News: Vela: Cowboys Camp, Day 3: Sea Change

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    Posted by Rafael at Tuesday, July 23, 2013

    The day in full pads was a half-a-loaf day for the offense and the defense.

    The offense, which had an erratic two days in shorts and shirts, continued to work off a basic script which contained several screens and several zone runs. The best news for this group was that the pass protection, which had looked spotty during the 11-on-11 sessions Sunday and Monday, tightened up considerably today. Cowboys QBs had more time to scan the field and work from the pocket.

    The screen game, which the unit had worked on extensively the first two days, showed improved execution and started to click a bit more. While the team has worked in running back, tight end and flanker screens, the running back screens showed the most promise against a defense which is trying to establish its rush credentials.

    On the defensive side of the ball, Monte Kiffin's zone philosophy is starting to show promise. A scheme based on denying the deep pass and the big play denied Cowboys quarterbacks deep options all day. The two and three-deep zone coverages work to force check-downs and the back seven did this superbly today. It did not matter whether Tony Romo, Kyle Orton or the other back-ups were at the controls. Passes in the deep zones were eschewed in favor of check downs into the short and intermediate zones.

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    Good read. Again it seems creating seams in the middle is why we got Frederick and why he was worthy of the 1st rd pick. If he can open up the middle for our running attack, we just became a much more potent offense. I don't think we have been able to consistently run up the middle since Stepnoski was here.
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    "Here, rookie Gavin Escobar showed some of the deep speed that made him so attractive to the team's scouts. He twice caught passes between the layers of the interior zone and absorbed the hits from the safeties after he caught the ball. "

    Sounds encouraging, I was worried about his 40 time.
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    Based on measured speed, Escobar was slower off the line than Witten, but actually 1 mph faster in top speed.
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    So what you're saying is once he gets going, he's got good enough speed to beat guys down the field.

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