Recap: Update: Stephen Jones conference call...Post #5 and #15 and #67

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by jazzcat22, May 13, 2014.

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    listening now, for season ticket holders.
    will try to recap, but also at work...
    i'm sure there will be a podcast later on the team website.
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    Took an hour, I have 3 pages of notes, hopefully I can read my own writing.
    Will put together a recap.
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    Thanks in advance
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    Stephen started saying the goal is to get younger, and 1/3 of their roster came from this years draft and UDFA’s. So 30 players added.
    Brad Sham asked about Manziel, said it would have been a lose / lose situation for the team if selected. Media circus, fans, all the usual stuff.
    Stephen said it was Jerry’s decision not to select JF, and to get better player around room, to help him. And that this reminded him of the Randy moss draft. As the media acts like the only team that passed on moss was the cowboys. So may be the same with Manziel. They really think he will have a good career, but was not in their plans.
    He also said, they had 3 defensive players targeted, Barr,Donald, Shazier. When they were gone, their next player was Martin. They took him and did not reach for a defensive player. Martin can play all 5 OL positions.
    Lawrence was 1 of 4 RDE’s they had listed, the others were LDE’s, but thought about Ealy, then would change him to RDE. Really thought a lot about the trade and possibilities. If they kept their 3rg round pick, then Turner at OG still would have been their pick. Then line would have been set for 10 years.
    Will get to the callers Q & A, need time to put that together.
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    so I guess we can assume if no trade, we're looking at martin, Ealy, Turner.
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    Martin and Turner as guards? That would have been fantastic. Sure hope D-Law is worth it.
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    I really don't like Ealy bc of his lacking quick twitch atleticism and being slow off the snap. We still over paid, but like Lawrence over Ealy as our primary pass rusher out of this draft. Sure would've been sweet to have that OL set up but didn't fall that way unfortunately. I surely wouldn't have liked the team trading the 2015 2nd rounder for Turner.
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    The Turner pick is interesting. I thought they had Leary in their long-term plans. The fact that they were considering Turner shows that either 1) they don't trust Leary long-term or 2) they're definitely moving Martin over to RT after this season.
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    I think they plan to move Martin to RT in 2015.

    wonder if Turner was still there in the 3rd with Cleveland's pick, if they would have traded a 2nd next year for him. oh well, we will never know for sure. i think Turner is going to be a good one, only 20 years old
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    I think not trusting Leary was probably more because of his degenerative knee condition than his play.
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    I think it would have been a mistake to take Turner in the 3rd. To draft 2 guards in the first 3 rounds with all the holes on defense wouldn't have made much sense to me. You can get another guard to tackle next year. We are good for this year, IMO.

    A guy like Jernigan would have made more sense in this scenario. Or perhaps a higher rated LB than Hitchens.
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    Agreed. At some point soon, his knee won't allow him to play every down. I see Martin and Bearnadeau as starters with Leary as the swing backup this year. If they go guard again next year, then perhaps they move Martin to RT. But I think he is a guard. They should draft a RT next year and leave Martin at LG. Smith, Martin, Fredricks would be a formibable left side for the next decade.
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    Anytime you have a chance to have 4 of 5 ol set for 10+ years its a good thing. Wish we would've stayed put.
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    Caller’s questions
    Tony and rehab.
    Going great, expect to be ready for TC. Is throwing very well
    Safeties & Matt Johnson
    Team feels better about him than the media and fans. Then he laughed. Really think Wilcox will show improvement. Looked very good in TC until personal tragedy. Gone for a week and when he returned, he was really affected by it. Then injured, and was started to get back to normal self toward end of the season. But now is back to himself and is ready to go.
    Johnson, more unfortunate injuries than chronic, but looks real good, still hopes he can play, but to me, sounds like the 3rd year thing IMO, not the teams of course. They really like Dixson, and thinks he will make the team. ST’s coach loves him and his big hits. Would make team on that alone. Eplaces McCray there.
    Lawrence trade.
    Did their homework, mentioned a little of this in earlier post. Jernigan was not in the mix to slect. He said don’t believe everything you read in the meida. Marinelli really liked Lawrence coming off RDE. Didn’t want to give up a 3rd and possible starter, but after all the options, they thought this was a sacrifice worth making for the need also.

    Weeden at QB.
    They like him and his arm. Has 1 round talent arm. Plan is to have him sit and learn for this year, behind Orton. Possibly compete with Orton for back up if need be. Which also was a question, and he said they feel Orton will be there and ready to play. But IMO sounded he was a little unsure.
    December issues.
    Part of why they are getting younger. Felt the older players and injury issues were a part of that. Except room until the end of the season. But better play is needed earlier will prevent those issues.
    Hitchens vs. drafting Bradford, starter type player
    Hitchens to back up Lee, but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t compete for one of the OLB spots. And again, about the older players staying healthy, so could get one of those spots.
    UDFA possibly get to start.
    Did really say, but said they debated of selecting Coleman over Bishop in the 7th, had him rated as a 5th rounder. Like Copeland at FB, Washington at WR, and Vaughan at QB, want to see what he can do. Compared his arm to Weeden. Like Whaley and compared him to Melton, but said he’s most likely a PUP guy. Also said they thought Copleland out played Sutton, as Sutton had weight issues.
    London games.
    Happy to be the road team, but because of commitments, they or other teams like the Cowboys would never be a home team in London for a game. You would see a permanent team in London before the Cowboys play 1 home game there.
    Devin Street
    Had 3rd round grade. Can play all 3 WR spots. Tried to trade up to lower part of 4th, but didn’t work out. Compares as a bigger, tougher, better WR than Ogletree.

    Running Game.
    One of the 1st things Linehan and Garrett went over, was to improve the running game. Which goes with a later question. Ball control and TOP to help the defense.
    Past 2 drafts, rebuild or win now.
    Trying to win now, as it’s the way the NFL is. Like Seattle, win now and get young team, like Seattle has. As with the next question, they want 7 or 8 rotational DL that all play well, as opposed to just 1 or 2 stars. Really like Crawfords potential still, like last year before his injury. Spencer possibly a PUP guy too. Starting to get the DL together now.

    Looked at options, talked with training staff, as well as outside sources. Believe thay are doing what is necessary.

    Got interrupted, missed some, but mostly more about defensive and offensive schemes, romo’s health.
    He talked about running game again, linehan wants to make it better, then use more play action passes. Control the clock, help the defense.

    Successful season
    Making the playoffs. Feels room is ready to take the next step, and he gets hot and in the playoffs, they can do well.
    He concluded by saying the Cowboys have the greatest fans in all of sports, and they will continue to make the team better, and provide a great venue for entertainment.
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    how many folks will key in on the "entertainment" sentence..:)
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    Exactly...was debating to put that in there or not.
  18. DBOY3141

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    It will make for some entertaining dialogue.
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    Thank you, @jazzcat22 for the recap! Good info, there.
  20. jazzcat22

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    Thank you
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