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    This is the best and most detailed mock I have seen all year.
    In case anyone doesn't feel like scrolling, here are the Cowboys picks:

    Round 1: 22. Dallas Cowboys - Dwayne Jarrett, WR USC
    Round 2: 53. Dallas Cowboys - Marcus McCauley, CB Fresno State


    Round 1

    1. Oakland Raiders - Jamarcus Russell, QB LSU As of right now the number one overall pick will be Jamarcus Russell of LSU. The Raiders will review offers from several different teams that could try to move into the first slot. One team that could be looking at that option will be the Cleveland Browns. They have a good amount of interest in Jamarcus Russell and could be inquiring to see how much it would cost them to move into this position. The Raiders have several needs and those needs, however much they change over the next weeks, will directly determine what they do with this pick. If the Raiders decide to trade Randy Moss to the Packers or the Patriots the Raiders could be in beusiness for a wide receiver. The best receiver would be Calvin Johnson from Georgia Tech. If the Raiders decide to trade picks with the Browns they could take Adrian Peterson to upgrade the Running Back position. The Raiders look set to allow Lamont Jordan and Dominic Rhodes handle the Running duties. Because of this they will more than likely go with either Calvin Johnson or Jamarcus Russell. If the Raiders use their pick correctly they could be setting themselves up to turn around this team. Here is a scenario that I believe would be prime for the Raiders: If the Raiders trade their number one pick to the Cleveland Browns they can select Calvin Johnson at number three. Since they have now traded down, in my scenario, they will be in line to at least have the second round pick of the Browns. They will also trade Randy Moss to the Packers for the 16th overall selection. With the 16th overall selection the Raiders could select Marshawn Lynch, because this is my scenario and I believe he is better than both Lamont Jordan and Dominic Rhodes combined. With the first selection in the second round they will select Drew Stanton to be their Quarterback next year. With the second pick in the second round, acquired from the Browns, they will be in line to select their pick of an offensive lineman, I will say Aaron Sears from Tennessee. Now I very serious doubt the Raiders will do exactly what I say here, but I believe adding Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Drew Stanton, and Aaron Sears would do much to improve this team for next season. I would also consider the removal of Randy Moss an improvement as well.

    2. Detroit Lions - Joe Thomas, OT Wisconsin The Detriot Lions have many needs in this draft and because of the frenzy over Calvin Johnson could trade this pick. In the end I think they will stay here and select Joe Thomas. Joe Thomas is a very talented very versatile offensive lineman that will be a cornerstone for the Detriot Lions for many years to come. They could select a playmaker, but they haven't had much success in the past with drafting top playmakers. Partly because of that they should get back to basics. They started that movement last year by drafting a top defensive player and now will continue that philosophy by selecting a player that can protect a quarterbacks blindside very well. They may decide to actually select that quarterback in Brady Quinn, but I believe if they really want to invest in an elite quarterback this year they could make that selection in the second round.

    3. Cleveland Browns - Adrian Peterson, RB Oklahoma The Cleveland Browns will be looking to trade picks with the Oakland Raiders to select Jamarcus Russell at number one overall. If they deem the price to be too high they will stay put and select Adrian Peterson with the third overall selection. Their running game last year was definitely more of a problem than strength. Adrian Peterson is the best runningback in this draft and in my opinion is better than people think. The knock on Peterson is that he hasn't shown to be as good as a receiver as Marshawn Lynch has shown to be. This assumption is a mistake. Peterson has not shown to be as good because of the way he was used in his college scheme. Lynch was consistently used as a pass catching Running Back. In his pro day Peterson working mainly on catching passes and because of that proved that he has the hands that people have were not sure he had. Peterson is a big back that make people miss and still run a game time sub 4.4. They would be very smart to make this pick and I believe once the Browns are on the clock they will not be able to pass up this option.

    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Calvin Johnson, WR Georgia Tech The Buccaneers have several options here as well. However, I don't believe they are going to be as versatile as the Browns. They could use another Linebacker but I don't see Patrick Willis being a top five pick. They could go with Alan Branch to replace Anthony McFarland who was lost to the Indianapolis Colts. But I don't see that being as big a need as some people might think. I view it as if it was all that important they would not have made that move in the middle of the season. They could get a little younger in the secondary but they can do that later in the draft also. I believe for the Buccaneers to get there money's worth with this pick and at the same time upgrading a need they should focus on taking a good reciever in the draft. They could decide to make a change at running back and Select Adrian Peterson with this pick but I like what they have going now. So reciever it is. In my opinion the best reciever in the draft is Calvin Johnson. If Johnson had of played for a bigger name school like USC no one would even question whether or not he was the best reciever. The Buccaneers do have several recievers but with the exception of Joey Galloway they have been inconsistent at best and Calvin Johnson could the big reciever to come in and really help out the younger quarterbacks that the Buccaneers are going with.

    5. Arizona Cardinals - Gaines Adams, DE Clemson The Cardinals have several positions to work on this off season. In my opinion there biggest problem is the offensive line. I said from the beginning that Edge wouldn't have the stats he had in Indianapolis because the Arizona Cardinals don't have the right offensive line. In Indy Edge was known for those stretch plays that he was so good at. Instead of looking to the draft to fix their problems the Cardinals seem to want to work with what they have. They may go out and get some experience in the Free Agent market this off season and they will also try to add some depth later in the draft but I wouldn't expect to see them use their first couple of picks on that need. I would like to see them take a linebacker with their second or third round pick or maybe even a tight end. However, with this pick I think they need to address the secondary. They have more of a need for a corner than a safety but Laron Landy would fit well if they used him to replace Griffith and also maybe play a little nickle corner. If they want to pass on Landry with this pick I could see them going for a trade to move down in the draft and select the Linebacker Patrick Willis out of Ole Miss. This would actaully be a good move on there part but because I am not going to start predicting trades we will stick with Landy.

    6. Washington Redskins - Laron Landry, S LSU
    Between Gaines Adams and Laron Landry I think the Washington Redskins would take Gaines Adams, but if the Cardinals take Adams the Redskins will have to choose between Jamaal Anderson and Laron Landry. This might be a situation where the Redskins would pose a draft day trade to the Falcons who currently hold the 8th position in a trade with houston. The Falcons have their eyes on Laron Landry and I believe they will get him if they trade into this slot. Whichever teams ends up getting this player he will make an immediate impact. He is the class of this Defensive Backs and proved that all year last year. He could possible go as high as number five to the Cardinals but I have him going off the board at number six to either the Washington Redskins or the Atlanta Falcons.

    7. Minnesota Vikings - Jamaal Anderson, DE Arkansas The Minnesota Vikings have several options with this pick. They could decide to go with Brady Quinn here, but I think they will stick with Tavarius Jackson as their starting quarterback. With that said I think they will choose between going defense or taking Ted Ginn Junior. I believe that when it comes down to it they will give Troy Williamson another chance to prove he is the player they drafted him to be and go with defense here. Jamaal Anderson is coming out early this year but his stock is just as high right now as it would be if he stayed in school another year. He is the second best Defensive End in the draft behind Gaines Adams and should be a top ten pick this year. I think this pick makes the most sense for the Vikings, unless Landry is available, and will bolster their defensive line immediately.

    8. Houston Texans - Ted Ginn, WR Ohio State ATLANTA FALCONS FROM HOUSTON IN TRADE FOR MATT SCHAUB: The Falcons struggled to find a true number one receiver last year. It may be a reach to have them going with a receiver with this pick considering they have already signed Joe Horn, but I believe taking the speedy Ted Ginn Jr. with this pick would be a very nice treat for Michael Vick and add another dimension to their offense that they were missing last year. They could choose to go after Leon Hall with this pick but considering both position are very deep this year I think they are just as likely to take a Wide Receiver as a Defensive Back. Ted Ginn Jr. is in the elite of receivers this year and will be able to contribute in the return game until he adjusts to the NFL style of football.

    9. Miami Dolphins - Brady Quinn, QB Notre Dame The Dolphins seem to be confused at the Quarterback position. With Cleo Lemon, Joey Harrington, and Donte Culpepper on the roster they still don't know who will be starting next year. Harrington will probably be on his way out this offseason and Culpepper doesn't seem to have gotten over his knee injury. They should look to take Brady Quinn here who will be a franchise player in the future. The Dolphins could decide to add Levi Brown here who is one of the top Offensive Tackles this year, but in the end I think they will stick with what they have and select a player at a skilled position. Quinn could go as high as number one overall but I think he will end up slipping all the way to number nine. The Vikings should go with Tavarius Jackson, the Texans are going with Matt Schaub, and the Redskins are going with Jason Cambell. The other possibilities for Quinn are Detroit and Cleveland. The Detroit Lions, odd as it may seem, really like Jon Kitna as their starter and I believe will go with him again this year, even though may select a quarterback in round two or three to groom for the future. The Browns have an equal need at Running Back and should select Adrian Peterson and allow Brady Quinn to slip to the Miam Dolphins at #9.

    10. Atlanta Falcons - Levi Brown, OT Penn St. HOUSTON TEXANS FROM ATLANTA IN TRADE FOR MATT SCHAUB: The Houston Texans are no longer in the market for Brady Quinn because they have traded for Matt Schaub and have said he will be their starting Quarterback. With this pick they should look to the offensive line and select the best available lineman in Levi Brown. They already have their quarterback but if he isn't protected he will be no better than David Carr was in this system. They could decide to improve their running game with Marshawn Lynch but with the signing of Ahman Green I think they will be satisfied with drafting for protection. Levi Brown will be a very good NFL tackle and will do a lot in helping Schaub have a good year in 2007.

    11. San Francisco 49ers - Robert Meachem, WR Tennessee The San Francisco 49ers are very slim at the Wide Receiver position and should look to bolster that position with this pick. Robert Meachem has really shown he deserves to be the second receiver taken in this draft. He blew up the combine and has bolted up draft boards over the last two months to unseat Dwayne Jarrett as the second or third overall wide receiver this year. This pick could be a reach considering most people don't have Meachem going this high, but as I have learned in recent years of mocking when it comes to draft day the teams are going to select the players they believe will help them the most. For the 49ers Robert Meachem is that player. He will be a dynamic NFL receiver and could start for almost any team as a rookie next year.

    12. Buffalo Bills - Marshawn Lynch, RB California The Buffalo Bills have several needs with this pick. They could decide to go after Patrick Willis from Ole Miss to upgrade the MLB position but I think the more pressing need is at Running Back. They lost Willis McGahee this offseason and will need to replace him. They have already signed Anthony Thomas but I don't see him as a starting runningback at this point in his career. Marshawn Lynch is the second best running back in the 2007 draft behind Adrian Peterson. Lynch, because of the system he played in, has displayed the ability to be a receiver out of the backfield and also stay in and block. Because of this, he has many people saying he is a more complete back than Peterson. He will start this year for the Bills. If the Bills decide to pass on Lynch he won't get past the Packers at #16.

    13. St. Louis Rams - Amobi Okoye, DT Louisville The Rams are in good position with this pick to select a player that will really help them next year. They could go with Patrick Willis to help out the Linebacking corps, but I believe they will take the 19 year old Amobi Okoye who is getting people really excited over his potential. This player is possibly the best Nose Tackle in the draft and because he is only 19 years old has a lot of playing time in front of him. Also, it is apparent that he is an intelligent individual considering he entered college when he was just 16 years old. Okoye is a beast and consistently beat the top offensive lineman last year during the season and in the senior bowl. He will have a great opportunity to considerably upgrade the Rams defensive line.

    14. Carolina Panthers - Patrick Willis, ILB Ole Miss Patrick Willis is the best Inside Linebacker in the draft, by far. Ever since I watched this guy play throughout high school I have been waiting to see how high he would go in the draft. Side note: when he played for Bruceton/Hollow Rock Central in Tennessee, we never even came close to beating them. He will start out behind Dan Morgan but could beat him out in camp. Even if he doesn't Dan Morgan doesn't know what the word "durability" means and will end up giving his starting job to Willis by the end of the year. The pick will get the Carolina Panthers players and fans excited about the new era of the Panthers defense.

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers - LaMarr Woodley, DE Michigan Despite the opinions of some top analysts Lamarr Woodley will still probably be a first round pick. The Steelers have taken interest in Woodley and Charles Johnson and will be able to make a pick between those two players with this pick. I don't believe they will look elsewhere because the loss of Joey Porter has opened up a huge whole at Outside Linebacker. They could decide to go elsewhere here and rely on a later pick but the best option for them is to select an OLB with their top pick. They probably readdress this position later in the draft for depth purposes. Especially in the 3-4 defense you can never have too many Linebackers.

    16. Green Bay Packers - Greg Olsen, TE Miami The Packers need to address the Running Back position so could try to trade up to get Marshawn Lynch. Some people have Lynch slipping but I don't see the Bills passing on his talent. Assuming they don't trade and the Bills do take Lynch the Packers should look to Greg Olsen. The Pack lost David Martin this offseason and Bubba Franks is no longer producing. Greg Olsen has solidified himself as the only Tight End worthy of a first round selection. He is a big guy and still ran a 4.51 40 at the combine. The Packers do have several needs and have not been very active in Free agency this year. We may end up seeing a draft day trade with the possibility of trading this pick to Oakland for Randy Moss.

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Reggie Nelson, S Florida The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to have to replace the departed Deon Grant. The best safety available is Reggie Nelson. Several other teams will consider selecting him before the Jaguars are on the clock but I think he will end up being available for Jacksonville with the 17 overall selection. Nelson had a decent combine but he absolutely lit up the field at his pro day so he is back where he should be as a mid first round selection. If he doesn't go to the Jaguars he will get a look at 22 to the Dallas Cowboys even though they are looking to sign Unrestricted Free Agent Ken Hamlin. I think Reggie Nelson could be a starter next year as a rookie for the Jaguars. Nelson is a ball-hawking free safety who is capable of running a 4.35 40. He a center fielder who can also come up and lay a big hit. I was unsure of his tackling ability but after watching some game film on him it is apparent that he is a sure tackle that isn't afraid to hit someone hard but at the same time arrives at the tackle from the right angles. I think he is as smart as he is athletic and will definitely contribute immediately to this Jacksonville Jaguars defensive unit.

    18. Cincinnati Bengals - Leon Hall, CB Michigan The Cincinnati Bengals should draft the best available need. That pick should be a defensive back. They may look at Reggie Nelson if he isn't selected at 17 but with him gone I think they choose from Darrelle Revis, Chris Houston, and Leon Hall. Many people have Chris Houston rocketing up the draft boards, and rightly so. However, I don't see him being taken before Leon Hall. Both Hall and Houston are faster than Revis and just as talented in other qualities. Hall got beat by several top receivers last year but his beatings were, for the most part, confined to two bad games. Chris Houston on the other hand was more inconsistent, even though he did shut down certain top receivers. In the end I think the Bengals will go with Leon Hall Cornerback Michigan.

    19. Tennessee Titans - Dwayne Bowe, WR LSU The Tennessee Titans need to focus on Wide Receiver with their top pick this year. They lost Drew Bennett in the offseason and he was a top target last year for Vince Young. With Calvin Johnson, Ted Ginn Jr., and Robert Meachem already off the board, they should look toward LSU receiver Dwayne Bowe. There is a lot of first round talent available in this draft and Bowe is right up there with the best of them. He is a big receiver that has surprising speed for his size. He knows how runs his routes and and isn't afraid to make the catch in traffic. The knock on him is that he doesn't use his hands well enough when making the catch. If he can learn to catch the ball with his hands away from his body he could turn into a very good NFL receiver, and he will get every chance to prove his worth with the Tennessee Titans.

    20. New York Giants - Chris Houston, CB Arkansas The Giants should choose between a Cornerback, an Offensive Lineman, or an Outside Linebacker with this pick. I think they will realize that they can get a quality linebacker and lineman with their second and third round picks. For example they could be in line to select Jon Beason and Manny Ramirez. I think with these three potential picks the Giants fans would be nothing but pleased. Chris Houston, with his workout at the combine, showed that he is among the elite of Cornerbacks in this years draft. Even though he got burned by some of the top receivers last year, he also beat some of the other top receivers last year. In addition, he showcased his speed at the combine blazing a 4.32 in the 40 yard dash.

    21. Denver Broncos - Jarvis Moss, DE Florida The Broncos have needs at Defensive End and Potentially at Linebacker. I thought they would go a little harder towards signing Patrick Kerney but that didn't pan out as expected. They should draft a high class Defensive End in Jarvis Moss, who helped the Gators to a BCS Championship Title this year. Even though Moss is 6 foot 6 inches and 260 pounds he still might need to add another 15 pounds to help in run support. The Broncos could look to take Charles Johnson with this pick but I think they will take Jarvis Moss instead because his pash rushing skill and play acknowledgement are much better than that of Charles Johnson. Also, Johnson could be selected by a team to play as an Outside Linebacker in the 3-4 defense.

    22. Dallas Cowboys - Dwayne Jarrett, WR USC
    With the addition of Leonard Davis, the resiging of Pro Bowl Center Andre Gurode, and the resiging of revitalized RT Marc Columbo the Dallas Cowboys could potentially have the best offensive line that they have had in many years. Even with this said, they could still select Justin Blalock here. They could still have room for improvement if they select Justin Blalock and he is good enough to beat out Kyle Kosier, who is serviceable but is also the weakpoint of the line. The Cowboys should draft for depth at the Linebacker position but look set in terms of the starters. They will start Demarcus Ware, Akin Ayodele, Bradie James, and will have Bobby Carpenter and Greg Ellis splitting time at OLB opposite Ware. The could go after Charles Johnson as they have shown interest in him, but I don't see that happening in the first round. I am assuming with this pick that they finalize their deal with Ken Hamlin that they are currently working on. If they don't finalize that deal then they will use this pick on a defensive back. However the Hamlin deal puts them in the ultimate BPA position. They could still go defensive back with Michael Griffin, Aaron Ross, or several others. If they do not go for a defensive back they could be in line for a wide receiver. I have said many times I don't want them to take a receiver but in this scenario with certain players already off the board it may come down to Sidney Rice or Dwayne Jarrett. I think in Jarrett's pro day later this month he will propel himself ahead of Rice and onto the Cowboys roster. On the Dallas roster he will be the number three receiver behind T.O. and Terry Glenn and could mean the departure of Patrick Crayton who will want to at least be the third receiver. With these three receivers the Dallas Cowboys will be the class of the East and will have the depth to get past any possible injuries.

    23. Kansas City Chiefs - Sidney Rice, WR South Carolina The Chiefs definitely need to address the Wide Receiver position. Right now they have Eddie Kennison, Samie Parker, and Donte Hall. I don't really see either of them being a good number one receiver. Kennison is the only one that comes close. Rice will have every chance to start because he is one of the top receivers in the draft. The Chiefs do have several other needs but look for them to address the Receiver position in the first round of this years draft. If any of the other receivers are available they may choose to go with one of those guys but I believe Rice will be the best available at the Receiver position at this point in the draft.

    24. New England Patriots - Michael Griffin, S Texas The New England Patriots are in good position to upgrade their defense in the first round this year considering they have two picks at the end of the round. With the first pick I have them taking Michael Griffin from Texas. There are some questions surrounding his cover skills but he still should be a late first round pick. He will competitive in New England and could crack the starting lineup early next year. Griffin looked good at the Texas as did Aaron Ross and both helped their draft status. Dallas could consider taking him in front of the Patriots but I think he will end up falling to the Patriots at #24. The Patriots do not have to take a WR with one of these top picks because of the acquisition of Donte Stallworth. They could still be in the market for a receiver later on the first day but I think they will focus on defense with their two first round selections.

    25. New York Jets - Anthony Spencer, DE Purdue The New York Jets have several needs this year but are an improving team that plays with a lot of heart. I think the best pick for them is going to be Anthony Spencer because he can play either Defensive End or Outside Linebacker int the Jets 3-4 defensive scheme. The Jets have signed Kenyon Coleman and Bobby Hamilton this offseason so they would probably play Anthony Spencer in the 3-4, but he will be a good fit there. If they see something in Spencer that they don't like they could decide to go with Charles Johnson instead but for now I am going to say they stick with Anthony Spencer.

    26. Philadelphia Eagles - Paul Posluszny, OLB Penn St. There might be a need for a defensive end with this pick depending on what happens with the organization. They had some inconsistency last year and may want to add some depth but I am going to say that Philadelphia will go with the need at linebacker with this pick. Some of their linebackers appeared to underperform at times during last season and even though they may look to add some veteran leadership to the defense they should look to the draft to add a solid outside linebacker for the future. Paul Posluszny can fill that role. He should fall to them because he has been sliding a little bit after some weaknesses were exposed during the Senior Bowl practices and the actual game. If he has a good combine his stock could rise again, but for now I see him as a late first rounder or maybe an early second rounder.

    27. New Orleans Saints - Aaron Ross, CB Texas The New Orlean Saints could use some youth in the secondary and Daymeion Hughes looks to be a really good corner. Some people are not sold on him yet but he looks to be a top prospect at corner. I have paying attention to the practices for the Senior Bowl in Mobile and he is playing great. The only question is his recovery speed. However, he is still shutting down everyone he is playing. Because of this I believe he will be at least competitive for playing time in the NFL with the prospect to be a very talented starting CB. If Merriweather is still available they could choose to take him instead, but as it is I have him going to the Patriots a few picks earlier.

    28. New England Patriots - Darrelle Revis, CB Pittsburgh Buster Davis is looking to be one of the few Inside Linebackers that translate well to the NFL. He is one of the best at his position this year and has proved all year he can play with the best at the collegiate level. With a good performance at the combine he will solidy himself as a late first round selection. He should find himself taken off the board by either the Patriots or the Ravens in the late first round but won't fall past the first part of the second round.

    29. Baltimore Ravens - Joe Staley, OT Central Michigan Quentin Moses's stock was hurt when Jamaal Anderson declared for the draft and chose to forego his senior season. Moses should still be considered one of the top Defensive Ends in the draft. However, he has shown some vulnerability in run support. He will have to add some bulk to be at his best in the NFL and could be considered a candidate to move to the Outside Linebacker position for a 3-4 team. Conveniently the Ravens do run such a defense and will have options with Moses on their roster.

    30. San Diego Chargers - Brandon Merriweather, S Miami The San Diego Chargers retain a very talented team from last year. They resigned Dielman so they don't really need to go after Ben Grubbs with this pick. I don't see the correct receiver still available even though that is a need. They may decide to go with Anthony Gonzalez here but I don't see him being a first rounder at this point, especially considering the fact that talent will be available in the second round. The Chargers should stick to the defensive backfield and take Brandon Merriweather. Merriweather has had a couple of off the field issues but I believe he is still a late first round early second round selection this year. The Chargers would definitely be the team that would shy away from taking a character issue player, however, Merriweather makes the most sense considering their needs so I am going to stick with him at #30.

    31. Chicago Bears - Justin Blalock, OG Texas Justin Blalock will get a long look at #22 with the Dallas Cowboys on the clock. However, with the work they have done on their offensive line, resigning Gurode and Columbo and signing Leonard Davis, I think the offensive line has become a strength for them and they could shy away from taking a first round lineman. With that said I have Blalock slipping to Chicago. Even though the Bears return their interior line from last year it still has room to be upgraded and Blalock who is the best Guard in this draft will do just that. If the Bears don't go with Blalock they could look to Ben Grubbs who actually played Guard in college but I think they will take Blalock who could actually go in the mid first round.

    32. Indianapolis Colts - Lawrence Timmons, OLB Florida St. The Indianapolis Colts have lost their Outside Linebacker in Cato June. They will look to replace him and Lawrence Timmons can do just that. He is one of the top Outside Linebackers in this draft and the Colts are lucky that he falls to them. They will consider a Wide Receiver but I don't think there is one worthy of this pick considering the top six are already gone. They can address that need in the second round if they still believe it is a big issue. Jon Beason is also a consideration with this pick.

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    Round 2

    33. Oakland Raiders - Quentin Moses, DE Georgia The Raiders have many options here considering they need just about every position. They could decide to take a runningback as there are several backs worthy of a second round choice. However, with Lamont Jordan, and the acquisition of Dominic Rhodes I think they will choose from either the offensive line or the defensive line. I think it comes down to several defensive players and Ben Grubbs Offensive Guard who could be a first round pick. In the end I think they will go with Quentin Moses who at one time was considered an early to mid first round pick. He may need to add some bulk to help him out in the run game but even with that this is a good value pick for the Raiders.

    34. Detroit Lions - Charles Johnson, DE Georgia Having worked on the offensive line with the second overall pick in the draft the Detroit Lions should now focus on the other needs in this years draft. With the acquisition of Travis Fisher they should be able to look elsewhere with this pick. Charles Johnson could be a first round pick but I think he will slip to the Lions with the 34 pick.

    35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ben Grubbs, OG Auburn Ben Grubbs is right up there with Justin Blalock as the best Offensive Guards in the draft this year. He proved that at the combine when he looked very good against the top Defensive Tackle prospects. Grubbs will help solidify the Buccaneers offensive line and will help make this draft year a very good one for them.

    36. Cleveland Browns - Adam Carriker, DE Nebraska With the loss of Alvin McKinley this year the Browns will need to find a replacement on the defensive line. McKinley is a natural Defensive Tackle but on the Browns line he played the Defensive End position in the 3-4 defense. Carriker is a big strong Defensive End and one of the few in this draft that can play End in the 3-4 defense.

    37. New York Jets - Daymeion Hughes, CB California FROM WASHINGTON: (NOT SURE IF THIS PICK STILL BELONGS TO THEM OR CHICAGO. NFL.COM STILL HAS IT LISTED AS THE JETS' PICK, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE ALREADY UPDATED OTHER RECENT CHANGES) One of the Jets biggest needs is Cornerback. We have already addressed the OLB position with Anthony Spencer in the first round so the Jets should look to pick up the best available Cornerback with this pick. That pick should be Daymeion Hughes. Hughes stock has slipped as of late and paved the way for Chris Houston and others to be first round selections. Hughes will slip into the second round and will good value for the Jets at 37.

    38. Arizona Cardinals - Jon Beason, OLB Miami (FL)
    The Cardinals are a surprising solid team. With no glaring needs on offense they should look to defense on the first day of this draft. With their second round pick the Cardinals should look to upgrade the Linebacking corps and Jon Beason can do just that. He has come on strong of late but is better than Rufus Alexander who some thought to be an early second rounder.

    39. Houston Texans - Eric Weddle, S Utah ATLANTA FROM HOUSTON: The Atlanta Falcons are in good position to get some real talent considering they have three picks in the first 44 picks of the draft. With their first second round pick, acquired from the Texans in the Matt Schaub trade, the Falcons should look to draft help for the secondary. Eric Weddle is climbing up draft boards and will be in competition with Brandon Merriweather for the fourth best Safety spot. Merriweather has had several off the field problems and that could propel Eric Weddle into the first round. I think their will be a team that will take a chance on Merriweather before Weddle so I have Weddle falling to the Atlanta Falcons at number 39.

    40. Miami Dolphins - Zach Miller, TE Arizona St Adding Zach Miller here would complete the Miami Dolphins offense under Cam Cameron. He has already addressed the fullback position, and considering the way he used his fullbacks and Tight Ends in San Diego, he will need to bring in a good replacement for the departed Randy McMichael. Zach Miller is the second best tight end in the draft and was considered by some to be the best until Greg Olsen blazed a 4.51 at the combine.

    41. Minnesota Vikings - David Harris, ILB Michigan With the loss of Napoleon Harris the Vikings to bring in some competition at the Middle Linebacker position. In 2006 David Harris recorded 103 Tackles in 13 games, 16 of those tackles were for losses. He also recorded 4 sacks, an interception, and a forced fumble. Harris might be forced into the starting role this year but shouldn't have too much trouble considering he has improved considerably every year of play.

    42. San Francisco 49ers - Ryan Kalil, C USC The San Francisco 49ers lost Jeremy Newberry this offseason and should look to find a long term replacement for the veteran Center. They could choose to move a guard inside to play center but with Kalil available in the second round they should feel very lucky to take him off the board. He is widely considered to be the top center in the draft unless a team uses Josh Beckman inside as a center.

    43. Buffalo Bills - Earl Everett, OLB Florida The Bills solved their RunningBack needs with their first selection and should look to the opposite side of the ball with this pick. They lost Cornerback Nate Clements this offseason but should feel comfortable letting second year Corner Ashton Youboty start in his place. They will need to add another Outside linebacker early this year and possibly an Inside Linebacker as well. With the loss of London Fletcher I think the Bills will take a chance on Earl Everett of Florida. Everett helped the Gators to a National Championship and even though he is not considered one of the best linebackers in this year's crop I think he will surprise many people with his ability to play smart and fearless football.

    44. Atlanta Falcons - Tim Crowder, DE Texas As one of the top prospects coming out of Texas this year, Crowder should be able to replace the departed Patrick Kerney. The Falcons could look to take McDonald or Abiamiri here but Crowder with his strength and closing speed should prove to be an asset in the run defense.

    45. Carolina Panthers - Aaron Rouse, S Virginia Tech One of the Panthers biggest offseason needs is at Safety. They should look to this pick to take the best available safety. Since the Falcons traded for another second round pick they will be in position to take Eric Weddle in front of the Panthers. Because of this they will take Aaron Rouse from Virginia Tech. Rouse was surrounded by very good talent at VT and it allowed him to play to his strengths in the secondary. Rouse is a very physical very hard hitting safety that was actually converted from a linebacker. Rouse can play either free safety or strong safety so the Panthers will enjoy his versatility.

    46. Pittsburgh Steelers - Aaron Sears, OT Tennessee The Steelers addressed the loss of Joey Porter in the first round and with this pick should look to add depth to the offensive line. They should choose between Josh Beckman and Aaron Sears. I think they will choose Sears because of his versatility to play the Guard and Tackle positions.

    47. Green Bay Packers - Anthony Gonzalez, WR Ohio State With the Green Bay Packers selecting Greg Olsen in the first round the should look to draft a Wide Receiver in the second round. The best available receiver is Ohio State's Anthony Gonzalez. Gonzalez is a good route runner and has displayed surprising speed. Even if the Packers trade for Randy Moss they will still look to add another receiver in this year's NFL draft.

    48. Jacksonville Jaguars - Victor Abiamiri, DE Notre Dame Jacksonville will need to add a pash rushing Defensive End early in this year's draft and Abiamiri should be able to produce in that role. Early in his college career he was used primarily as a pass rushing specialist until he earned a starting role. Abiamiri is a "take the chance" type of selection here because he will either be a bust or gem. He has the size and potential to be a future pro bowler in this league but also could bust considering he doesn't have top notch speed for an NFL pass rusher.

    49. Cincinnati Bengals - Josh Beckman, OG Boston College The Bengals lost starting Offensive Guard Eric Steinbach in free agency and should look to add to their offensive line with this pick.

    50. Tennessee Titans - Ray McDonald, DE Florida With the loss of Robaire Smith the Titans will look to address the Defensive End Position on the first day.

    51. New York Giants - Tony Ugoh, OT Arkansas The Giants have made several changes to the roster this offseason and Petigout was one casualty. They will look to replace him here.

    52. St. Louis Rams - Steve Smith, WR USC The Rams have always had a strong Wide Receiver's corps but they will need to another receiver this year to keep it that way. Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt are both in their thirties and Kevin Curtis is no longer with the team. Steve Smith was a very good complement to Dwayne Jarrett last year in the USC offense and because of his hands and route running ability should project well to the NFL. Smith might not be considered a number one receiver at the next level but in the second round his value is still high.

    53. Dallas Cowboys - Marcus McCauley, CB Fresno State The Dallas Cowboys should choose go defense with this pick. They could choose to take a linebacker considering they need to add depth Inside and Outside Linebacker. They could also choose to add a backup Defensive Tackle, but because of the value available I believe they will wait until the second day and possibly take a chance on the bigger sized Kareem Brown. Other than that they will need to add depth at the Cornerback position. They can take a chance on McCauley with this pick. If he doesn't pan out it will not hurt the team tremendously, but if he does blossom into the shutdown corner some people believe he will be then he would make a good candidate to eventually replace Anthony Henry. The team will probably not retain veteran Cornerback Aaron Glenn after this upcoming season and possibly not this season as he is expected to retire within the next couple of years. Behind Newman, Henry, and Glenn the Cowboys also have Nate Jones and Jacques Reeves who have proved to be adequate backups but will not be able to play on a more full time basis.

    54. Kansas City Chiefs - DeMarcus Tyler, DT North Carolina State
    The Kansas City Chiefs need to find another Wide Receiver and another Defensive Tackle, among other positions, after being destroyed in Free Agency this year. They picked up a good receiver in the first round and should look to the defensive side of the ball here. Demarcus Tyler has been projected as a late first early second round pick but falls to the Chiefs in my draft. They will also have to the choice of Justin Harrell from Tennessee but Tyler is the more talented Tackle.

    55. Seattle Seahawks - Justin Harrell, DT Tennessee The Seattle Seahawks will need to pick up a Defensive Tackle this year and Justin Harrell out of Tennessee could be a steal here in the second round.

    56. Denver Broncos - Manny Ramirez, OG Texas Tech Manny Ramirez has been listed as a third round pick, but because many teams will look to upgrade the line early this year and because he lifted 225 pounds 40 times at the combine a team will take a chance of him in the second round. The Broncos have needs at Defensive End, Interior Offensive Line, and Safety early and the best value with this pick is going to be Ramirez, if not they could go after Yanda from Iowa.

    57. Philadelphia Eagles - Tim Shaw, OLB Penn State Word is that the Eagles are eyeing Shaw in the second round. They could choose Alexander but for now we will stick with Shaw. They need to add young talent at the position and Shaw can definitely contribute.

    58. New Orleans Saints - Rufus Alexander, OLB Oklahoma The Saints need to work on their Run Defense for next year. They have put themselves in a position that requires them to take a Cornerback early in the draft but because they took care of that in the first round they can look elsewhere in the second and third rounds. I have them taking Alexander here because there isn't value for the available defensive tackles but I would look for them to add a DT in the third round, possibly Marcus Thomas.

    59. New York Jets - Craig Davis, WR LSU The Jets need to draft an Offensive threat to complement Cochery and Coles. They have already resigned Restricted Free Agent TE Sean Ryan but will probably go after another TE later in the draft. For now they should feel comfortable selecting Craig Davis with this pick. Davis has good size at 6'2" 210 pounds. He has great speed for his size, 4.4 40, and has shown that he isn't afraid to go across the middle of the field, which is exactly what the Jets need. Cochery and Coles are both good receivers but someone that is unafraid of the middle of the field to take the pressure off the top two receivers would this offense a lot of good.

    60. New England Patriots - Brandon Siler, ILB Florida The Patriots need to get younger at the linebacker position. Brandon Siler has better size than Buster Davis does, he does a good job job of shedding blocks and has shown a quick first step. He does have some problems with lateral movements. He has decent instincts, but not being overly talented in that area shouldn't hurt him if he goes to a team like the Patriots who are very good at developing their linebackers.

    61. Baltimore Ravens - Tanard Jackson, CB Syracuse The Ravens need to pick up some youth at Cornerback because they are starting to show their age at the position. Jackson will never be the elite of the NFL but could step in and do a good job as a starting cornerback in the future.

    62. San Diego Chargers - Johnnie Lee, WR UTEP The Chargers have already selected Merriweather to add to the secondary and now should look to the Wide Receiver position in the late second round. Johnnie Lee Higgins is a good prospect that possesses speed and an explosive first step. Because of his exceptional vision and ability to make defenders miss Higgins will also be a value in the return game. Higgins will have to work on his route running ability and he needs get a little stronger. Because of his need to excel his route running ability Higgins could be a reach with this pick but should still be a first day pick. Because the Chargers need to address this position they should take a chance on Higgins in round two.

    63. Chicago Bears - Brandon Mebane, DT California
    Mebane is not as tall as some teams would prefer their Defensive Tackles but he does continually get good position on the opposition and has displayed the intangibles that coaches love in the NFL.

    64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ikaika Alama-Francis, DE Hawaii This will be a gamble for the buccaneers but they need help on defense so the gamble could be worth it. Ikaika has several question surrounding him including age, durability, and lack of size. He has great anticipation and has proven to be a disruptive in the backfield. However, he is raw player that will require a lot of coaching.
  3. zrinkill

    zrinkill Diamond surrounded by trash

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    In my opinion ...... if they get Jarrett ....... he will replace Glenn in the starting lineup by midseason .....

    Now that is only my opinion and I am sure many will disagree.
  4. CrazyCowboy

    CrazyCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Man, if the deadskins pull this off, can you imagine catching the ball over the middle on them with Taylor and Landry?
  5. skinsscalper

    skinsscalper Well-Known Member

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    I don't see it happening. If that was truly the scenario, I'd say Dallas trades down and takes Griffin, Ross, Merriweather, Revis, Staley or Blalock.


  6. JonJon

    JonJon Injured Reserve

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    That's why I hope they pull off this trade for Briggs!
  7. skinsscalper

    skinsscalper Well-Known Member

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    Any move that keeps them away from Adams or Landry, I'm a huge proponent of. Come on Danny! Flex that little ***** and make this Briggs thing happen!



  8. sago1

    sago1 Active Member

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    Can't say I'd be happy with McCauley pick in the 2nd round. Unless the analyst I believe Cowboys definitely definitely must add a CB who will play well in the NFL and who can replace Aaron Glenn shortly and eventually Henry.

    Also I totally disagree that any rookie will beat out Terry Glenn this year. Glenn still has that great speed, has good hands and runs routes well and is familiar with Romo. If we do draft a WR at #1, he'll certainly get playing time and not on ST either. I'd see our #1 replacing TO in 08 and hopefully Crayton or Hurd/Austin taking over for Glenn afterwards.
  9. Pabst

    Pabst Well-Known Member

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    I'm not so sure a rookie WR would beat out Crayton, much less Glenn or TO.

    Crayton excells in the third WR spot, and always seems to make plays.

    I am all in favor of drafting a WR, but I doubt we would see the player all that often this coming year. Think last year with Bobby Carpenter. Groomed behind the starters, sees some special teams play, but isn't even the nickle LB (I only bring up "nickle LB" as a comparison with the "3rd WR"; both aren't starters, but still vital components). Comes in as an injury replacement and shows some flashes for the coming season.
  10. alancdc

    alancdc Active Member

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    I agree there is no way, if Glenn is healthy, that he doesn't start. He has the best hands on the team, and can stretch the field. I would not like that pick in the first round.
  11. DanTanna

    DanTanna Original Zone Member

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    Too many comparisons of Jarrett and Mike Williams for me to ever want Jarrett. What was Andre Johnson's scouting report like - that is what we need. Speed, HANDS and route running ability ... and size. Meacham has hands issues. Man it is a crap shoot! :confused:
  12. aceware94

    aceware94 New Member

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    I think we need Dwayne Jarrett, Crayton's gone next year for sure w/ the money he's gonna want and no way Jerry resigns him. I see Glenn starting but by the end of the season them running 2 wr sets w/ Owens and Jarrett. Glenn would be a motion third wr catching balls out of the slot,if he's even healthy. Jarrett will be a beast around the goalline.
  13. DCBoysfan

    DCBoysfan Hardwork and Dedication

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    I'm hoping Dallas gets the lineman Blalock in the first
  14. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    thats why we will just have our WRs run past taylor
  15. Chocolate Lab

    Chocolate Lab Run-loving Dino

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    Where to start?

    First, having a top three-WR corps never made anyone the class of their division.

    And second, why and how would Crayton leave?
  16. InmanRoshi

    InmanRoshi Zone Scribe

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    Nice projection of Ginn to the Falcons at #8. That's exactly what the Falcons need ... another speedy WR who can't run routes and can't catch.
  17. RealCowboyfan

    RealCowboyfan Championship

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    Yes I agree fully about your point about Jarrett, but Crayton is a gem, he's going to be the future of Dallas. A solid 3rd Receiver and Sam Hurd of course is going to be the future. Miles Austin? We yet to see
  18. Rockytop6

    Rockytop6 Well-Known Member

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    If the players fell as he has projected then I would definitely want to trade down. There is some outstanding talent at the top of the 2nd rd. as well as the bottom of the 1st - as good as Jarrett.

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