Undrafted rookie free agents??

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Apr 25, 2007.

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    Having finished up all my lists, I'm now playing around with them, and just found myself looking closely at the late round/ free agent types on my board... as you draftaholics know, every year right after the draft teams flock to sign the rookies who went undrafted to contracts, and sometimes there's a spirited bidding war to get the better ones signed...

    With that in mind, I thought it would be entertaining to look at some players who are on the cusp of being drafted (IOW, who might or might not be drafted), and try to identify some players the Boys might want to target... obviously, every year there are some players who are considered near locks to be drafted who go undrafted, and this analysis will not be able to factor them in; equally obviously, a few of the players on this list might wind up getting drafted (though I suspect not many of them will be)... players in bold fonts are players I'd be targeting first:

    Toby Korrodi, QB, Missouri Central... 6-3, 235 pounds... 5.25 second 40...
    Justin Rascati, QB, James Madison... 6-2, 225 pounds... 4.8 second 40...
    Jeff Ballard, QB, TCU... 6-1, 220 pounds... 4.95 second 40...

    If the Boys are looking for a young QB to be their 3rd QB, to groom for the future, they'll probably want to look at a later round pick, and Korrodi would be one to watch... he's even slower than Drew Deadslow, but he was ultraproductive in college... Rascati and Ballard are unlikely to be drafted, IMO... Justin led the Dukes to a Division I-AA championship in his time there; the Dukes didn't throw the ball much, but he put up some good numbers when he did throw... Ballard is kind of small for the position, but the Boys seem to like him, having brought him in for a visit... I wonder if that 4.95 40 time is accurate, because he put up some pretty good numbers running the ball, and his passing numbers were decent, too...

    D.D. Terry, RB/DB, Sam Houston State... 6-1, 195 pounds... 4.4 second 40...
    Alvin Banks, RB, James Madison... 5-10 216 pounds... 4.55 second 40...
    Clifton Dawson, RB, Harvard... 5-9, 210 pounds... 4.55 second 40...

    Terry is a pure burner, who had a dominating season in 06, albeit at a lower level of competition... he'd be right small for the NFL, and I have read somewhere that some scouts think his NFL future might lie at CB or FS... Banks was Rascati's workhorse at JMU when he was healthy, and might be a good fit in a power running game... the number of injuries he had is a legitimate concern, which will probably be the only reason he goes undrafted... Dawson is the all-time leading rusher in the Ivy League, and his computer numbers are quite similar to Emmitt's coming out of college (no, I'm not saying he's gonna be the next Emmitt)...

    Dave Herron, FB/LB, Michigan State... 6-1, 240 pounds... 4.7 second 40...
    Jason Snelling, FB, Virginia... 5-11, 245 pounds... 4.75 second 40...

    Herron could this draft's answer to Oliver Hoyte, a linebacker turned fullback... he's reportedly very physical, should be a good blocker, and would be a solid special teams addition... Snelling also has a rep as a good lead blocker, though his size isn't quite what you're looking for at the position... but hey, I'm a Cavs fan... LOL...

    Gijon Robinson, TE/FB, Missouri Western... 6-1, 255 pounds... 4.7 second 40...
    Kevin Boss, TE, Western Oregon... 6-7, 255 pounds... 4.7 second 40...
    Michael Allan, TE, Whitworth... 6-6, 255 pounds... 4.7 second 40...
    Chad Upshaw, TE, Buffalo... 6-4, 250 pounds... 4.7 second 40...
    Braden Jones, TE, S. Illinois... 6-3, 260 pounds... 4.6 second 40...
    Michael Matthews, TE, Georgia Tech... 6-3, 260 pounds... 4.7 second 40...

    I think the Boys might be looking VERY closely at the TEs this year, because right now, they basically have Jason Witten, Anthony Fasano and Tony Curtis, and Curtis isn't exactly impressing people over in NFL Europa thus far... any of the first four TEs listed above might wind up getting drafted, but I think it's unlikely that all of them will... Robinson is my favorite of this bunch, a ferocious blocker who can play fullback, and is a solid contributor on special teams... Allan is more of a receiving TE, who dominated at his lower level of competition, averaging almost 20 yards a catch... Jones might be the best of the lot, certainly he's the fastest of them, but he comes with some SERIOUS character issues... Matthews is strictly a blocking TE...

    Michael DePriest, WR, TCU... 5-11, 186 pounds, 4.45 second 40...

    The list of WRs is quite short, for a pretty good reason-- the Boys currently have 8 WRs already under contract (Terrell Owens, Terry Glenn, Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin, Sam Hurd, Jamaica Rector, Jerheme Urban, Jamel Richardson), and I think it's likely they'll draft one on the first day... with an 80 man roster limit, I kinda think that 9 WRs would be the most they'd bring to camp... at the same time, they have shown some interest in DePriest, he looks to have NFL speed, and he was semi-productive in college...

    Jason Caprizzi, OT, Indiana (Pa.)... 6-9, 325 pounds... 5.25 second 40...
    Stanley Daniels, OG, Washington... 6-3, 325 pounds... 5.2 second 40...
    Renardo Foster, OT, Louisville... 6-6, 325 pounds... 5.25 second 40...
    Donald Usry, C, SE Louisiana... 6-2, 306 pounds... 5.05 second 40...

    I don't really know much about any of these guys, but their computer numbers jumped out at me... I'd like to see the Boys get bigger on the OL, and with the exception of Usry, all of these guys are 325 plus... but all of them can run pretty well too, under 5.3 second in the 40...

    Quentin Echols, DT, Kansas State... 6-1, 325 pounds... 5.05 second 40...
    Joe Cohen, DT, Florida... 6-2, 316 pounds... 5.1 second 40...
    Jeremy Clark, DT, Alabama... 6-2, 310 pounds... 5.05 second 40...
    Ed Johnson, DT, Penn State... 6-1, 306 pounds... 4.95 second 40...

    I've read that the Boys have some interest in Echols, but he may wind up getting drafted... Cohen, Clark and Johnson have all played for major Division I programs; Cohen and Clark have decent size for a NT, and the frames to get bigger... Johnson might too, but even if you can't bulk him up enough, he might be quick enough to get a look at 3-4 DE...

    Victor Degrate. OLB/DE, Oklahoma State... 6-3, 250 pounds... 4.75 second 40...
    Antwan Applewhite, OLB/DE, San Diego State... 6-3, 250 pounds... 4.75 second 40...
    Dedrick Harrington, ILB, Missouri... 6-3, 250 pounds... 4.7 second 40...

    Most of these linebackers would have little chance of making the team, but the Boys will need some roster filler, I think...

    Melvin Bullitt, FS, Texas A&M... 6-1, 200 pounds... 4.5 second 40...
    Marcus Hamilton, CB, Virginia... 5-11, 186 pounds... 4.5 second 40...
    Geoffrey Pope, CB, Howard... 5-11, 186 pounds... 4.3 second 40...

    From what I've read in the last day or so, Pope may be rising the charts to a point where he could be drafted... he certainly looks to have NFL speed... Hamilton isn't real big, and he isn't real fast; all he did in college was make plays (in the form of interceptions, lots of ints)... Bullitt is a player the Boys have shown some interest in...

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    Kyle Killingsworth SS/Humboldt State - Great Northwest Athletic Conference defensive player of the year , Division II special teams player of the year , Division II defensive back of the year , and Division II All American . Killingsworth led the Nation in punt returns , was 5th in kick returns , 2nd in passes defended with 14 and had 72 tackles in 2006 .

    Probably not a guy who would make your team , but somebody you'd like to take to camp and maybe to Europe .
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    QB Cullen Finnerty
    RB Marcus Mason
    OL Ed McCarthy Yale
    TE Zack Herold Nebraska-Omaha

    and then there is the DB Chicione (spelling) - very productive in college
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    Don't know Mason at all, kind of expect the other 3 to be drafted late...

    Just looked him up... 5'9, 216 pounds... reportedly has "breakaway speed"... had a monster year for Youngstown State last year, 1847 yards and 23 TDs...

    Yeah, if he's not drafted, I'm interested if I'm the Cowboys... good call there...
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    He's not real big for a strong safety (5-10, 195)... his numbers are pretty good, I'll grant you, but is he a big fish in a small pond?? In particular, I want to know what kind of 40 time he runs, I want to know if he has speed that will translate to the NFL...
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    I'd also look at Jonathan Palmer OL Auburn 6-4 335 5.3

    Palmer has experience at every position on the OL, with most coming at RT protecting a LH QB. I think his best spot is C where he had several starts. He could provide depth at C, RT, LG, RG.
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    He can play center??
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    Solid list, but I think that both Rascati and Korrodi will be drafted somewhere on day 2.
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    In 2006, Palmer played C in a few games & even started when the beat Alabama. If Auburn had another deent RT, they might have kept him at C. PFW draft preview also thinks C might be his best spot.

    FWIW, he went to HS w/ Marcus McNeil. Palmer got a RS, so he was a senior in '06.
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    Some of the boys on this list may well be drafted, it's true... but all of them are either "on the cusp", or stand the proverbial snowball's chance in Hades of being drafted...
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    Then by all means, put him on the list...
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    My list:

    Any of the dropdown I-A to I-AA QBs: Rascati, Swogger, Gutierrez, Getsy
    Tyler Thigpen, QB, Coastal Carolina
    Alonzo Coleman, RB, Hampton
    Matt Muncy, LB, Ohio
    Alan Ball, CB, Illinois
    Tim Mixon, CB, Cal
    Quintin Echols, DT, Kansas State
    Ola Dagunduro, DT, Nebraska
    Mike Elgin, C, Iowa
    Brian Smith, OLB, Missouri
    Daniel Muir, DT, Kent State
    Brian Johnson, OT/OG, LSU
    George Batiste, OG, Southern Miss
    Ed McCarthy, OT, Yale
    Clint Oldenburg, OT/OG, Colorado State
    Terry Richardson, WR, Arizona State
    Tuff Harris, PR/KR/CB, Montana
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    Thanks for your efforts.
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    Ramonce Taylor
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    Good call on Coleman, Ball and Dagunduro... well, OK, Ball was drafted, but still...
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    I never thought Clint Oldenburg would get drafted. Getting drafted in the fifth surprised me even more.
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    what can you tell me about Alan Ball?
  18. junk

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    Probably not much more than you already know. He has been starting games (not all, but some....34 total) since 2003 in a major conference (Big 10) on a lousy team (Illinois).

    He has good height and decent speed. Supposedly has a good work ethic.

    Seems like a decent guy to take a flyer on in the 7th/UDFA.

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