Vela 7/30 Practice Report: Ware, Burnett, Gurode, Rivera, Hatcher, TNew

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sago1, Jul 31, 2006.

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    The defense is usually ahead of the offense at this point but the individual matchup problems are certainly reason for concern and close observation as we move into the pre-season games. The other point to make is that Parcells mentioned how good our DL is and that our defense is pushing around the offense in camp. The line does need to come together as a unit and I think Parcells discussion yesterday about settling the position battles early was aimed at the OL in particular.
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    TIme, grasshopper. It takes time for an O line to gel- they have to learn to work TOGETHER. And those older vets take a while to warm up.
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    It's not Vela. It is from someone on his blog, no different than anyone else from a message board going to Oxnard and posting their observations. There is no expert analysis involved.

    And lets all take it for what it is, an opinion of a fan who went to practice. And he (or she) would see probably what they wanted to see and report with something less than clear objectivity. Superb for informations sake, but relatively useless in terms of drawing conclusions. If you notice, depending on which account you read different things from different people. It's only natural.

    I am sure the coaching staff had a different interpretation of many events in any regard.
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    So you are saying that you actually need to know the player's assignment to be able to judge their play? Crazy.
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    Insane, I know. But seeing a center being driven back on their heels can only mean the center is terrible and weak. It has nothing to do with the guard blowing their assignment at all.:cool:
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    Also, noone is saying whether these 1 on 1 drills are pass protection drills, or run drills. The mindset and goal of the OL is different based on those situations. So, if Johnson is getting pushed backwards in a pass protection drill, this is not necessarily a terrible thing. If he's getting bowled over, or beaten around the side, that is a bad thing.

    But none of these are that specific.

    In addition, this defense, we all believe is going to be REAL good. A little domination isn't surprising, or disheartening, too much. It would be nice to hear Johnson is dominating Ferguson - but then we'd be killing Ferguson.
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    Now that is what I like to hear.

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    I think it depends on who deep he's getting pushed back into the pocket. A step or maybe two but it's really not good to get pushed back into the pocket even in passing drills. Doesn't allow for the QB to step up. Creates seams with the interior blocking scheme. Allows DTs or LBs to slide on the Guards interior shoulder and creates issues with balance etc. You would ideally like to see the Center, Guard create a seal in pass protection.

    I think it's too early to worry about this kind of stuff yet. I doubt there doing anything but working in shells right now. It could be a very different thing once guys start going live. Bares scrutiney but probably nothing more at this point. JMO
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    Actually I like Fowler, but Shanle can take a hike.
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    With his size and speed, hatcher will be very hard to block on passing downs,and has very good leverage to play the run.Is going to surprise alot of people with his play.

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