Updated Mock with Compensation Picks

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DaBoys4Life, Feb 2, 2009.

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    2. Micheal Johnson DE Georgia Tech 6-7 258 This guy's stock is dropping I'm not really sure why however during the preseason he was consider a top 5 pick. If he can be had in the second round We pounce on this guy and trade up so fast for him it will make your head spin.

    3. Jarron Gilbert DT San Jose State 6-5 287 this guy lives in the backfield. This kid will upgrade our D Line and could possibly be ready to start from the gate.

    4a Scott McKillop ILB Pittsburgh 6-1 243 He's a tackling machine. Leading the nation in tackles the past two years. Makes plays in coverage something that we really didn't have at the LB'r position....Has an awesome last name....:D

    4b Ramses Burden WR Cal Poly 6-6 228 Big target from a small school could develop under TO and RW and once TO is gone can lead us in the future. He's will be a chain mover at the next level.

    5a Rhett Bomar QB Sam Houston State 6-2 224 Young QB to groom under Romo. Putt massive numbers and has a huge arm.

    5b Joel Bell OT Furman 6-7 312 I don't know a lot about this guy however he seems solid. Started 36 straight games at left tackle.

    5c Sherrod Martin FS Troy 6-0 190 Is either going to be a Safety or CB for us he will be a safety hopefully. Ball hawking play making free safety that is needed.

    6a Ryan Mouton CB Hawaii 5-9 187 sleeper pick. This guy will surprise like Scandrick did.

    6b CJ Davis Pittsburgh OG 6-2 314 Interior O Line depth which is needed. He can play guard or center which is a bonus. He blocked for one of the better RB's in the NCAA. He has started 42 straight games.

    7a Dallas Reynolds C BYU 6-5 328 Interior O Line depth is needed even though Reynold can be had in the 7th doesn't mean he's a slouch. Proctor will be replaced and Reynolds will be a reliable back up he also has the size we look for in O Lineman.

    7b Sammie Lee Hill NT Stillman 6-4 330 Big massive D Line man. Will allow for Ratliff to take some breathers and could be solid against the run. May be a little raw considering he's coming from Stillman however, he's talented and has size that can't be taught

    Almost the same as the last one with 2 compensation picks added.
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    I'm a big fan of McKillop.
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    McKillop is good.

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