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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by irvin88, Jan 11, 2005.

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    1. San Francisco - Matt Leinart* QB, USC

    2. Miami - Cedric Benson RB, Texas

    3. Cleveland - Antrel Rolle CB, Miami

    4. Chicago - Mike Williams* WR, USC

    5. Tampa Bay - D'Brickashaw Ferguson* OT, Virginia

    6. Tennessee - Derrick Johnnson OLB, Texas

    7. Oakland - Aaron Rodgers* QB, California

    8. Arizona - Carnell Williams RB, Auburn

    9. Washington - Jammal Brown OT, Oklahoma

    10. Detroit - Dan Cody DE, Oklahoma

    11. Dallas - Braylon Edwards WR, Michigan

    12. San Diego (from NY) - Matthias Kiwanuka* DE, Boston College

    13. Houston - Alex Barron OT, Florida State

    14. Carolina - Ronnie Brown RB, Auburn

    15. Kansas City - Marlin Jackson CB, Michigan

    16. New Orleans - Ahmad Brooks* ILB, Virginia

    17. Cincinnati - Thomas Davis* S, Georgia

    18. Dallas (from Buffalo) - Justin Miller* CB, Clemson

    19. Jacksonville - David Pollack DE, Georgia

    20. Baltimore - Mark Clayton WR, Oklahoma

    21. Minnesota - Travis Johnson DT, Florida State

    22. St. Louis - Erasmus James DE, Wisconsin

    23. Seattle - Antajj Hawthorne DT, Wisconsin

    24. Green Bay - Corey Webster CB, LSU

    25. Denver - Heath Miller* TE, Virginia

    26. NY Jets - Adam Jones* CB, West Virginia

    27. Atlanta - Channing Crowder* OLB, Florida

    28. San Diego - Elton Brown OG, Virginia

    29. Indianapolis - Carlos Rogers CB, Auburn

    30. Pittsburgh - Shaun Cody DT, USC

    31. Philadelphia - Ciatrick Fason* RB, Florida

    32. New England - Mark Bradley WR, Oklahoma
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    I would kick the tv in if this is what we ended up with in the first round.
  3. Avery

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    Not overly updated. The draft order is wrong not to mention Ferguson, Brooks and Kiwanuka aren't declaring.

    I can handle Edwards at #11. Miller is a good second round pick, but give me Pac man at #20. I can applaud that draft.
  4. S. Fla Sting

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    I believe you must be a relative of Jones if you would rather have him than Justin Miller. Justin Miller is a flatout playmaker; ints, hard hitter, returning punts for TDs. While Jones is a hard nosed player, he is small and definately not worthy of pick #20.
  5. StanleySpadowski

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    I believe that McNeil also said that he's returning to Auburn.
  6. Big Country

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    I'd be very okay with Edwards at 11... I agree with you on getting the bigger player... esp for a DB and returner... Don't know much about either player however. Myself I'd rather see Haloti Ngata DT at our second pick, but that might be stretching it a tad...

    Plus, by the time the combine rolls around, I'm thinking his stock might get much higher... Just my opinion. Much rather have a DT instead of another DB... I think we can fill a shoe or two from FA for our secondary... eg. Darius S- Jax or Baxter CB- Bal

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