News: Vela: Riding the Hope Train: The Five Stages of Cowboys Grief

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    Riding the Hope Train: The Five Stages of Cowboys Grief
    Posted by Rafael at Monday, November 01, 2010

    Let's begin our Jacksonville Monday by walking through each of the five stages in Kubler-Ross model of grief and tragedy, to determine your place in it, with examples from past Cowboys meltdowns to situate you.

    Stage 1: Denial

    This isn't a 1-6 team. I don't understand it. This team has a lot of talent.
    Really? After seven games, I'm no longer sure how much talent this team has, nor am I sure that turning this group around will be a quick task. Let's start on offense. Good skill position players, but that offensive line isn't one guy away from redemption. It needs three, maybe four young upgrades before it comes near the rest of the unit.

    Take a long-hard look at these numbers: 103, 36, 101, 141, 94, 41, 50

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    No team in the NFL needs 4 years to rebuild its OL when it already has its LT...or its RT if someone better than Free comes along. Gurode isn't great, but he's above average as Centers go.

    You don't have to be great at every position. To me, the biggest issue with the OL is we don't know what we are. If you want to be a power-running team that bangs between the tackles and grinds out 3-4 yard runs routinely, then you go with the huge, heavy, tough-minded road graders. If you want to be more of a big hitting run game with traps, pulling, screens, draws, etc., then you develop slightly smaller, more athletic linemen like Free and Kozier, guys who can block outside and at the 2nd level. But you don't go with guys like Flozell Adams, Colombo, Davis, Gurode and go the finesse route.

    Jason Garrett needs help with the running game, both in its design and with the coaching. I know I don't know much, but I'm starting to think our oline coach isn't sure what to do with this mix of guys either. Even our draft picks lately, like Brewster and Young, seem to be dissimilar type players, to whom we add the ultimate finesse guy in Barron.

    You can't just take any players and put them together...decide what type of OL you are going to be; then look for those type of players, no matter the round; then maybe...just maybe you will develop a cohesive group of guys whose talents fit the same goal.

    As for FS...ouch...we are DEAD at that position. If the offensive line is a weak spot in this year's draft, we just may have to go safety in round 1 and OG or RT in round 2.
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    1,019 Likes Received this paints the most realistic picture of the current "putrid" state of the Cowboys...just fantastic...
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    ...not four but at least two...the only guy that is a keeper long-term is Free, either at RT or LT...Gurode, Kosier, Davis and Columbo are all on the decline for one reason or another...Davis and Columbo must be replaced immediately...Kosier and Gurode would follow the next year...Costa could accelerate the process if he turns out to be a keeper...otherwise the next two drafts have to be line oriented unless some of the young guns step has been neglected for too long and Romo made them look better than they actually were...
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    I never really understood the Leonard Davis move, especially for the huge money.

    Not after watching a then Cowboy Laroi Glover just abuse him when he played for Phoenix. And Davis had nearly 100 pounds on Glover. That told me all I needed to know about Davis.

    I suppose Jethro has a thing for over-rated UT players.
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    I think its not quite as bad as he says it is, but he's pretty darn close at hitting the ball out of the park. The root problems with this team are well documented. The O line sucks and Tony hid a lot of that with his abilities to move around the pocket. Kitna is a nice juicy burger back there waiting for the pocket to collapse around him. Greenbay is going to eat him alive. Won't be pretty. The O-line problems have marginalized whatever talent we might have at the RB position. Our backs are almost always trying to dodge a guy in the backfield after taking a handoff. We have an O line that can't pull. Ok, that's fine if you want to play smash mouth and just run O tackle plays all the time. However, our O line can't get a push because they lack the strength and quickness to get off the ball. Yikes. That means you can't do anything in the running dept. Lets see, they also can't recognize different blitz packages which means Romo gets broken up like a twig.

    On defense, its all about the Safety's. If they can't cover a lick we can't blitz and we have already determined that we can't get pressure on the qb without blitzing. Plus when we do blitz neither of our inside backers have the speed to get the the qb in time for them to prevent a throw to the hot receiver who is being guarded by safety's that can't cover.

    Short version from me is Jerry should be fired as the GM. This mess starts with him. He knew going into the season the Safety play was suspect and the O line as well. He addressed neither. That's not a NFL GM IMO.

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