Under what conditions would the NFL revoke a game's outcome?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Red Dragon, Feb 3, 2011.

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    This is something I've been curious about: Under what circumstances would the NFL declare a game's outcome to be so outrageous that it had to be revoked?

    Would the blatant bribery of the officiating crew be cause for a game's outcome being revoked?

    An outrageously poor call (i.e., a kicker misses the potential game-winning field goal wide left, yet the officials declare it good?)

    The NBA didn't revoke the outcome of games that Tim Donaghy officiated, even though he was proven to have been bribed.
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    There could be no proof that Donaghy's officiating caused a team to win that would have lost. how could you possibly award the win to the opposing team?

    Same would apply in the NFL. The vast majority of the talk among fans about crooked officials and conspiracies is unfounded baloney with no verifyable foundation. Speculation. Cana't reverse games based on that.

    When an officating crew calls a FG good that misses by 10 yards then we can talk about this.
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    The immaculate reception should have disqualified the results of that game. It has been known for decades as the wrong call.

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