News: VCS: Cowboys' Spencer ready to show his worth

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 16, 2012.

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    Big season by outside linebacker could lead to a big payday

    • By Bob Buttitta
    • Ventura County Star
    • Posted August 16, 2012 at 6:26 p.m.

    When your primary job is to put pressure on NFL quarterbacks, patience isn't a usually part of your personality.

    But over the last few months, Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker Anthony Spencer has learned a lot about being patient.

    Spencer is hoping he can play well enough this season to convince Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that he deserves the same kind of money given to fellow outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware.

    The five-year veteran realizes he's going to have to turn up the production in the one area where he lags well behind Ware — sacks.

    "It's a fact. I only had six. It is what it is," Spencer said. "I have one more year left on this contract. I've got to play my best to get another contract for me.

    "This is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league. If I am not doing my job, I don't expect to have a big contract."

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    Spencer is a 5-year veteran - everyone knows what he is as a pass rusher. Despite playing opposite the best player in the game he hasn't once gotten more than 6 sacks in the regular season.

    The Cowboys FO should be ashamed of themselves for not finding a decent complimentary rusher to play opposite Ware in 8 years.

    I hope they managed to luck their way into another UDFA gem in Adrian Hamilton.
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    Question? Would Hamilton be luck?
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    Talk is us
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    Convince Jerry for Ware type money--now that's funny:lmao2:
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    Pretty much all this.
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    Talk really is cheap - all around.

    Spencer continues to talk a good game - while not even practicing.

    And the coaches talk about what a key player he is - despite the sacks - but yet the team doesn't see fit to give him the big-money deal he's looking for.

    Actions, and the lack thereof, speak louder than words.
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    Is it luck when you constantly find UDFA's who perform for you year after year?

    I don't think you can say its luck at this point..
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    perform how?

    Austin and Romo are the only two UDFAs that really have made their mark.

    Actually we have set our bar pretty low. If he makes the roster that is good. I want starters or really good backups.
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    Dan Bailey! Dude is a stud
  12. GloryDaysRBack

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    Barry Church is getting close to being another...according to your requirements, he's already there
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    Has this guy even practiced yet?
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    To some extent it is luck.

    After all, management decided Caleb McSurdy was worth more as a player than Hamilton. They risked Hamilton being acquired by someone else before the end of the draft. Then in the UDFA period Hamilton preferred to stay at home and took less money for a shot at Cowboys TC than was offered elsewhere - also luck.

    Every team in the league has a bunch of UDFAs that start for them. We've had two recently who elevated to the Pro Bowl level and that is quite unusual. However, you have to remember that both were acquired during the Parcells era. No high impact UDFAs were found under Wade's watch although maybe he found an average starter for us at Safety in Church. None thus far have been found with Garrett at the helm but I do have high hopes for Hamilton, Albright and Killer if he could ever get off the PUP list.

    Overall, the Cowboys record on finding pass rushers since about 1980 stinks. In that time the only good pass rushers we have drafted were Jeffcoat, Tolbert and Ellis and none of those guys were great. I think each of them only had one or two double digit sack seasons. Numerous high draft picks were busts including Kevin Brooks, Danny Noonan, Ekuban, Shante Carver, Bobbie Carpenter, Spencer (as a pass rusher), Marcus Spears (as a pass rusher - bad for a 5 tech taken in the first round) and Kavika Pittman. In all time we have found only one upper echelon pass rusher, Demarcus Ware. Now I realize many of those picks occurred under prior regimes but I'm just pointing out the futility we have had going on over 30 years now.

    I really hope we go after a pass rushing OLB to complement Ware in the first round of the next draft as there are several with promise. Ware is going to start declining and Spencer won't pick up the slack so we have to put someone in that position who can be more effecting rushing the passer. This is a spread set league now with many base offenses employing 3 WRs so more and more of our time is spent in the nickel instead of the base defense where there is no OLB spot. Spencer is a dinosaur - a run stuffing OLB who is mediocre as a pass rusher and mediocre in coverage is not a premium player anymore.
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    That idea is starting to really grow on me.
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    That's a very good point.
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    The mindset of the fanbase that you can find what you want without drafting or acquiring that player in free agency is a fallacy.

    All teams missed on Romo. Dallas signed him because of a series of events including a coach that went to the same school.

    Austin is slowly showing his skill set doesn't overcome his health.

    But if you want to use both of these as the footprint, and I believe Jerry thinks he's found a way to be smarter than the average bear, we are getting what we deserve.

    Back in the day Dallas would choose players that were athletes and convert them. They had a knock for a while doing so.

    That knack ran out yet they continued to try that angle.

    Jerry is not in that treadmill in his mind, it would appear.
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    Oline....Oline....Oline! We need to give Tony the help he needs unless something clicks with the guys we have not named Tyron.
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    Out of how many?
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    The best Strongside Linebacker in the NFL!

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