Updated Draft Order Through Week 11

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Nov 20, 2006.

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    As stated the last 2 weeks, this is just slotting per the opponent's winning %. No tie breakers being considered at this point, nor playoff slotting. This is just to give you an idea how things are shaping up.

    1. Lions, 2-8, .513
    2. Cardinals, 2-8, .519
    3. Raiders, 2-8, .544

    4. Texans, 3-7, .506
    5. Redskins, 3-7, .519
    6. Browns, 3-7, .531
    7. Buccaneers, 3-7, .556
    8. Titans, 3-7, .575

    T9. Packers, 4-6, .475
    T9. Vikings, 4-6, .475
    11. Rams, 4-6, .481
    12. Dolphins, 4-6, .513
    13. Steelers, 4-6, .531
    14. Bills, 4-6, .550

    15. Falcons, 5-5, .463
    16. Jets, 5-5, .469
    17. 49ers, 5-5, .481
    18. Eagles, 5-5, .500
    19. Bengals, 5-5, .556

    T20. Cowboys, 6-4, .456
    T20. Seahawks, 6-4, .456
    22. Panthers, 6-4, .475
    23. Saints, 6-4, .481

    24. Jaguars, 6-4, .500
    25. Chiefs, 6-4, .506
    26. Giants, 6-4, .525

    27. Patriots, 7-3, .500
    28. Broncos, 7-3, .531

    T29. Ravens, 8-2, .463
    T29. Chargers, 8-2, .463

    31. Bears, 9-1, .413
    32. Colts, 9-1, .475
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    The Cards and Raiders would be great partners for us to trade up with IF we decided there was someone up there that we had to have. Calvin Johnson would sure be nice....
    Although it's looking more and more like we won't need a top 10 QB pick.
    Looking like we'll either stand pat or move up just a few spots and look for a OL. Maybe Jake Long. WR Steve Smith might be nice too.
    But its looking like our biggest need may be K Mason Crosby....:-(
  3. baj1dallas

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    Detroit will pick Calvin Johnson.:omg:
  4. Hailmary

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    Calvin Johnson's probably the safest pick in the draft at this point.

    Realistically, I'm hoping we can trade up to the middle rounds for a solid Olineman or Dwayne Jarrett if he happens to fall.
  5. ghst187

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    I think CJ seems like he could be the next Larry Fitzgerald. CJ could end up being flat out unstoppable in the NFL because he has even more size than LF.
    Jarrett is ridiculously good too but seems more like a Plaxico (but I don't know if he has a bad attitude like Plax)
    A shorter speed guy may be tempting too. I like Steve Smith out of USC even though he's not crazy fast. He runs great routes and has awesome hands.
    This is another one of those drafts where there are going to be SOOO many great WRs that some will still be had late round 1 and round 2 and it will be frustrating for us not to get one. Although, I think it will depend on Hurd's progress, TG's injury status, and the TO circus.
    If we draft a top WR like CJ, we will have to send a VERY good WR to the bench...unless TG has to retire.
    Otherwise, I like Jake Long and believe that we need to solidify our OL. We definitely need a OG too.
    And maybe we need a K Mason Crosby too :banghead:
  6. Hailmary

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    Isn't CJ supposed to be faster than Fitz also? I think CJ's the best WR prospect since Roy Williams, maybe even slightly better b/c he doesn't have the same supporting cast RW had and he's still putting up numbers.

    I think the Jarrett / Burress comparison's right on the money. And as inconsistent as Burress is at times, he does pull in a lot of deep balls and is the type of player that defenses need to worry about.
  7. Timbo2st

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    Please Mr. Lurie.......get this guy.

  8. Hostile

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    I think they'll take Brady Quinn. Zona Joe Thomas, the big OT from Wisconsin and Johnson goes to the Raiders who trade away or release Randy Moss.
  9. Eddie

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    I've always liked the draft talk. But let's hope we don't draft another LB with our first pick. We can snag some good ones later in the draft ... let's concentrate on impact.

    I think this is the year we can't ignore the WR position. TG and TO are getting old at the tooth. TG may not be around next season, and heck, so may TO. Crayton is our only other decent wide-out. We're going to need someone to step up in about 2 years ... which is probably the time both TG and TO will be gone.

    OL is still a concern. Another CB would help. Aaron Glen isn't getting any younger.

    Another young developmental QB in the midrounds wouldn't be bad.
  10. MONT17

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    can u imagine the Boys drafting a QB and a K in the same draft!!! some people would think they died and went to Lacewell Hell!!!

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