Unauthorized Tour of DC Stadium & Party Pass Area (Pics & vids!

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by yimyammer, Aug 6, 2009.

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    How could that be true? Even the endzone screens are pretty big compared to some stadiums. I don't see how there wouldn't be a good view of at least one of the 4 video screens from anywhere in the stadium, but I haven't been there yet so...
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    This thread may not evolve into one, but the original post can only be described as EPIC.

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    I've heard that there's going to be over 2100 high def TVs in that place. Whether they can see the big screen or not, there will probably be TVs all over the place.
  5. aikemirv

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    I am debating buying those tickets and driving from Virginia to see a game, but.....

    I don't know. I can handle the 3 hour stand and my son could too but I want the rail and I don't know how early it would take to get one!
  6. BybeeBlitz

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    I bought a ticket to the Monday night game. What is everyone's suggestion on how early I would need to arrive to get a railing spot?
  7. poost

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    It's basically watching the game at the worlds biggest sports bar.
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    If I were driving from VA I would splurge a little more and get myself an actual seat for the game...
  9. Seven

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    Leave now...............
  10. Aven8

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    I took the tour last Friday...and yes actually paid for it.

    First of there are 3,000 Sony's in that place...a new world record.

    Second of all if you are not at the railing you can forget seeing the field. Unless you're Shaquille Oneil. The Jumbos on both endzones however are 20yrds long each.

    Third of all you are paying $29! If you think you're going to get a great seat your nuts! The freakin suite we visited was $800,000 with no tickets!!!

    Lastly, If I paid for a seat license in any endzone and then found out Jerry is doing this I would be causing a stir!!!! How are you going to get up and go to the can, or go get a drink, etc??? You'll have to fight your way through a mob of party animals....you might not ever make it back to your seat. I would be extremely pissed.

    Just a question....the Pass is $29.....how much is the parking pass??? $60??? lol
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    I wouldn't doubt if they have a set time before the game starts before they start letting in the party passes.

    Give time for the seated ticket fans to arrive and get in first.
    So it may not matter when you get there.

    But to be sure, probably at least an hour before game time.

    I will be going 2 hours early, to avoid traffic. But I have silver club level seats. So we can sit at the bar until gametime.

    Which I will be going tomorrow for the season ticket holders, so we can see the view from our actual seats. :D
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    I appreciate the time and effort you put into this.
    THANK YOU!:bow:
  13. yimyammer

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    My pleasure, I figured it was about time I did something around here
  14. bbgun

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    What are the things that I have circled? Speakers?
  15. yimyammer

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    My guess is speakers, here's a close up:

  16. bbgun

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    All those wires remind me of a circus bigtop.
  17. Jay

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    What's the deal with people complaining about standing for 3 hours? Give me a break....
  18. ThreeSportStar80

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    One of the best posts I've seen of the new stadium, I'm impressed!
  19. Daudr

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    I'll just sit on my comfortable couch at home, watching it on my 46" HD LCD, drinking my beer that doesn't cost $10 per 12 ounce glass.

    Having said that, when I was younger I would have been all over that. I went to many games back in the day, but I just prefer staying at home now.
  20. FLCowboyFan

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    Great job getting inside........I feel like I was there :D

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