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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ThatsmyQB, Apr 23, 2008.

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    This is a DREAM DRAFT PERFECT SCENARIO DRAFT, but still realistic enough, not like I'm taking McFadden at #22.

    #22 R.B. Jonathan Stewart (should be there if we want him)

    #28 W.R. Roy Williams

    2nd: C.B. Antoine Cason (Doubt he's here but Kiper has us taking him in round 2 so it's not out of the realm of impossible)

    3rd: D.T. Red Bryant or D.E. Dre' Moore (both should be gone, but one could be available)

    4th: C.B. Pacman Jones (come draft day, the Titans know they have to get something for him now or outright cut him)

    5th: S.S./F.S. Bobbie Williams (lost Keith Davis, could lose Roy Williams and/or Hamlin after this year, get a good yougn guy with upside coming from small school and versatille to play both spots)

    6th: G./C. Fernand Velasco (much needed depth to backup Gurode and versatille to save a gameday roster spot)

    7th: Q.B. James Dixon (Need to groom a young Q.B., he would of been drafted higher but for injuries, so why not?)

    Overall haul:

    On offense we add

    R.B. Jonathan Stewart
    W.R. Roy Williams
    C./G. Fernand Velasco
    Q.B. James Dixon

    Talk about adding a WOW factor to our offense, our offense was unstoppable last year, add these 3 guys and we're looking at 40+ points a game at anytime, NOT A JOKE!

    On defense we add

    C.B. Antoine Cason
    C.B. Pacman Jones
    F.S./S.S. Bobbie Williams
    D.T. Red Bryant

    Gives our defense everything it lacked, a big body N.T. to move Ratliff to Spears spot, and adds 2 top corners to Newman and Henry and another safety added to the mix.

    But overall we get the PERFECT DRAFT and get every need and then some!

    Does anyone else have a perfect draft case Scenario?
    But the picks must have a SHOT at being there when we pick, you can't be taking Mario Manningham in round 4 or Devin Thomas in round 2, you get the point.
    Make it IMPROBABLE but "POSSIBLE"!
    This draft while I'd be on such a high for such a long time I'd seriously quit doing drugs since no drug on earth would take me down from the high of this draft, it IS PLAUSIBLE, nothing I mentioned was so out of the realm of possibility to happen, so lets hear yours and make it plausible, you can reach or have players last slightly longer then they will probably be taken like I have with Cason in round 2, but if Kiper has him going to us in round 2, it is plausible he's still on the board, while I don't thik he will be, it's certainly plausible.

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