UFC signs boxer James Toney!

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    Former pro boxer James Toney has signed a multi-fight contract to compete in the UFC. The promotion’s president, Dana White, confirmed the signing on Wednesday with MMAFighting.com after the news was first reported by FiveOuncesofPain.com.

    Details of the contract, as well as Toney’s first bout with the promotion, were not immediately available.

    The 41-year-old former IBF middleweight and super middleweight champion has publicly campaigned for a shot in the Octagon since late last year. Toney attended back-to-back UFC events in November and December, and video of White and Toney in impromptu discussions even surfaced online.

    In early January, White said he was cautious of the prospect of allowing a pro boxer to enter the UFC ranks.

    “(Boxer) Zab (Judah’s) like, ‘Man, you need to teach these guys how to box. You need to teach them this, that, and everything,’ but these guys don’t understand,” said White. “You don’t balance your weight the same way you balance your weight in boxing. You’ll get that front leg kicked off into the eighth row somewhere if you distribute your weight the same way they do in boxing. There’s an education process there for these guys that I learned the ****ing hard way. I went in and got choked out and kicked in the leg and all the stuff that happened to me when I started.”

    White said he was unsure if promoting a pro boxer would translate well into pay-per-view buys. White was also aware of the potential backlash that could come with the move.

    “I got blasted this week? Let me make this fight. Then I’ll get blasted from her to-- I’m the first guy out there going, ‘This is a ****ing freak show. Who would put on a fight like that?’” said White. “But I gotta tell you this. I’ve always wanted to see a guy--(Toney’s) a guy I actually respect. He’s tough as nails. He’s mean. He’s nasty. (But) he better get in shape if he wants to come in here and do this stuff.”

    Toney’s flirtation in the UFC has been ongoing. In October 2006, former UFC champion Randy Couture said he was called by the promotion with a potential bout against the pro boxer that never came to fruition.
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    Rumor: Kimbo Vs. James Toney Could Headline 4/17 Show

    Mar 05, 2010

    Although it was expected that Kimbo Slice would be facing Matt Mitrione in May at UFC 113 in Montreal, rumors are now beginning to spread that Slice could possibly be stepping out of that bout and into one with former boxing champ James Toney on April 17th on Spike TV to counter Strikeforce.
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    Dana White can't say anything without including an f-bomb.
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    James Toney Says He Wants Brock Lesnar On Inside MMA

    Posted on Mar 12, 2010

    Tonight on HDNet's "Inside MMA," one of UFC's newest fighters, former heavyweight boxing champion James "Lights Out" Toney, who scored a major victory in 2003 over Evander Holyfield, tells Kenny and Bas he wants to fight Brock Lesnar. "I want Brock Lesnar," says Toney. "I'm the heavyweight champion of the world vs. the UFC champion. That'd be a hell of a match...I'll fight anybody you got."
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    I think he'd get killed.
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    I find this signing to be pretty ironic after all the smack Dana talked about other fighters with limited MMA experience including Hershal Walker be promoted by other organizations. He turns around and signs Kimbo and Toney.
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    This is silly. James Tony can't keep his weight in control for boxing, he's going to be useless at MMA. Old and fat.

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