immaturity and selfishness of these entitled athletes
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    I have been on that side, college baseball at UT. A major college sport takes up a lot of time, it is very hard to work a job, go to classes, study and do the practice and games.

    I am not saying these athletes don't whine or are not entitled, but it is difficult. But alas, there are tutors, cake-walk classes with perks.

    If I didnt have a full ride, there was no way I could pay tuition and play baseball at the same time while getting a biology degree.

    I don't feel too sorry for these big school top athletes these days, they are given every tool to succeed. It is up to them to make it work.
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    Some Universities have this and some do not. The University I went to did not have this support. You were on your own and they did not give preferential treatment to athletes as it should be. I played ball in my 4 years in college and I don't care if it sports, band , drama, etc. you have to do the extracurricular activity because you are dedicated and love what you do. I had a part time job, went to school (science major so I had to do labs), and played a sport. It was tough but it was my choice.
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