Vela: Cowboys Offense '13: No Fullback? No Problem

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 1, 2013.

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    Posted by Rafael at Monday, July 01, 2013

    19 days until the first Cowboys practice.

    Here are some pieces of evidence which form an intriguing offensive recipe. First, the last key passage from last week's chat with ESPN Insider K.C. Joyner, this on Miles Austin's level of productivity.

    CN: Where did Miles Austin rank in 2012? There's a faction in the Cowboys world who is frustrated with his hamstring problems and feels he's overpaid and not worth the trouble anymore.

    K.C. Joyner: He had a 9.0 in 2012, on 109 attempts. That's good for a number two. If you have a primary who has a YPA in double digits (Dez Bryant had a 10.1 in 2012 and a 12.1 in his amazing second half of the season) and a third receiver who is also over 9.0 in Dwayne Harris, you're fine. If you can keep Austin at that level of production and get him around 110 balls and you can work him from the slot, I think you leave him alone.

    Joyner raises an intriguing point about targeting. He has not compiled his overall 2012 receiver rankings yet, but looking at his previous year's totals, seasonal YPAs in the 10.0 and higher range land a receiver in the top 10, often in the top 5. Hence Joyner's claim that double-digit receivers are elite.

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    Nice praise for Williams!
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    I don't know how Joyner figures these numbers. If he's using straight yards per target, his numbers for Austin and Harris are high compared with other stats services.

    Stats: 10.0
    Elias: 10.0
    PFF: 10.1
    Joyner: 10.1

    Stats: 7.9
    Elias: 8.0
    PFF: 8.2
    Joyner: 9.0

    Stats: 7.2
    Elias: 7.2
    PFF: 8.2
    Joyner: 9.1
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    IIRC, Joyner factors out some situations/plays in his take. Can't recall exactly what now, but I think it's mentioned in the long series of Vela questions over the last month or so. As long as Joyner does it consistently across players, it should be okay.....

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