Unrealistic Cowboys fans blame Romo

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by DallasDW00ds0n, May 30, 2014.

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    I agree with this up to a point. Romo missed a wide open Miles Austin in the Giants game. Now, Austin didn't 'see' the ball and definitely didn't come back for it. And the defense surrendered points and let the Giants back in it.

    We could go on and on. Let's just say there have been times when Romo could have done better and plenty of times the team could have.
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    Thank you!
  3. BoysFan4ever

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    I've never considered Tony "elite" or close to that.

    He's very good though. I don't think he is the leader Aikman or Staubach are touted as being.

    I kind of expect the gunslinger aspect of his game. It's just who he is & he is fun to watch.

    If they'd build that complete team around him he's very capable. Hopefully they are making strides in that direction.
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    Brady had three last year. Two resulting in losses. His team on list 4 games.

    Manning had two in two losses, but he did have one more try in the qtr before the game ended. They only lost 3 times.

    Brees have multiple picks in almost all of their losses, but at least last year, I didn't see any intone lasts omnibuses of the 4th.
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    So why is it guaranteed that we will have more crap QBs after Romo is gone? Isn't that an indictment of Jerry? Maybe, just maybe the next guy is better than Romo, and maybe he won't be, but Romo will retire one day in the not too distant future anyway so the fear of the unknown theme will have to be dealt with anyway (not that I'm saying cut Romo now). If Jerry is a lousy GM then yeah it will be more Hutch and Q Car types. If he does his job then there is no reason why we can't get a good QB after Romo is gone.
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    Bwahahahaha yea, our d stopped Stafford cold on that last drive, just one example
  7. Frozen700

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    Lol....back then you were to hard on him, to early. At least IMO. I guess you saw something that at the time I was blind to, I still don't want to believe it, but it's reality
  8. jobberone

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    The farce is strong with that 27th rated defense.

    Or was it next to last in the league.
  9. Section444

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    If the defense would just quit throwing those damn game ending INT's, we'd be awesome!
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    I stopped reading when you started assigning a point value to blame. I'm not trying to weigh blame here; I'm simply saying you cannot place complete blame on Romo for losses, unless games consisted of 1 play where Romo threw an interception and said interception was returned for a Touchdown...then and only then, could you blame the loss on Romo. But as it turns out, there are more than just that 1 play in games, and typically there are other guys who made mistakes throughout the game that put us in a position to lose. Obviously, Romo throwing an interception at the end didn't help our cause any, but to throw out everyone else's mistake because of the last mistake that Romo was responsible for is a bit misguided.
  11. Craig

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    I'm not a huge Romo fan. That said, I can see being mad at Romo for ending games with some bad plays, but I don't know how you can blame him when the team is at the top of the league in scoring and the bottom of the league in defense. If the defense plays for the first 50 minutes of the game, the ball is never in his hands in the last 10. I'm getting the sense that this conversation is a serious retread around here though.
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  12. CT Dal Fan

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    Don't forget the mere 40 first downs allowed to the Saints and the fact the defense couldn't get Denver nor Chicago to punt. Yeah, Romo had lots of help!
  13. jobberone

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    Yeah, well, maybe we wouldn't be trying to score with time running out if the frackin' defense would hold a lead.

    Which one is likely to be more of a problem? The top ten offense (number 5 I think) or the bottom of the league defense???
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  14. CT Dal Fan

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    This has been my argument in Romo's favor all along. Romo has had his share of blunders- I'm a Romo fan and I cannot deny it. But if the entire team as a whole steps up in those instances Romo doesn't, things would be different.

    Ben Roesthlisberger won a Super Bowl against Seattle completing something like 9 of 21 passes with two picks. Had the Steelers lost that game, his performance would have been called one of the biggest "chokes" in history. But Pittsburgh's defense and running game stepped up, and Roesthlisberger got off the hook.
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  15. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    It's interesting to read other forums. NE fans are saying Brady has already declined, yet he did not have many weapons on offence...if fans pile on him - they will pile on any QB. ;)

    Romo is not the biggest factor holding the Cowboys back
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  16. jobberone

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    It's only the umpteenth time we've had this debate. It's still fresh in the hearts and minds of the fans.
  17. CT Dal Fan

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    Agreed. For a while, I thought I missed the fact the Cowboys had assembled the greatest roster in team history, and are being held back by the fifth highest rated quarterback in league annals.
  18. lostar2009

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    Uggghhhh dude, as I stated before to win a sb no the division yes. But you guys can take this team to a sb m despite the fact he can't help this team win 9 games in this division.
  19. jday

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    Uggghhh dude, he does help win. Every touchdown the Cowboys get is in large part is due to him. The Cowboys averaged 27.4 points per game in 2013. If your defense can't preserve a win with that many point on the board you clearly have more problems than your QB throwing comeback killer interceptions at the end of the game.
  20. Idgit

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    I'd be curious to hear where you thought Tony's game ending interception rate ranked relative to other QBs.

    I'm not surprised, but I can't understand why this topic is even debated heavily in a thread. I can't comprehend watching our team and thinking the problem is *anything* other than the defense.
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