UFC: Bendo/Punk fight

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by jterrell, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Surprised there was a big uproar over this fight.

    Thought it was a close fight with Rounds 1 and 3 being pretty easy to score.
    2 ,4 and 5 much tougher.

    Anyone shocked Henderson wins decisions isn't paying attention to the way he fights. He shows no damage or worry EVER. He can be knocked unconscious and looks like he's unhurt. That effects judges. It should effect judges.

    But beyond that Henderson just neutralized Thomson. Punk never got any offense going at all. He landed ONLY 33 total strikes the entire fights. He got good position with a body triangle but only once did that last at all and he never did a thing with it. In fact after the first attempt Bendo just easily stood up and let Thomson carry his weight or fall off and he'd give up the hold. The takedowns were even. Thomson had longer period of control on the ground but was easily controlled standing where Bendo has leg kicks, strikes and body shots all landing with ease.

    Bendo outstruck the guy 3-1.

    IMHO it is fair for Thomson to say breaking his hand cost him the fight but it's not at all fair to say he deserved to win anyway.

    I respect his taking the fight and giving up a title shot but it is what it is and he lost a fight he was never going to just win easily.
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    I was OK with the decision. But all hendersons fights are beyond boring. Except for the one where he got ninja kicked in the face by Pettis lol that was awesome!
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    I thought Edgar won second fight with bendo and aside from the Diaz fight the others were toss ups so yeah he's been fortunate imo

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