USC's Sanchez going pro- rumor

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dbair1967, Jan 14, 2009.

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    Per Mortensen...says announcement may come tomorrow.

    He's definitely not ready now, but in 2-3 seasons he could be, and could be a potential #2 before then. I'd be tempted to draft him with one of our early picks if he were available there. I didnt see all his games, but the few I did see he looks like he has a good deal of talent, certainly is more talented than JD Booty, who we were considering on day two last yr.

    With Romo's regression and 3 seasons running now of December flops, its probably time to consider a long term solution in case Romo never pans out the way everyone hopes. If Romo does work out and Sanchez develops, we have quality trade bait in a couple of seasons.
  2. Bob Sacamano

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    Sanchez has a strong arm, he can bee-line some passes
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    From what I have seen he looks to be a career back up. Nothing wrong with a solid back up. I just don't expect much more out of him.
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    If he's going pro it'll be because he believes and has been told he's a Top 20 pick.

    He's been on the radio here in LA all week saying that his going pro would depend on whether or not Sam Bradford goes AND assurances that he would be a high pick.

    Todd McShay came on today saying Sanchez could possibly go ahead of Stafford, which surprised me. He later changed course and said Stafford should go first and mentioned Sanchez can go anywhere from 5th to somewhere in the 20's.

    I think him leaving hurts USC's National Title hopes but we have Mitch Mustain, Aaron Korp. and freshman Matt Barkley to replace him on an offense that returns all 5 starting Offensive Linemen as well as all of the major skill players.

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