Ultimate Loser...Week 17

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by Hostile, Dec 25, 2007.

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    Link to week 16 results. I can't believe no one has dropped out of this contest. Well, I want to declare a winner, so I took my time and devised a way that I hope makes this last week more challenging for all of you, and it will assure us of a winner.

    Under each of your names will be the list of all the teams you have not chosen to lose. This week, pick 5 teams to lose. If one of you has more losers than everyone else he is naturally the Ultimate Loser.

    In the event of there still being a tie, you must also rank your 5 losers. 5 points to the team you think is most likely to lose, 4 points, 3 points, etc. on down to 1 point. The person with the most accumulated points will be the Ultimate Loser.

    Still tied? Pick the score of the low scoring team in the last game of the season, the KC Chiefs @ the NY Jets on Sunday Night Football. The person closest to that team's losing score is the biggest loser. Because of this tie breaker rule a score can only be chosen once, first come, first served. To make this fair for everyone no picks can be turned in until December 26th. You have all of today to really study your strategy. After that, you're on your own.

    Finally the absolute last tie breaker. If one player is 2 points above the actual score and another is 2 points below the actual score the person under will be declared the winner. I doubt we make it all the way to this tie breaker, but I wanted to be absolutely certain of a winner. I hope you all want this just as much.

    There is a Saturday game this week, deadline for all picks is 2 hours before THAT game. No picks after that deadline.

    When picks are made the rest of the teams not chosen will be deleted and everything will be in bold. The teams you have already chosen and your username will already be in bold.

    Good luck. You've all done wonderfully. Hope you enjoy this last week.

    Danny White...Saints, Bills, Texans, Broncos, Browns, Rams, Dolphins, Redskins, Colts, 49ers, Chiefs, Eagles, Ravens, Lions, Jets, Raiders


    SNF Loser...14 points. (Updated via PM on 12/27)

    Longboysfan...Saints, Jets, 49ers, Rams, Bills, Raiders, Falcons, Redskins, Ravens, Giants, Panthers, Eagles, Packers, Lions, Bears, Dolphins

    Tampa Bay...1

    SNF loser...21 points.

    tyke1doe...Buccaneers, Chiefs, Cardinals, Rams, Browns, Dolphins, Vikings, Redskins, Ravens, 49ers, Bills, Jets, Bengals, Lions, Falcons, Raiders


    SNF loser...17 points.

    Wimbo...Jets, Chiefs, Falcons, Rams, Bills, Raiders, Dolphins, Redskins, Ravens, 49ers, Panthers, Eagles, Jaguars, Lions, Bears, Broncos


    SNF Loser...20 points.
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    The Schedule.

    Week 17

    Saturday, December 29th

    New England @ NY Giants

    Sunday, December 30th

    Seattle @ Atlanta
    Detroit @ Green Bay
    San Francisco @ Cleveland
    Jacksonville @ Houston
    Carolina @ Tampa Bay
    Buffalo @ Philadelphia
    New Orleans @ Chicago
    Cincinnati @ Miami
    Dallas @ Washington
    Kansas City @ New York Jets
    St Louis @ Arizona
    San Diego @ Oakland
    Minnesota @ Denver
    Pittsburgh @ Baltimore
    Tennessee @ Indianapolis
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    I have it....

    KC to score 17 in the last game.
    The rest is yet to come.
    Choice for 5 points - Texans
    Choice for 4 points - Carolina
    Choice for 3 points - Cowboys
    Choice for 2 points - Colts
    Choice for 1 point - Seahawks

    Call me Crazy....... I may still change my mind on the 5 to 1. But stand on the Chiefs..
  4. hipfake08

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    And........... I should have held the Giants off... :banghead: :giants: :blind: :pray:
  5. Wimbo

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    Choice for 5 points - Giants lose
    Choice for 4 points - Colts lose
    Choice for 3 points - Bucs lose
    Choice for 2 points - Saints lose
    Choice for 1 point - Seahawks lose

    Chiefs score 20
  6. Danny White

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    5 pts - Giants lose
    4 pts - Cowboys lose
    3 pts - Falcons lose
    2 pts - Panthers lose
    1 pt - Titans lose

    KC's score = 10 pts
  7. Hostile

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    Clarification...Your five picks to lose have to be from the list of teams you have not yet chosen.

    You don't need to tell me who will lose the SNF game, just what the losing team's score will be.
  8. tyke1doe

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    NY Giants - 5
    Dallas - 4
    Carolina - 3
    Houston - 2
    Indianapolis - 1

  9. hipfake08

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    Cowboys - 5
    Chiefs - 4
    Colts - 3
    Broncos - 2
    Tampa Bay - 1

    Points....I lost out here on my lock so it's.......21 points by KC.

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