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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by trickblue, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. trickblue

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    AT&T made me a hard to turn down offer today... saving $60 per month and getting a LOT more channels...

    My neighborhood is strung with fiber. The uVerse guy that hooked up my internet told me there are some issues with uVerse over copper, but that fiber was great...

    Any opinions from you guys?
  2. Hoofbite

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    I had uVerse for about a year almost 2 years ago.

    It was fine. The response of the set-top box was a little slow but that seems to be a trend that carries across all service providers.

    I never had any outages or any problems. I think I was running over copper but not sure. They just tap into the old phone lines don't they?

    Like all providers they charge per box and for almost anything they can. I had Redzone during it's first season (I think) so that was awesome that it was able to be make it on to their lineup.

    I don't really even watch that much TV. I don't think I would ever choose one provider based solely on lineup at this point. Half the channels any provider gives are worthless and the other half are available from anyone pretty much.
  3. trickblue

    trickblue Not Old School...Old Testament...

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    They offered me every channel they provide... including all HBO's, Showtimes, etc... AND my internet service...

    I currently get HBO and Showtime only on DTV and then the cost of uVerse interwebs...

    They put in in writing that it will be $107 per month for everything and that as long as I kept my phone service with them, they would renew that price yearly...

    I currently pay $169 for DirecTV and uVerse interwebs...
  4. Yeagermeister

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    I've been considering making the switch from Comcast to Uverse. I haven't gone as far as getting an offer from them. I don't need their phone service so I'd only get tv and internet.
  5. Hoofbite

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    Sounds like a no-brainer.

    That was the one thing they got me on was the upfront awesome deal they were selling.

    Something like a $250 visa gift card and a bunch of free channels. My monthly bill was good for what we were getting but after about 3-4 months it went up $25 or so and then after 6 months it was up anther $15.

    If you can get a locked price for eternity, why not?
  6. theogt

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    I've had U-verse since its initial roll out in Houston. I've never had complaints. It was a huge upgrade from Time Warner and Comcast at the time. I never have outtages.

    I've heard that other providers have mobile apps where you can watch recorded shows on your mobile devices. Uverse has a nice mobile app but it seems random as to what streams and what doesn't.
  7. Hoofbite

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    I think you'll get the better deal if you get phone service but not use it.

    Like Trick said, he gets his deal only as long as he has his phone with them.

    My guess, they have such a great return on phone service at this point........it probably costs next to nothing to actually provide the service, but they have fewer and fewer customers every year because nobody needs it anymore.

    They'll take a hit as far as cable and internet goes because they rake in tons of cash from renting equipment and package add-ons.
  8. kristie

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    this sounds good. i should talk to my husband about it.
  9. VietCowboy

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    I have WOW. I pay $65 for cable and 15MB speed internet. No complaints. I have a lifetime subscription TIVO premiere box and Silicondust Prime HD HTPC and an XBOX for my WMC extender for my 3 rooms, so no extra cost for DVR and HDTV.

    Only other option is Time Warner, no thanks.
  10. Boys122

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    Being a Cowboys fan in N.Y. I'll always be a Directv customer. Sunday Ticket is the shiznit.
  11. morasp

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    We just disconnected DTV and went with the bigger RCA HDTV antenna and hulu with a TiVo premiere open box that cost $80 and a one year contract for $12.95/Mo. The Tivo box does the streaming for hulu and we get customized music with Pandora. I've really got to say that I like this setup a lot better than the $71 we were paying DTV for infomercials and reruns and it's only $21/Mo. There is more interesting TV than I could possibly ever watch and hulu makes it a little more interactive.
  12. kmp77

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    Direct TV has a better picture than U-Verse. And DTV has sunday ticket. Otherwise I like uverse. You may want to check how far from the "trunk" you are. If you're far then you're speed goes down a lot. I have the fastest internet but If I was in a building further back I'd have half the speed.

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