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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by IAmLegend, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Just returned from TC in Oxnard again. Loaded some new (albeit rather uneventful) videos, but I figured I'd share anyways. And some pics. But first, just a few quick notes:

    1. FIGHT!! - Yea there was a scuffle between Dunbar and Sims. It was nothing more than your average training camp scuffle. Sims wrapped up Dunbar after no gain on a rush attempt and the play was basically dead when Sims just lifted Dunbar off the ground and dropped him on his back for some reason. Dunbar immediately popped back up and shoved Sims in the face mask and then grabbed his face mask as Sims began shoving back at Dunbar's face. The players broke it up after about a 5 second scuffle. No big deal, really.

    2. Jason Garrett - Was energetic and enthusiastic today. I think that W over the 'Fins got him worked up. He was yelling at guys as well as leading the charge with his charisma. Overall very animated today. I like it.

    3. Romo - Looked good for the most part but did throw an INT to Sean Lee. Sean actually made a great play on the ball but still another INT. I thought our LB core looked lively today though. they were all over the place.

    4. Ware - For the second straight practice I went to, Ware destroyed T. Smith in their 1-on-1 drills the couple times I saw them. Ware looks like he'd destroy anybody right now though.... seriously. He just looks beastly. Great news.

    5. Claiborne - Continues to impress me, although he did get beat by Dez in one pass drill (see video #2 below). Other than that he was flying around the field. He continues to impress me.

    6. WR eric Rogers (#14) - Just a note: Dropped 3 passes today.. not good.

  2. IAmLegend

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    A few more :):




    I'm going to one more practice on the 15th or 16th. I'll likely post a final update then.
  3. dallasfan4lizife

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    disappointing to hear tyron isn't holding his own against dware. I understand everyone would have a hard time, but from all the reports I'm reading that Tyron is essentially getting owned.
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    Does Miles look lackluster to you? There were some tweets suggesting he was either misjudging the ball in the air or stopped short of running routes?
    On the Romo interception, was it the typical Romo doesnt see linebackers type of interception or was it just a bad throw?
  5. RS12

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    Yep, Rogers fading badly, shouldnt be a problem getting him on the PS if they want him. Heard Kendial Lawrence ripped off a long run, that guy has some serious jets. Thanks for the photos and writeup, nice job.
  6. Staubacher

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    Rogers fade began in the HOF game. Dropped a catchable ball and on the next play caught one with zero awareness of the sideline thus incomplete
  7. IAmLegend

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    It was the typical Romo doesn't see LB's.. Lee made a good play on the ball but he threw it almost right to him.

    As for Miles, I don't know if I'd say he looks lackluster, but he did seem like he was a step behind today. The last practice I went to he definitely looked better than he did today. I don't think it's a major cause for concern though. I'll pay more attention to him next time.
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    It's one on one drills...the defense has the advantage, a great defensive player is going to eat a good offensive player
  9. Fla Cowpoke

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    Started way before the HOF game....there were practice reports last week before the game talking about him dropping balls and Dooley getting all up in his grill.
  10. IAmLegend

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    Thanks. And yes he did, just forgot to load it.

  11. Idgit

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    You know, now that you mention it, I don't recall hearing anything about Miles, one way or another, all camp. Any of you guys who have been there have anything to report on him?
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    Good Post: BUT...The Manziel Jersey is killing me...We regress beyond the QC days if that dude is a Cowboy..:)
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    The days that I was in camp Miles was just fine. Now there were reports on other days of some struggles but I don't know that I'm worried that he has suddenly fallen off a cliff at age 29.
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    Ware might be in the best shape and condition for some time right now; so is it any surprise he is owning Smith? Tyron can be as good as there is in the NFL talent wise, but DeWare has all that experience and knows ALL the tricks.
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    Somebody has to be the future.
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    I really love the fact that Tyron is going up against DeWare every practice. It can only help Tyron to work against the best day in and day out..
  17. TheRomoSexual

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    Plus, we're talking about 1-on-1 drills. I was a dlineman, and I know they always have the upperhand in such drills due to spacing.
  18. CrazyCowboy

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    Great job.....love your vedios......this makes me want to fly back to Oxnard........need to check ticket prices ;-)
  19. iowast8rs

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    I concur. That Manziel jersey just upsets my stomach. I hope this does not happen. But thank you IAmLegend for the post and videos.
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    Is the Manziel jersey autographed?
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