Vela On the Cowboys Interior Line

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by FuzzyLumpkins, Aug 18, 2013.

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    I am thrilled as well to have a legitimate C in Dallas. Gurode was one but only for a few years of his career, IMO. The last few were not great for him and the first few he switched to G for a while. Only for a few short years was he a bonafied player at C. Frankly, I was never really in love with Gurode at C because he was such a plodding player. There were always parts of his game that were missing IMO.

    Frederick though... now there is a complete player at C who can anchor against a bull rush, get plenty of push in the run game, and can get to the second level very effectively.

    Like you said, thrilled.
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    while I love the Frederick pick I was hoping for Honeybadger in the second... hopefully Escobar can change my feelings.:cool:
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    Well, that was never, ever going to happen. I don't think Dallas would've taken Mathieu in the 6th had he been there.

    Personally, I would have used a later round pick on the guy, but not a second.
  4. Romo2Dez4six

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    yeah I knew it, but was still hoping lol.
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    I liked the pick because Center was the #1 need, IMO.

    I can understand the concerns about his speed, not strictly because of the forty, but because he appeared to lack great quickness in game footage of his final year; however, it was reported that the got up to around 340 lbs and possibly as high as 345 lbs that season. I posted that I thought he looked sluggish and might not be a good fit for the ZBS, but that losing weight could solve all of those issues. I was surprised that he didn't run better at the combine because he had dropped his weight drastically down to 312 lbs. At that point I was somewhat concerned about the forty; however, I was certain that if he was borderline quick enough at 340 lbs that he had to be much quicker at 312 or even around 320 where I expected him to be in the NFL. That now appears to be true because he does appear much quicker in the preseason games than he did in his final year in college.

    I had also posted that I was more concerned about a guy like Chance Warmack's lack of great speed/quickness in a ZBS because unlike Frederick, he didn't have much room to lose weight and get quicker. He was 322 lbs in college and I expected him to play somewhere between 312 and 320 in the NFL.

    Since I'm rambling about draft related issues, I'll note that Jonathan Cooper looked really good for the Cardinals in the game. He has a really outstanding combination of speed and power.
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    I wanted two Olineman, and after what transpired with the oline run I had no issue with Frederick. I liked him better than I thought the Cowboys liked him, because everyone was spouting the Zone Blocking stuff I didn't think we'd be interested in him. The Escobar pick I never liked and I hope I'm wrong. He didn't block in college and he wasn't explosive by TE standards.

    2.Warford instead of Escobar (I know they didn't like him)
    3.Demontre Moore instead of Williams, The Williams pick is growing on me, I thought Moore was just a great value pick
    3.Phillip Thomas (I thought he was more NFL ready)

    Loved the other picks
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    Remember Witten in 2003 started 7 games as a rookie and had 35 catches/347yds with one TD. I am thinking that Escobar is on that same path, it was the second year when Jason blossomed to 87 catches/980yds moan all you want this year. Gosh it does not seem like ten years ago.
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    If Bernadeau is a starter at guard this team will not be able to run the ball. Watched the game from last night and concentrated on oline this time. Bern is ok in pass pro but defenders constantly push him back and get across his face in the run game. That spells doom in a zone scheme rule number 1 is dont let defenders get across your face.
  9. Corso

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    I get exasperated at the lack of patience by fans. If you aren't producing BEFORE your very first regular season game- you're a waste.
    There is no such thing as development anymore, I guess.
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    Well I do have to add, seems like you are assuming just cause a player loses weight he will be faster....its just not that linear. If I lose 10-15 pounds, I'm not automatically faster, just doesn't work that way although I wish it did.

    I'm not overly concerned with Fred's forty time, especially at his position. If you are running plays that require an OL to run 40 yards, then you need a new offensive coordinator.
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    Agree on the Moore value pick, 12 sacks in the SEC means something. Thought I read Thomas already done for the year with injury.
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    The only pick I think was wasted was Webb. I just don't see it. He looks bad in the games. Maybe he'll develop that is the plan. But I see Ansah 2 hope I'm wrong
  13. Corso

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    He does look lost, but even highly drafted rookie CB's many times have rough rookie campaigns.
  14. Texas_Pete

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    Broaddus comments reflect Cowboy's thinking when drafting him:


    He'll develop. Witten is still on the top of his game and Hanna is #2 TE (for now). By the time Witten starts declining we'll see Escobar starting to realize his potential. He's 6'6" and has a frame that can pack on 20-25 lbs of muscle easily. When he does, he'll be a load to deal with.

    Bottom line, with how Witten is playing, I'm willing to wait for him to mature as a player. He's gonna be a good player for us.
  15. Corso

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    I truly believe the Cowboys drafted him to eventually replace Witten. In a perfect world, it just might work.
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    You're only saying that because of the beard
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    Good Lord did you forget it's jut preseason?
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    So you can't show athletic ability in the Pre season?
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    A lot of our fanbase is clueless when it comes to recognizing offensive line talent. Frederick was a brilliant pick. One should know that by now. And Arkin will make this team, and could even start. I wonder what the hell people are even looking at sometimes.
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    We've got several.

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