News: USA Today: For Diverse Cowboys, Dak Prescott Is The Ultimate Unifier

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sportsbabe, Jan 10, 2017.

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    I was just reading this earlier. It's an interesting read.
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    Interesting indeed.

    For an article so focused on race, it is not once mentioned that Antonio Ramiro Romo is Mexican American.

    I think its interesting that the thesis appears to be that Prescott relates well to all his teammates in part because of his biracial identity. Is Romo unable to do that because he's Mexican American? Do African American players not relate to Romo because he is Mexican American? Is some of the vitriol aimed at Romo because he is Mexican American? Do African American fans and players prefer Prescott over Romo because he's African American and not Mexican American?

    All questions raised, but not answered by this article. In fact, the article treats race as a binary (black or white). Very strange.
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    This "journalist" went to the practice facility with his story 90 percent written already. He just needed quotes to back his biased assertions. He couldn't get one, so he made one up and attributed it to an unnamed source.

    Real journalists go to the practice facility with little idea what they're going to write about Dak Prescott. They let the story unveil itself to them when they get there.

    Dak is a person, not a bumper sticker. Same for everybody out there. And the media wonders why they rate lower than Hitler these days.
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    Thank you.
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    Cool story, but getting along with people does not all equate success. Some of the best staffs I've had as a football coach was when my coordinators couldn't stand each other. It drove them to compete and it was up to me to see that their dislike of each other did not affect the team's chemistry.
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    There's plenty of biracial players that don't have his charisma. However he gets it, charisma and leadership are at the top of his asset list.
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    His degree in psychology is probably the bigger reason that he knows how to deal with people.
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    The relationship between blacks and whites in America is historically different than the relationship between whites and Hispanics or blacks and Hispanics.

    The racial dynamics aren't the same.
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    Awesome read. Love me some Dak and it's true...It helps to have one shoe in one world and the other shoe in another. He can relate well to everyone.

    But it's more than just growing up biracial. He's got the desire to understand, connect and do the right thing.

    He cares about other people...not just himself. We've seen selfish white quarterbacks and selfish black ones. He's black and white...but more importantly he's unselfish.
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    I arrived in Haughton LA the semester after the schools integrated. There were folks who left the school system to go to an all white Baptist school (now defunct). There were folks who griped about the "watering down" of educational standards. But unlike Denham Springs and other places down south in LA, the biggest racial incident I recall was the Arry Moody "scandal". Arry, a talented Haughton tailback, was dating a white cheerleader. That's it. In many respects, for a mixed race redneck town-exurban area, it can be very tolerant, and Haughton loves its sports heroes (Dak and Joe Delaney).

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    You clearly know the answer to your own queztion. Most NFL players are black, not MexAmerican, and of course they're gonna feel like they can relate to Dak more so than Tony.
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    I wish the article focus had remained centered upon Prescott and how his diversity has impacted the team. Instead, the author tried spicing it up somewhat. Totally unnecessary.
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    The comments about Romo from the anonymous white player was very interesting indeed.
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    Actually, all journalists approach a subject with an angle. The angle may change after the interview, but it's an unprepared journalist who doesn't have an idea of what he's going to write about before approaching a subject.
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    When I was in college, a psychology degree meant the other schools in the university wouldn't take you, or you were there for your Mrs.
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    I don't buy it. Dez loves Romo like a big brother or even a father figure, T Will has always had great chemistry with Romo, Owens cried in his PC for Romo (same guy who threw Garcia and McNabb under the bus), DeMarco Murray has pictures with Romo in his home today, Miles Austin always had a great bond with Romo.

    Nah this is flat wrong. Dak being young along with Dez and Zeke helps though as they go out together and bang a bunch of Texas girls
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    Even though he is, I don't think most people consider Romo as Mexican-American. They consider him white.

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