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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TXCowboyVol, Feb 8, 2012.

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    I don't know exactly has caused your posts to spiral down to venemous drivel lately, but can you please consider coming back to the world of posters who actually contribute thoughts rather than someone who tries to place them in around insults and attacks? No one minds responses and critques, but the borderline personal attacks you have posted lately are beneath what I used to think about when your name came up. When you were throwing out insults at idgit the other day I just chalked it up to your having an off day, but that is obviously not the case.

    I live in South Carolina. I am in a neighborhood with a massive amount of SC alumns and watched every single game of Ingram the last two seasons. All of them. I was offered tickets a few times to watch them live, but could not spare the travel time due to some things I had already planned with my kids. Now, your comments make it seem that you are an authority on Ingram's game-by-game performances, so I would welcome your thoughts on a few of them. How about the ECU, Auburn or Georgia game? Please provide me with a breakdown of his play and your thoughts on his highs and lows. I would not ask but for the fact that your attempts to insult must be accompanied by some scathing reviews of his play on a game to game basis.

    I think Dallas will resign Spencer. I would welcome it. I would want Ingram only if they can't resign him and they need a replacement. Guard and DB are the first two options on my list, so I am not sure why you even posted your comment about the order of preference unless you simply did not read my post through. Having said all of this, I also stand by what I said with Ingram. I am not going to add any additional thoughts on why until I get the requested game by game critique. Given your scathing response, you must have watched a lot so I am very interested in your negatives in his game on a weekly basis.

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    Based on no free agency, would have to go with the highest guy on the board which would probably be Coples.

    But the perfect world would be you have the same grade on all of them and then able to trade down 3 or 4 spots and still get one of them along with picking up an extra third.
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    I'm sure Cobra doesn't mind you standing your ground. I know I respected and liked your response as well.

    OK, we're talking football now. So does the addition of Flannagan and Tyvon Branch do it for you as to settling starter issues in the Dallas secondary?

    It does it for me. I would smack my lips on a pair of 4.3 additions to Sensabaugh and Jenkins. Leaving Scandrick in the slot. I would then pick up a corner by the 3rd round in the draft. I'm on Cas's brandwagon player, Minnifield.

    I would resign Spencer and Robinson before the start of actual free agency. And leave Mike Jenkins contract to mid-way in the season.

    If that happened, then I would be very tempted to grab:

    02 Luke Kuechly ILB 6-3 237 Boston College 7.0 J
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    CC. Do you mean Finnegan (or Flannagan, the C from the Texans)? Could be that I am being dense, but a Free Agent secondary player named Flannagan is simply escaping me at the moment.

    Kuechly is a tackling machine and, quite honestly, the type of nasty player that can put some attitude in the defense. He was all over the field against FSU and Miami. I personally think he is a little more suited for a 4-3, because one thing I see is he has some troubles disengaging from blockers. He may end up making too many tackles downfield unless Dallas makes a few changes to suit his style (like bringing in a bigger NT like Soliai). His blitzing tends to remind me of the older Keith Brooking, so he would not be much help there. Not sure if that is the route they want to go or if they want to see how Carter develops.
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    i agree with this
    the other plus with keeping spencer is that he already knows the system
    the caveat is that we have to improve NT and DE positions along with CB and FS

    if we do all that, i am OK with keeping spencer as long as he does not break the bank
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    I was wishing on Cortland Finnegan, the CB with the Titans. He ran a 4.3 at his Combine. Just a few years back, he made the All Pro team and was at the Pro Bowl. He has maintained a high number of interceptions through his years in the NFL. He is still young at 28. He is known for laying the wood upon any and all with the ball...and that attitude is as much a reason for my liking him.

    Durn, when typing in the wee hours of the morning, sometimes I get a bit brick headed on names. Never was much good at remembering a ton of them. I struggle mightily there. My apologies for my denseness on that issue.

    On the humorous side, there's not a set of breasts that I don't recall...

    On Kuechly, I feel that he is the dominant force that would pair with Sean Lee in the middle. A strong side and weakside type is paired and used just like that. I think the pairing of the two, would be ideal for the needs of Dallas. The need for a large and double team nose tackle would still remain as long as Jay is in the middle. As long as he's there, that problem of a guard moving to the second level and creating initial gain will remain. That is trainable as to skills at the professional level, when a linebacker adjusts and learns the higher levels of pad height, short and straight line explosions, and standing up an offensive guard physically. I have no doubt in the skillset of Kuechly. He will gain some additional strength and even size once he would hit the Dallas conditioning program in effect at Valley Ranch now. But unlike Bradie James, who's initial skillset no where approached that of Kuechly coming in, Kuechly also is not the defined burden in pass coverage as well.

    I would make the adjustment at nose, either in free agency or the draft, and never look back to turn into a pillar of salt from Kuechly's selection there. He will have to adjust his reads on offensive line and their size, strength, and speed levels...but that isn't building again, simply recognizing pulling techniques and zone blocking reads. He will adjust pretty rapidly, and already has the skillset to counter big ugglies. He will be faster, although, and will quickly arrive at defeating linemen in the NFL.

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