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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Teague31, Aug 4, 2006.

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    ...anymore. One would think that some things could be easily cleared out of a person's system with some practice and minor instruction, but the Henson situation is a perplexing one.

    Leading a receiver is a fairly basic premise at this level of football. If you want to be successful on gameday you have to be relatively successful in controlled camp scrimmages.

    Possibly Henson is a player who needs alot of reps to keep himself warmed up. Possibly he's not a practice guy, but rather a gameday guy? Who knows?

    But if he can't get over the "locking onto receivers" as one blogger noted, then he won't be in the league as a starter for long. That may be considered a "fatal flaw" in this business.
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    Too many posters are concerned about Romo vs. Henson. Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees! I couldn't give a rat's rear end about that competition.

    What I'm concerned about is our FUTURE at the QB position and whether that QB can bring our team to the point that we can compete in the future with the likes of Manning, Brady, Palmer, Rothlisberger. (Bledsoe is nothing but a good, veteran bridge to the future.)

    But If anyone on this board honestly thinks Tony Romo will be able to do that they are kidding themselves.

    And, imo,Henson simply doesn't have the consistent mechanics to be a starting QB in the NFL. Whoever told Jerry in that college scouting report that Henson was an Aikman clone missed the boat. Aikman was the model of mechanics. Henson will never be consistently accurate with his throws simply because of his release. Period.

    The Dallas Cowboys will NOT return to elite status until we get our QB of the future. We are exactly where Pittsburgh was 3 years ago before they hit the jackpot and drafted Rothlisberger.

    Remember, in the NFL, it's all about who has the best QBs.
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    There is plenty of hype around this kid. From morons clamoring over him being a #1 pick the NFL draft to morons claiming his average, at best, season in the NFLE shows them anything at all, to morons clamoring for Henson to be given a chance he has never earned like it is a gift. There IS hype to this kid, and if you dont see it, dont talk about it.
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    this comment about the water smelling bad - that's bull****, right...? :)
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    yea because last years superbowl definately showed the best qb.

    winning superbowls is about TEAMS not qb play. I think romo can get it done. I love how people think u have to have a homegrown star at qb to win a superbowl.

    brad johnson,trent dilfer,even some of the superbowl losers rich gannon,jake delhomme,matt hasselback.

    get real.
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    No. There's not. Not on this board. If the teddy bears attending your tea party are hyping him, take it up with them. But there has been no hype here. And unless you are a more recent incarnation of a previously banned idiot, then there's no way you could have observed hype that I have not seen. When Henson went to Europe, there were honest posts about how he performed, whether good, or bad. There was no glowing prose about how the great Henson was tearing NFLE apart, because those would have been lies. On one hand, there has been honest, open evaluation of his performance, and on the other - moronic disdain.

    But hey, at least you chose a side, right?
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    :laugh2: :laugh1: :lmao: :bow:

    and all the while there's a thread going on where someone is saying that we should bench Bledsoe in favor of Romo, and get this...some people actually agree w/ that notion! talk about hype...

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