Updated DRAFT MOCK: Part 1

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Compacity, Mar 12, 2005.

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    Doing my mock on certain teams on each day...

    49ers- Aaron Rogers- QB- Utah
    Unless 49ers sign a Quarterback this will be there player. Jeff Garcia is a real threat to signing with them and they just signed David Boston. The next thing they would need is Runningback which might be Carnell Williams, Ronnie Brown, or Cedric Benson, which should make a good offense.

    Dolphins- Ronnie Brown- RB- Auburn
    The Dolphins will take Ronnie Brown because he is a full package he's a sure hand catcher, a down hill runner, sometimes could be very shifty, and his leadership...Cedric Benson and Carnell Williams will be a posibility at this pick.

    Browns- Derrick Johnson- LB- Texas
    The Browns are in need of a dominant outside linebacker. Derrick Johnson is a blitzer, a cover, and experience lineback will wrap up tackle skills. The browns also need a Wide Receiver after losing Quincy Morgan and not getting much production out of there Wide Receivers. Don't be surprise if the Browns draft someone like Troy Williamson, Brylon Edwards, trade down to draft Roddy White with this pick. Another need is a Quarterback after losing Jeff Garcia a signed free agent in 2004 who didn't work out as a starter, the Browns will probably consider Alex Smith or Aaron Rogers if availible.

    Bears- Carnell Williams- RB - Auburn

    This will be a need for the Chicago Bears after losing Anthony Thomas the "A-Train" to free agency and really not being sure about Thomas Jones I think that the Bears will go into a different direction at the runningback position. Don't be surprise if the Bears draft a Quarterback because of the unsure injury prone Quarterback Rex Grossman, Alex Smith or Aaron Rogers could be a possibilty unless they have plans trading down and possibly drafting Jason Campbell or Andrew Walter.

    Buccaneers- Cedric Benson- RB- Texas

    The buccaneers are not in real need of a Quarterback since Brain Griese re-signed with the team or a Wide Receiver since Galloway signed back. The Buccaneers will draft Cedric Benson at this because of his size and his ability. With Michael Pittman having off-the-field troubles, Mike Alsott having year-to-year injuries, and the others runningbacks at producing at a star level this will be important for the Buccaneers to take advantage of the Runningback position

    Titans- Antrell Rolle- CB- Miami

    Is a physical conerback who has the recovery speed to lock the receiver down to get the interception. Has nice size and great upside. Titans are in need of a Conerback after letting go Samari Rolle and not having a shut-down starting conerback other than Andre Dyson who might be gone this season.

    Vikings- Brylon Edwards- WR- Michigan

    In need of a Wide Receiver since Randy Moss got traded and not sure if Plaxico Burress will sign with them, or the Philidelphia Eagles. The Vikings signed Fred Smoot to clear up the Conerback troubles. Don't be surprised if the Vikings go in a Direction at Lineback with Shawne Marriman at this pick or Derrick Johnson if availible.

    Cardinals- Adam "Pac Man" Jones- CB- W. Virginia

    Arizona Cardinals is in need of a Conerback on the other side of Duane Starks who might possibly be gone already. The Cardinals didn't get to sign a top notch conerback like Fred Smoot, Ken Lucas, Gary Baxter, or Anthony Henry.

    Redskins- Corey Webster- CB- LSU

    Has good size, can cover man-to-man, very physical, and have explosive speed when out on the field. After losing Fred Smoot to Vikings, after signing David Patten, and after trading for Santana Moss Conerback will be more of a need than Wide Receiver. So Corey Webster has the size to take over Fred Smoot position.

    Lions- David Pollack- DE/OLB- Georgia

    This player is very versitile, can play three positions DE, OLB, and ILB, has game breaking speed. He will be versitile in the Lions Defensive System. Lions in need of DE and OLB since they not too sure if they could count on Kalimba Edwards to play at that position with or without help, Boss Bailey been injury for some time now and it might be a change at LB soon....

    Cowboys- Mike Williams- WR- USC

    Very big, Dallas are in need of a Wide Receiver with Keyshawn being a 9-year vet, and Terry Glenn not sure about his career Dallas will draft Mike Williams because of his frame and his ability to catch. Don't think that the Dallas Cowboys will pass up on this moment to Draft Mike Williams because of the pass misapropriations with Randy Moss.

    Chargers-Ravens will be done tomorrow....
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    Pollack the first DE taken?
  3. Cowboy from New York

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    Aaron Rogers never played for Utah.
    And thats a heck of a lot of DBs to go in the top 10.
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    No Alex Smith and I really doubt Corey Webster gets taken top ten. Especially when he's expected to go in the 2nd
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    What is it with everyone in love with this Mike Williams??? The man is slow or at least he was at the combine. If this situation arises then trade down and get more picks.

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