Vela 7/30 Practice Report: Ware, Burnett, Gurode, Rivera, Hatcher, TNew

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    Below report of Sunday practice is from Raphael Vela's
    posted by one of his regulars. Very interesting.

    Practice Report, Sunday, July 30th By Rafael Vela 5 Comments

    Blog regular DonnyPosner report in. Take a bow, Donny,
    I was at practice today and this is what I saw.

    I’m not a scout and some things are difficult to see because they are on the far field, but my opinions may be interesting to some.

    I noticed Pat Watkins first. He is tall. How could I not. He is also fluid with good hands.. In both 7-7 drills and 11-11, he got to the ball very quickly. He made several pics on 7-7 drills and made a great play stopping Keylon Kincade on a swing pass for no gain. He covers a lot of ground quickly. He looked like the best guy out there other then Keith Davis who also played well. Marcus Colemen split time between corner and Safety. He looked ok at corner but was slow diagnosing the play as a Safety.

    Looking over at the far field, I saw Skyler Green running routes and dropping a pass. Only one that I saw though. Later he fielded punts and looked good doing that. He is a left handed QB for those that dont know.

    TNewman looks great. He is far an away the best corner we have. Jacques Reeves looked like our second best corner on this day. He continually picked off passes in the 7-7 drills and played well in 11-11.

    Jason Hatcher looks like he will be a good one. He is big, physical, and quick. He was getting to the would be QB in 1 on-1 and 2-on-2 drills. He did well against Flozell Adams on at least 2 occassions. Vontrell Jamison is a big guy as well. He looks like he can play but not sure he is in the top tier on the team. He beat McQuistan several times. Greg Ellis is playing standing up lining up close to the DE creating a 5 man line. He looked quick actually. I think he’ll make the transition and play well. Jay Ratliff looked good and beat Peterman on 2 occassions. Sam Taulealea pushed Al Johnson straight back to where the QB would be.

    Yes. Flo was out there and was playing ok. He was definately the best tackle out there. As I said Hatcher did a good job against him but other then Hatcher he seemed to block everyone.

    Other then Flo, Marc Columbo looked like the best tackle to me. He and Kevin Burnett got in a big fight which got the fans roaring asking for more and the players had to pull them off each other. McQuistan and Dennis Roland were getting beat often.

    The best Offensive lineman on this day definately looked like Andre Gurode. I was one of those that thought that Al Johnson would beat him out but today Gurode looked really good. He seemed to stop all defensive lineman in their tracks. Johnson did not look as good and was getting pushed back at times and let a couple past him. Rivera looked to be the second best and played very well. Stephen Peterman would make a good block and then let someon past him. He seems to have the abiliy but is very inconsistent. Kyle Kosier did not stick out either way.

    I noticed this linebacker number 53 making plays, he is big, and always seems to be around the ball. The guide at practice doesnt list the number. I think it is Kai Parham. He looked good. Very good actually.

    Pepper Johnson and Mount Stanley both made some plays. Stanley was often using a 4 point stance with both hands on the ground. Ferguson is clearly better though and his battles vs Gurode were the best match ups to see.

    Chris Canty is huge but he didnt seem to be impressive on this day. He got stonewalled by Gurode and Rivera.

    Sean Ryan dropped several passes in 11-11 drills A couple hit him right in his hands and popped up in the air. I wanted to cut him then and there. Tony Curtis is big. I couldnt see his blocking but he made several good grabs. He did have a drop in 11-11n drills however. Anthony Fasano made a couple catches on 11-11.

    Sam Hurd the rookie free agent WR almost blocked a punt. Number 10…not sure who he is may be Ahmed Merritt dropped more then a few passes. He is the ony other guy other then Sean Ryan that I would have cut after the day. Bad Day for those 2. Terrence Copper made some nice grabs in 11-11. Patrick Crayton looked good as well. Copper was suprsingly good.

    Demarcus Ware was very impressive. He will be a Pro Bowler this year. I think Parcells must have goten to this guy and convinced him he could be LT. Watch out. He even impressed me covering TO on a crossing route. He was closer to getting the ball then TO. The crowd got on TO’s case saying he should be able to catch those, but Ware made a great play. He is quick around the edge.
    Overall, Ware, Burnett, Parham, Tony Curtis, Gurode, Rivera, Hatcher, TNewman, and Pat Watkins impressed me the most.

    Sean Ryan, Ahmed Merrit and Stephen Petermen were dissapointing
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    Didn't add when posting above info but I'm thrilled to read that Watkins is coming along; same goes for Hatcher. Also good to hear about Ware, Burnett and the others. It will be real interesting to watch Gurode & Johnson battle for center but it seems to me to be the same old battle. Gurode has all the physical attributes & Johnson has the brains. Time will tell which, if either, of the 2 can really step it up.
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    Good read. I am really hoping some of the Olinemen step it up in a hurry.
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    sounds like Ellis has a reason to be pissed!!!

    Reeves is a nice story... I gave up on him when he was drafted!!!

    McQuistan is not a LT... was he playing there again today?

    Kosier is what he is... if he plays his best football he is above average!

    Sean Ryan is a wasted pick... If gameday rosters were 55 we could find a role for him!

    I hope Parham makes the team over guys like Fowler and Shanle.
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    This is the reason why I watch pre-season games, not to see our star players - but to see the guys on the edge - like Parham. People who need the reps to impress the coaches.
    Hope he makes the team.
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    Player #53 is actually Junior Glymph. He's listed at 6'6" 272lbs so I could see where he'd stick out. Parham is actually #43.
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    Same old you know what.
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    Could be confirmation bias. I'd want to see it with my own eyes rather than taking the word of a random fan posting on a blog.
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    Nice report by Mr. Posner.

    I caught that too. Sounds like he might turn a few heads! He definately has the size... perhaps he will be the "new" version of Kalen Thorton (who never panned out).
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    glad to hear burnett doing good i am still high on him. and hatcher and wathins coming on great to hear.
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    Terrific anaylisis man. Muchos gracias.
  12. Henson Domination

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    Agreed. It could be selective analysis to generalize one player.

    From the other report:


    So I can see how he could make a general comment given the afore mentioned plays from this thread...
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    Glymph is one of two players (the other is Vontrell Jamison) who (I think?) we picked up from other teams' practice squads in late Nov/Dec 05. At the time both were DE's but size indicated at least one was better suited as a LB in the 3-4.
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    Wow amazing post... This is exactly the kind of stuff I could read all day every day thanks... We need to get a countdown going until preseason games start...
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    Gurode...hasn't the physical side always been there? I trully hope that this kid can grasp the mental aspect of the game. Seems like physically he's doing it again.

    Seems to me Kosier is a stop gap, insurance type vet. If we have to rely on him to start for a year or two, he would be servicable. I think we might almost be betting on Peterman to step it up.

    If reports stay the same on Watkins, and Davis is in fact still playing at an average level, I could see Coleman gone pretty fast. W/ Reeves playing alot better, and being FAR younger, and Coleman looking bad at safety (again, judging from 1 fans analysis, not what Ive seen) he's expendable. Ill tell you what though, Id rather have a young guy step up than have to rely on a vet.

    Im salivating over Ware. More so than seeing if this offense can become a juggernaut or anything. I hope that Ware can become the type of elite player we all believe he is capable of being. He showed flashes of brilliance last year, but it would be great to see him turn that into what Elite players do, an every down type of occurence.
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    I heard they moved Peterman to RG for TC? and I agree w/ you about Ware's potential, I too think he busts out this year, along w/ everyone else
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    Great report......thank you
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    Its early days yet. AND remember Colston Weatherington? He tore it up in camp but disapeared in games. So curb both your enthusiasm and your concerns. Old vets often do not look good the first week or two. IF this pattern holds up by the end of august then it means something. Got to admit this does not sound good as regards Johnson. One problem with bulking up is that you might trade quickness for that bulk- and that might be a losing proposition.
  20. MichaelWinicki

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    Watkins is going to be a very good FS for us... you heard it here first. ;)

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