UNC's Quinn could be a sack machine

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    UNC's Quinn could be a sack machine
    By Nathan Warters
    Published: July 27, 2010
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    nowBuzz up!GREENSBORO, N.C. – Ask North Carolina junior defensive end Robert Quinn about his expectations for the 2010 football season, and he’ll give you the same answer he’s given everyone else – “27 sacks and a Heisman.”

    He said the same thing over and over again Sunday at the ACC Football Kickoff.

    He’s certainly not shy, but he’s not the only one expecting big things from Quinn. Butch Davis, Quinn’s coach with the Tar Heels, heaped a bunch of praise on the 6-foot-5, 270-pound Quinn during Monday’s interviews.

    “He’s got the potential, over the next two seasons, to be as good as anybody that we’ve ever coached,” Davis said.

    Quinn burst onto the scene last season when he recorded a team-high 11 sacks and forced six fumbles for UNC’s vaunted defense.

    He credits increased confidence for his statistical breakout. It’s pretty obvious now that he’s sure of himself.

    People often compare Quinn to former Tar Heels standout defensive end Julius Peppers, who now starts in the NFL for the Chicago Bears. One day, Quinn said he wants to be the standard-bearer for young defensive linemen at Carolina.

    “Julius was a great player in college and is a great player in the NFL, and I guess people are expecting me to a great player one day,” Quinn said. “I don’t know, it just makes me want to work harder. … Everybody is comparing me to him. One day, maybe people will start comparing the next Robert Quinn to me.”

    Mel Kiper, ESPN’s NFL Draft analyst, ranks Quinn as one of the top defensive players in the 2010 draft class. He is currently ranked first among all eligible defensive ends, and is one of five North Carolina defensive players expected to be selected in the first round in April.

    For some, those rankings might create some anxiety to meet the high standards. Not Quinn. He relishes the attention and says it does nothing more than motivate him to work harder in the weight room and at practice.

    “Why quit working hard so you drop down? You continue to work hard and just try to fulfill those (expectations),” he said.

    There are many questions surrounding North Carolina’s defense these days, primarily whether or not defensive tackle Marvin Austin – who is being investigated by the NCAA for possible improper contact with an agent – will play this season.

    But Quinn is poised for a great 2010 season, one that could propel him to NFL riches.

    All he wants to focus on right now is competing for an ACC championship. If the Tar Heels have everyone back this season – and that’s a big if right now – they could be in Charlotte in December playing for the conference championship.

    “We like knowing that everybody’s coming back and knowing what we can accomplish this year,” Quinn said. “It sort of raises the bar, I guess. Defensively, it raises the bar a lot higher and as a team it raises the bar a lot higher to go out there and try to be great week in and week out.

    “The defense we have, we want to be the No. 1 defense in the nation. Our offense is coming along and if we both back each other, I’m sure we can accomplish those goals.”
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    Brady Quinn does get sacked a lot ...... oh wait .....

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