Vela chats with KC Joyner who suggests the #Cowboys may be in a philosophical bind

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 28, 2013.

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    Well wouldn't this metric in itself be fundamentally flawed because of the scoring. A good decision based on the given information can be an overall bad decision. If a QB doesn't see the whole field, but only part of it and makes the best decision based on the given information and throws the football away when he has a wideout streaking free to the endzone on the other side of the field, is that a bad decision....?
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    Its far too easy for us to say Romo should be throwing the ball out of bounds whenever we see an incompletion or INT.

    Its a team game and its fast paced. If Romo threw a timing based out-route to the sideline expecting Ogletree to be there but Ogle (the magnificent WR he is) runs the wrong route ... now that pass turns into an INT, do we raise Romo's bad decision percentage?

    He should have known better that he had incompetent WRs.

    Im not a Romo apologist and I know Romo has his gaffs, but what are the other 10 players decision percentages on the same play Romo's bad decision was made, wanna bet they all relate?
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    Romo's "Bad Decision Rating" score is something he owns and has little to do with anyone else. It is a decision only he can make he is being graded upon.

    It is about the decision not the result.

    It doesn't equate to his overall ability to play the game but it is just a single metric describing how he reacted in a play.

    We know Romo has made some bad decisions. That isn't really a knock on him as every playmaker ever makes some mistakes. As I tell my players, if you aren't messing up you aren't trying.

    I love Romo but it doesn't make this a bad metric to track because we dislike the name of it. Certainly better than just the plain INT stat that offers zero context or depth.

    This BDR metric can be a factor you look towards as you try to increase productivity. Find ways to make the decisions easier by putting better players around the QB or examine the decisions so Romo can have more data next time he needs to make a decision in a very similar situation.

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    That's a pretty nice post Percy.

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