News: Vela: McGee Angst Misplaced -- Plenty of QB Help Coming in 2013

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Sep 2, 2012.

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    McGee Angst Misplaced -- Plenty of QB Help Coming in 2013

    Posted by Rafael

    ...Overall, I'm hearing the 2013 quarterback crop should be strong. The list begins with "Cam Newton Jr.," the Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas. The phrase, "freak of nature" recurs when he's discussed. He's 6'5", 254 lbs., has 4.6 speed and a long, overhand delivery. Thomas has huge hands and throws a tight spiral. He lacks Newton's explosion as a runner, but has some shake. Thomas has touch throwing against zones.

    I've been cautioned that Thomas is far from a finished product, but is intelligent and is learning the game. What's Thomas' ceiling? One source told me, "if everything goes like it should for him, he could be the first overall pick in the draft." He could be the next Newton or Robert Griffin. Thomas is a red-shirt junior, so odds are he'll declare with a solid 2012 campaign.
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    Who was the last "great athlete .... all the tools .... high ceiling" high-first-round quarterback who panned out?
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    In today's NFL, there are five 'rookies' starting in the NFL at the start of this season, and five second year quarterbacks starting the season in the NFL as well...those 'odds' are meeting mainstream right now.
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    The Cowboys need a Landry!
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    Been saying this for a long time, 2013 draft loaded at QB.
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    If they were to draft a QB in the next draft, that kid would get the benefit to learn from Romo and Orton, Orton is signed for more than one season. he may be traded anything could happen, but those two would be excellent mentors for a young guy.
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    Doesn't matter how loaded the QBs are in next years draft are. The Cowboys will not be looking at using a high round draft pick on one for 3-4 years or should they. Romo is the guy for the foreseeable future. And if you think these mentioned QBs make it to the late rounds your fooling yourself. Orton is signed for the next three years anyway.
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    Tony Romo is 32 years old. Even if he manages to play another 5 years (he very well could,) a Tyler Bray for example would be 25 years old and not even in his prime yet. Draft a guy with a high ceiling and when Romo's ready to retire you've got a stud to take his place.
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    :bow: Remember folks, the great #12 was 29 years old when he took up his role as Captain Comeback. The team DOES need to invest in a top-tier talent ASAP.
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    yes they do, just not one from Oklahoma
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    Logan Thomas is a great person, as well.

    Good character, and he's a passer first. Virginia Tech's offensive coordinator just refused to open the playbook last year and let the guy throw the football.
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    I thought Troy was going to last longer. Roger left early. I want to use the first on a OL, OLB, DE...but QB is so important.
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    The horror!!!!!
  14. KB1122

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    It depends on what you mean. There seem to be a number of good prospects/potential No. 1s. But I'm not sure any of them would have been drafted ahead of Luck/Griffin. They're all good, but are any of them special?

    I still would have considered trading up for Griffin. But that's water under the bridge at this point.
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    Miami of Ohio quarterback Zac Dysert impressed me this weekend. All he needed was wrs who could catch and hold on to the ball. He has great vision, athletic, accurate, and strong arm. The negative is that he was always in the shot gun. If I had to compare him, he would remind of the combo of romo's and warner's skillset.
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    I'm a Tennessee Vol fan, and I wouldn't spend a first round pick on Tyler Bray. He has had recent run-ins with the law for reckless operation of a jet ski and throwing beer bottles at parked cars. Word is around Knoxville he is a punk.
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    I can definitely accept Landry love from someone out of Artesia!
    But sadly as an OU neutral observer I can not buy it myself.

    He hasn't really improved since his sophomore year and will be a 24 year old QB coming out. He is inconsistent with his accuracy and decision-making.

    He will be a big advantage at QB in the UT game but in some other other games he'll flat get outplayed.

    Geno Smith the QB who would intrigue me.

    All that said I think the premise of this article is goofy. --and i generally love vela.

    There is zero reason for Dallas to use a 1st round pick on a QB next year.
    They have a top 10 QB starter and perhaps the top backup QB in football.
    They do want to have 3 QBs and if they don't resign McGee week 2; they'll scour all year for a 3rd guy. Come next draft QB will be on the board but probably not for round 1 consideration. This team still has plenty of spots they need to look at before 3rd QB.
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    Problem is, we are talking about the most important position in football. It is the one position where you can't be over prepared.

    People like to say never question taking a lineman, defensive or offensive, well in today's game I would never question taking a QB cause they are just too important especially with a starting QB over 30 (face it, Orton should never start for us no matter what his age is).

    Since the class is seen as being deep, I would have no problem taking one regardless of round. Only issue is the media loves drama here, so Romo will get endless questions about it, but really we can't let them affect how we run the team.
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    someone we might be able to sneak in


    Sam Durley of Eureka college
    6-5 240
    just set the all time record with 736 yards in one game

    true division 3 but so was Ken Anderson

    only a junior

    I mean if Jerruh still wants to go bargain hunting
  20. jobberone

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    Logan Thomas
    Tyler Bray
    Tyler Wilson
    Matt Barkley
    Landry Jones
    Aaron Murray
    Zach Mettenberger
    E.J. Manuel
    Geno Smith
    Mike Glennon
    Derek Carr
    Alex Carder
    Jordan Rodgers (needs another year keep an eye on this one)
    Jeff Tuel

    Decent list and there will be a couple to stick their noses in the game by the end of the year.

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