US concerned over prospect of right-wing Israeli government

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    Not surprising... Netanyahu has stated many times that his hero is Reagan...

    Netanyahu is a VERY smart man and a no nonsense type. His election is bad news for Palestinians and any negotiation with terrorists from that region. He will bomb in retaliation, ask questions later...

    US concerned over prospect of right-wing government


    US officials are publicly taking a wait-and-see approach to the formation of a new Israeli government, but privately many have expressed concern that Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu might preside over a right-wing coalition.

    "There would be great unease" at the prospect of such a government, said one Capitol Hill source.

    He predicted that a governing coalition of parties from the Right could embolden the left flank of the Democratic party and turn up pressure, particularly in the US Congress, to pass measures that made clear demands on Israel.

    He distinguished, however, between a Netanyahu-led right-wing coalition and Netanyahu-led national unity government.

    Despite the Likud's second-place finish to the centrist Kadima party, parties on the Right won more of the vote, which means Netanyahu might have an easier time forming a hawkish coalition but could try to work out a formula for a unity government, as could Kadima head Tzipi Livni.

    The Capitol Hill source, who didn't want to be identified speaking about another country's internal politics, noted that Netanyahu had made a strong effort to reach out to the Obama administration and made the case to the US and the Israeli public that he could work with the White House.

    He said that attitude could help assuage US concerns when presented in a national-unity package, whose positions - whether under Netanyahu or Livni - would be more in line with the US's own policies of engagement on Arab-Israeli reconciliation.

    "The hope is that there is a government that is really committed to peace with the Palestinians," The Washington Post quoted one senior administration official saying.

    Even if Netanyahu prevails, the official added, "he's grown over the years. Getting back to the talks with the Palestinians is really the only solution."

    Ron Dermer, a senior adviser to Netanyahu, said Wednesday that the Likud leader strongly preferred to put together a national-unity government that looked toward the center of the country's political spectrum rather than a right-wing coalition.

    "He's said his biggest mistake when he was prime minister last time was not reaching out to Shimon Peres," who then headed the Labor party, Dermer said on a conference call with the United Jewish Communities and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. "I do not believe he will make the same mistake this time.

    "I very much hope that Tzipi Livni will put politics aside" to sit in a Likud-led government, Dermer added.

    Still, many political analysts say there's no doubt the Obama administration would prefer to see a national-unity government headed by Livni.

    "The impression in Israel is that the Obama administration has already made its preference known and that its preference is for Kadima - and that impression isn't going anywhere," said Georgetown University professor and Israel expert Michael Oren.

    "They'd rather work with a centrist government than a right-wing government."

    He added that the preference of the Obama camp, with its interest in intensive diplomacy, was "legitimate," noting that many Israelis preferred Republican presidential candidate John McCain because they observed a greater alignment of views.

    When it comes to Livni, the administration sees someone who has spent the last year working with the Palestinians as part of a negotiating process and made the two-state solution an important part of her campaign, while Netanyahu has been much more circumspect on the extent of his support for that formulation, focusing his campaign on the need for security.

    And while Netanyahu did sign agreements that gave control of West Bank areas to the Palestinians as prime minister in the late '90s, he had a troubled relationship with many of the American officials who served under then president Bill Clinton, several of whom are returning to office under Obama.

    Dennis Ross, Clinton's Middle East envoy and likely to be a top regional representative, described Netanyahu as "overcome by hubris" after his first election to the premiership and recalled him being "nearly insufferable, lecturing and telling us how to deal with the Arabs" in his book on the Oslo peace process.

    Still, publicly US officials are welcoming the Israeli democratic process and indicating their readiness to work with whoever becomes prime minister.

    "This is a choice these Israeli people will have to make. Once that new government is formed, regardless of who is in that government, we will work with that government," said US State Department Acting Spokesman Robert Wood on Wednesday.

    "We look forward to working with that new government once it's formed. We have a robust agenda with the government of Israel, as you know. And so we're looking forward to getting down to business with the new government."

    When questioned about whether a government with right-wing leadership would hurt American peace efforts, Wood responded, "We certainly hope that a new government will continue to pursue a path to peace. I see no reason to think that a new government would do something otherwise."

    He added that he knew of no change to Middle East envoy George Mitchell's plans to make his second visit to Israel at the end of the month.

    "The administration is being very cautious," said an Israeli official about the silence from US officials right now.

    He noted that regardless of their views, they understood that they could have to work with both leaders and didn't want to prejudice either relationship.

    Oren said the US leadership had done better at keeping a lid on its feelings than many previous US and Israeli governments.

    "This administration is more constrained and more controlled in saying whom they prefer," he said.

    He added that if the US expressed its preference for Livni too loudly, it could backfire and hurt her position. He compared the situation to the boost in the polls Israel Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman received from the police's pursuit of corruption charges, since some of his supporters felt he was being unfairly targeted.

    "It could boomerang, just like Lieberman picked up [support] from the police investigation," he said.
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    I like Bibi. He is a good man an made one of the all time great speeches right after 9/11.

    And the title of the article should be "Obama and the Dems are concerned".

    Me, I am all for it.
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    Have they decided who's won yet? Both are claiming victory last I heard.

    I like Livni. She wants to put a stop to the settlers in the west bank.
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    Tina Brown from Daily Beast on Fox News calls Republicans "Insurgents"

    Tuesday, February 10, 2009 2:53:23 PM · by utahson · 79 replies · 1,610+ views Fox News - Shep Smith show | 02-10-09 | Me

    Tina Brown from Daily Beast on Fox News calls Republicans "Insurgents the Democrats control the Predator Drones?
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    Livni's party got the most votes, so in that sense, she won.

    However many speculate that she won't be able to put form a coalition government (because her party has more differences with the other parties than does Netanyahu's party). This means that Netanyahu is more likely to emerge as the nation's leader ... because Netanyahu is better positioned to build the coalition government.

    So in that sense, Netanyahu may have won.
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    Their government elections work differently...

    Had they gone head to head he would have won by 15 points. They actually go by party and many, knowing he would win, voted for smaller conservative parties in order to stack the deck. This was a landslide for Likud...

    He will be Prime Minister...
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    israel as a nation terrifies me. they have broken the vast majority of international laws in regards to their treatment of the palestinians and yet have never been brought to task. if ever there was a definition of terrorist state then this is it.
    the fact that the people are referred to as settlers is a disgrace, it was the land they lived on for thousands of year until the jewish were granted a nation after the second world war. these people receive no benefits and are not even entitled to a passport (therefor they cannot leave) yet a jewish person living their whole life in say holland for example setting foot in israel for the first time at the age of 70 is automatically granted a full state pension and passport. how is that remotely just?
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    Why is my old neighborhood in north Bryan, Texas full of illegal aliens? Why is it when I go into a store and want to read information on a product I have to turn the damn thing around to the English wording side of the product? How is this remotely just? How about we fix our country?
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    You might want to do a little research. There were no Palestinian people prior to the 1930's or so. Second. Jews have ALWAYS claimed Israel as their land. This claim goes back long before Christ. What about the international laws the Palestinians have broken? I guess those don't matter. Both parties have broken laws, but Israel has held back many times. Do you realize that if you are born overseas live your life overseas, you are still an American if you parents were American?
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    i'm not american so the bit about fixing our country is of no great relevance to me to be perfectly honest with you bud. in scotland due to the relaxation of eu working laws we are inundated with poles as the currency here is stronger than over there. it isn't particularly just especially in the current climate of high unemployment but then if this was outlawed then so too would be the thousands of brits currently earning their living on the continent. it could also be argued that it highlights how wrong it is that the palistinians don't even have the option to travel never mind work abroad.

    as for jews having claimed israel as their home. you would think if history has taught us anything it is that you cannot move a mass of people into an area and expect things to run smoothly. there is still tensions, and killing only very recently stopped, in ireland due to the british plantation of the 1600's, the civil war in the former yugoslavia heck even the years of struggles when europeans "discovered" america. i am in no way condoning the rocket attacks by hamas but if you were living your life when all of a sudden you were fenced in and ruled over by people who "had a historic claim" to your land and cut off your power and supplies without warning or explanation i doubt you would accept it.
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    Don't know Tina Brown and did not read your link but would not be shocked if this woman is referring to this...

    “Insurgency, we understand perhaps a little bit more because of the Taliban,” Sessions said during a meeting yesterday with Hotline editors. “And that is that they went about systematically understanding how to disrupt and change a person’s entire processes. And these Taliban — I’m not trying to say the Republican Party is the Taliban. No, that’s not what we’re saying. I’m saying an example of how you go about [sic] is to change a person from their messaging to their operations to their frontline message. And we need to understand that insurgency may be required when the other side, the House leadership, does not follow the same commands, which we entered the game with.” - Rep. Pete Sessions
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    I guess the terrorists should stop using the west bank as a staging ground for terrorism.
  13. daschoo

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    maybe if the were allowed to live in their ancestral homeland without being persecuted they wouldn't resort to terrorism? if mexicans rounded up all americans in texas and fenced off an area around houston for them to live, stripped them of their rights, passports and restricted essentials like medical supplies and food then i think that the people wopuld begin to get desperate and turn to more extreme viewpoints.

    just to make sure this can't be taken as me having a go at americans i'll state that if the english rounded us up and fenced us around dundee then i would certainly be doing anything possible to try and regain my freedom
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    That was pretty arrogant and ignorant.

    American policies effect the whole world.
  16. daschoo

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    particularly when the issue being discussed is not even an american issue but rather an international one ;)
  17. JBond

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    Palestinians have no more claim to that land than I do. I don't blame Israel for defending itself against the lunatic Muslims. You do remember the six day war don't you? Your side lost. Deal with it. You don't start something you can't finish. Arabs attacked Israel from every side. The problem was the Arabs were bunch of cowards just like today. They ended up running with their tail between their sheets and are still crying about it 40 years later.
  18. JBond

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    He does not care about America or Americans. He said so himself. Did you even read the thread? Why should I give a flip about some foreigner's pathetic failed ideas? You can suck up to him, but I feel no need.

    Hey Yosh, where were you born? Just curious.
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    Honestly, I expect this anti-israel stance against anyone from EU trying to argue it. You bring nothing more to the table of debate than the guy in An Clar, Ireland.

    I have traveld extensively throughout Europe as a kid and adult. Your opinion is lock step on par w/ just about everyone I ever discussed US policies with while visiting. So color me not surprised.

    You coming to a state side forum to display your iritation w/ Israel is nothing new. It is to be expected.

    It is a free site and people are allowed his/her opinion. Oh, and welcome to our internet. You are welcome. :D
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    He needs to send a thank you note to Al Gore.:D

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