News: Vanderjagt Released!!! *Merged*

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RatisBeast, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. BulletBob

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    OK - I only read through 11 of the 27 pages of this thread, so this point may have been made already.

    Did anyone notice when Vandy made that chip shot field goal on Turkey Day? It was way right and it just skidded through (it should have been dead center blistering straight through to the safety net ... and he knew it).

    Anyone catch his reaction?

    He was laughing.

    Laughing like a little kid who'd just gotten away with something.


    I'm guessing that Bill was none to pleased with his reaction.

    I'd also posit that Mr. Vandershank never quite took the job too seriously.

    Remember the "mental holiday" comment? How about the not wanting to exert himself doing kickoffs during practice?

    This guy's arrogance is off the charts. Now, if he's backing things up with his foot ... you deal with the big head.

    However, if he keeps laughing the marginal play off, insiting that his mojo will show up any time now and carry the day ... well, I'd just say that Parcell's Doghouse Meter got pegged on Turkey Day.
  2. Cowboy4ever

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    Maybe BP was thinking.... we signed the most accurate kicker in NFL history.. and he sucked.. so lets sign a bad kicker and maybe he will be good.... I think BP is playing his famous mind games again this time on Fate instead of a player!!
  3. CowboyJeff

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    I think a common misconception is that a team doesnt "sign a player." Free agents have to WANT to sign with a team. Money, location, record all play a part of it. Put yourself in Vinatieri's shoes for one minute. You are an aging kicker. Do you sign with a team that's a perennial Super Bowl contender and plays in a dome? Or a team in an open stadium with one home playoff game in 10 years? If the money was equal, how can you not sign with the Colts? If you ask around, you'll find out that Indy made a successful late push to snatch Vinatieri away from Miami. The Cowboys would have tried to sign Mare if he was cut by Miami.
  4. ChldsPlay

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    I remember his reaction, and I don't remember him laughing it off. I remember him looking upset and pissed off, and he kept shaking his head. Looked like a guy on the sideline even asked him what was wrong as he was walking by and he indicated he barely made it by holding his fingers up close together. He certainly didn't seem nonchalant about it, he seemed very distraught, over a kick he made.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    OK... and maybe he didnt want to sign with us because of Bledsoe.... hmmmm
  6. BulletBob

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    OK - I'll have to watch it again (if I still have it on Tivo). I'm almost positive he was laughing when they cut to commercial. He may have changed his demeanor after talking to Tuna.
  7. Seven

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    That's because Finkle ain't no kicker. Later Ray, later.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I doubt that he was "seriously" laughing... I think his laughs were more like "***"... I doubt that he didnt want to correct this problem
  9. Seven

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    He's been doing the same since his Indy days. He practices like crap, self-admitted, so I find it hard that it bothered him at all. How's he gonna correct it if he can't practive to improve? If he wanted it corrected he's had more than enough time to do so.
  10. jrumann59

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    Actually he retired as a pitcher to become an outfielder because he could mash the ball.
  11. vicjagger

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    Yea, he's become the Eli Manning of kickers.
  12. CowboysNumeroUno

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    I remember him kind of smirking and shaking his head.
  13. Boys4Life

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    Amen brother. Hoffman turned every no name kicker into a top notch kicker. Since Parcells let him go, nobody can do the job even remotely well.
  14. FuzzyLumpkins

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    No he didnt he mad Boniol and Cunningham better but the other 8 years were all sub 75%.

  15. calico

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    One bad kicker for another


    Is there another Zendejas brother out there?
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    If you go to your (User CP) and (edit options) you can get 40 posts per page which would make it only 11 pages total. :grin:
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    When the team gives you kickers who should be pumping gas for a living that isn't bad.
  18. VACowboy

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    Swank, Wake Forest, is one to look at too.
  19. OKC.DC.Fan

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    They just said that theres a starter thats finished with the Cowboys...

  20. Faerluna

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    Probably Vandy.

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