UDA Ricardo Lockette could use his speed to land an N.F.L. roster spot.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jul 22, 2011.

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    To Lockette's advantage, faster -- and sometimes fastest -- is the manner in which he is most accustomed to operating.

    A former Division II 200-meter national champion, and one of the nation's premier prep sprinters in high school, Lockette was clocked at 4.37 at the combine workouts. That tied for the fastest 40-yard time of any of the wide receiver prospects and was the fourth-best time of any of the players who auditioned in Indianapolis. It likely is his blistering speed that provides Lockette, who played only two college seasons and is considered by scouts to be very raw as a receiver and route-runner, a chance to stick with an NFL team.
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    Bring him in for a look.
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    nope not wasting my money

    on a guy that will never make the team

    he can't catch

    give me

    Jeff Maehl WR Oregon 6-1 #190
    Dane Sanzenbacher WR 5-11 #185

    all we need is a chain mover

    we already got Harris
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    Might work :)
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    I really like him as an UDFA.

    Let him compete with Ogletree/Holley for the 5th spot.

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