UDFA signing bonuses

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AdamJT13, May 10, 2012.

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    Where did this information come from?
  2. Risen Star

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    I'm surprised by that since Benford is a guy we supposedly think a lot of as a prospect.
  3. Risen Star

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    That's my hope.
  4. Beast_from_East

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    Adam has inside info bro, its 100% legit.
  5. J-DOG

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    But I think he will show something this preseason. I would not be surprised if we see something to what happened when Matt Moore was an UDFA for us.
    Moore showed in preseason and Jerry tried to cut and stash him for practice squad but he was snatched up before he cleared waivers.

    IMO if Hamilton shows good pass rush this preseason then they would be wise to keep him on the 53. But I also see the amount of depth now at LB's with the influx of Connor,Mcsurdy,Albright,Butler,Wilbur...I really think it will come down to Albright vs Hamilton for the 53. So at OLB...I take the player who shows more pass rush.
  6. nathanlt

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    I do not talk about Hamilton every year.

    From what I have seen on tape, he is special. I have never gotten excited over a rookie free agent. This is the first rookie free agent i have been gunning for so much. The way he bends and ducks around OT's is special.

    "If he's so good, why was he still available, after the draft?" :ralph:

    I don't care, he is going to be a great pass rush specialist, I can feel it.
  7. Galian Beast

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    I think we're all excited about him because of the desire to fill a need that we have.

    We look at his 22? sack season, and want to suggest that even if it was lesser opponents even if you cut it in half, that would still be something.

    I think we shouldn't get our hopes up, but my hopes ARE up.

    I like a lot of the guys that we signed in UDFA.

    Leary, Adcock, and Beasley.

    Don't know too much about Hakim, so I'll definitely be looking out for him too.

    The more UDFAs that make this team, the more UDFAs will want to come here in the future despite signing bonus money.
  8. burmafrd

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    Just another example of the lousy CBA deal for anyone but the stars. used to be able to spend a lot more for UDFAs who NEED it.
  9. arglebargle

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    If Haakim shows any snap as a returner, I don't think he will make it to the practice squad either. Makes a lot of sense for a weaker team to take a chance on pure size/speed guys off waivers.

    If Hamilton shows well, it will be the same sort of consideration.
  10. Galian Beast

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    I think if Hamilton were to show promise we would make the effort to keep him. If he can be a special pass rusher, I don't think we would let him go. Rob Ryan should be able to tell pretty quickly.

    Same for Haakim. Look at the time we've wasted on players like Ogletree, Holley and Williams.

    Fact is there is no excuse for letting talent get away from you. We have the roster spots, use them. I don't care if we have to carry 2 quarterbacks on the roster instead of 3.

    Get a PS QB to replace Carpenter and McGee, too easy.

    We currently have 7 CBs on the roster. I bet we don't keep more than 5. MAYBE 6.

    I want to see the roster keep churning if these guys aren't developing.
  11. Temo

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    To be fair, only the rich teams were spending more than this amount. Most teams were at or under $76K, iirc.
  12. SilverStarCowboy

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    Wow, they got screwed.
  13. sago1

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    If 16 other NFL teams wanted sign Hakim, doubt he makes it thru waivers.

    Actually, for what it's worth, I've long believed every team should have the right to put 1 promising player on a "safe slot" so designated on the PS--eliminating need to put him thru waivers. Qualifications/conditions to earn "safe slot" on PS: (a) player can only be designated in the "safe slot" for 1 NFL season & with only 1 team & must never have previously appeared in any NFL regular season game. Each NFL team has the right each year to use/not use 1 of its 7 PS positions as a designated "safe slot" but it can only be used on 1 player each year.

    Holder of "safe slot" position will receive added financial compensation since he lost the opportunity to earn a spot on another NFL roster b not going thru waivers. Currently PS players earn NLT $75,000 or more. A "safe slot" PS player is to receive NLT $175,000 for 1 year pd in weekly installments during the regular season except for a $25,000 SB which should be immediately given to him (out of the original $175,000) when the team designates him as their "safe slot" player. If a team parts with him for any non-injury reason, he's to be given an extra 2 weeks pay.
  14. burmafrd

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    that is BS. You are probably talking much less then a $1 million by ANYONE. If a team cannot afford that they are out of business.
  15. speedkilz88

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    That would basically be a 54 man roster with the last guy getting screwed. So in essence there already is a "safe slot" it's the 53rd spot on the roster.

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