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    Not spamming the board, they updated it an hour later. A 3-4 mention Nors!

    Friday's mini-camp report: Henson gets most of the work
    07:40 PM CDT on Friday, April 30, 2004

    By MATT MOSLEY / **************

    IRVING – Quarterback Drew Henson took almost all the snaps during his first practice Friday. Of course, the only other quarterback in Friday’s rookie mini-camp was Brett Mitchell of Evangel College.

    Cowboys coach Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones seemed pleased by what they saw from Henson, although Parcells admitted to getting Henson and Mitchell’s numbers mixed up early in the almost two-hour practice.

    The Cowboys’ eight rookies were all in attendance as well as 13 free-agent rookies who were signed over the past few days. An NFL rule doesn’t allow any veterans to participate in rookie camp, but plenty of veterans showed up to watch the practice.

    Quarterback Quincy Carter watched with great interest as Henson threw passes to the likes of Patrick Crayton (Northwestern Oklahoma) and Brandon Middleton (Houston).

    Parcells and his coaching staff took the players through a typical training camp-type practice, which included individual and team drills.

    Here are the high and lows from Friday’s rookie camp:

    The Henson report: Henson was 22-for-36 in 1-on-1 and team drills. He looked sharp on middle screens and out passes, especially since he was throwing into a 10-15 mph wind. Henson had plenty of arm on deep routes, but overthrew his receivers several times. He did connect with Crayton on a deep pass.

    On several crossing routes, Henson led his receivers perfectly. He lost some of the zip on the ball late in Friday’s practice.


    Catch of the day: Tight end and fifth-round pick Sean Ryan made the best catch of the day when he dove to make a fingertip grab of a Henson pass. Ryan made several tough catches, but he did let one slide through his hands.

    Middleton, a free-agent rookie receiver out of Houston, reached back across his body to haul in a pass from Mitchell. Several receivers trapped balls against their chests, but Middleton did a nice job of catching the ball away from his body.

    Who was watching practice: Carter arrived just in time to watch Henson complete a deep pass in the end zone. When Crayton made a nice grab, running back Aveion Cason (who has added 15 pounds of muscle) and receiver Zuriel Smith grabbed a roster to see who made the catch…Cornerback Terence Newman, offensive tackle Torrin Tucker, offensive tackle Javiar Collins, cornerback Jemeel Powell, cornerback Andrew Davidson and right guard Andre Gurode watched practice from the sidelines.

    Jones is Parcells’ water boy: Second-round draft pick and running back Julius Jones retrieved cups of water for Parcells during Friday’s practice. Last season, Newman, the team's first-round pick, was in charge of taking care of Parcells. After the first break Friday, Jones showed nice acceleration toward the water bucket. Parcells took the cup of water without a word.

    Jones looks sharp in first workout: Jones showed his 4.38 speed on several running plays. The Cowboys also worked at getting Jones the ball on middle screens. He shared time with ReShard Lee, who was on his way to making the team in training camp last season when he injured his right knee.

    Rogers and Peterman work on the right side: Second-round pick Jacob Rogers worked at right tackle and third-round pick Stephen Peterman worked at right guard. Incumbent starter Andre Gurode watched each play with interest from the sidelines.

    James having a solid off-season: Bill Parcells said that Bradie James has improved more than any other player on the team in the off-season. James could be the fourth linebacker when the Cowboys use the 3-4 formation this season. Parcells said that James would back up Dexter Coakley in the regular 4-3 formation.

    Parcells on Hambrick: Bill Parcells said the Cowboys have talked about trying to help Troy Hambrick find another team for which he'd be a better fit. "I told him if we drafted a front-line runner then we might consider doing something with him," Parcells said. "He knew that in advance. We sat down and talked about it."

    Interest in a veteran quarterback? Bill Parcells said the Cowboys weren't actively pursuing a veteran quarterback, but he didn't rule it out. "With this whole free agency thing," Parcells said. "Not just the quarterback spot ... you have to look at it and develop an opinion as to where this guy may take you. I've got a year invested in Quincy and a couple of these other kids here so I'm just hopeful they can improve and if in the meantime we get some chances to do something that might serve us better then we might to do it."

    Center could be back from injury: Bill Parcells said that Al Johnson is doing very well in his comeback from microfracture surgery and he indicated that he could be the starter this season.

    Quick hits: Seventh-round pick Nate Jones of Rutgers picked off Henson during the 7-on-7 drill. Jones showed nice closing speed before snagging the pass…Free-agent rookie fullback Lousaka Polite of Pittsburgh caught several passes out of the backfield. He was one of the best fullbacks that didn’t get drafted…Free-agent rookie receiver James Newson made a great move before catching a pass from Henson.

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    Why Herms? Why?

    ~sniff sniff~
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    Nevermind... just realized it was updated.
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    Because YOU got your Al Johnson info, so Nors gets his 3-4. ;)
  5. Hostile

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    It's a trade off?

    I'd rather not know about Al.
  6. LaTunaNostra

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    Kinda. They added info, Jd.

    Highly relevant info. Like, where the heck is Evangel College? :confused:
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    But you know B., Nors and I have a bet on who is the next one that uses that "formation name" in a post.

    Nors is going down--hard.
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    The offensive line will be a strength this year, it is the one position that has quality depth at each position. johnson, gurode, allen, adams, vollers, walters, pederson, jacobs, tucker, lehr, di napoli....some of the best depth in the league.

    the offense will be improved with a quality line, an nfl rb and good size at wr and quality depth at te. If Jones can take some of the pressure off Quincy we should be able to repeat last years won loss mark. :D
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    Ha ha, it would be unethical of me to delete that part about Bradie James.

    wouldn't it? :D

    Cool he's the most improved player tho. That should please the LSU crowd.:)

    But figures, a linebacker. Parcells would say that anyway. And since he didn't get any in the draft, Bradie better improve. He counts for two years worth of rookie LBs now.

    PS. Notice the double mention in the update of Q watching D?

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    What are the stakes?

    Is it worth if for him to remain silent?

    Couldn't the bet have been all insinuations to the formation?
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    I don't know if there's enough pressure on Henson, maybe besides his PRACTICE STATS we can get somebody to update us on what he's eating, and how regular his bowel movements are.
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    It's funny how all of the people who showed up and were watching attentively are those whose jobs may be in jeapordy. Study thy enemy. ;)
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    What's wrong with unethical if it has a moral reason? Saving my sanity is moral after all.

    I had hopes that the draft and no LBs being taken would have opened his eyes. Then we signed a couple of undrafted FA's and you'd think it was Viagra.

    I did notice that about him watching. If Drew looks good I wonder how he will react? Step up or implode?
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    You have very strange hobbies.
  15. LaTunaNostra

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    Good! That's just the effect "upgrading" should have - all out effort, rededication, and abject terror.

    BTW, if anyone missed the press con, it's up now at
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    Good stuff,

    thanks for posting
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    Yep, thanx again Herm, u need to change your name back, can't get that outta my head. BTW, saw Andrew Davison the other day, he said that he hollered at Herm this past weekend in NY (he flew out there for the weekend), he said that Herm wanted him back, guess you were right, they were high on him. :)
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    I think it is in Missouri.
  19. Nors

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    You won that bet bigtime

    Parcells at press confererence today bantering 3-4 was a morale victory!!!!!!!!

  20. Hostile

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    You quitter.

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