News: Vela: Running to the Light: The Cowboys Finally Do the Little Things and Win

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Nov 15, 2010.

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    Running to the Light: The Cowboys Finally Do the Little Things and Win
    Posted by Rafael at Sunday, November 14, 2010

    What Worked?


    In a word, simplify.

    The harder blitzes from the last month of the Wade Phillips era disappeared today. Paul Pasqualoni mixed in some zone blitzes and straight blitzes, but he worked with a default four-man rush. The Cowboys corners played man to man underneath most of the time but Pasqualoni kept both safeties deep behind them, giving Gerald Sensabaugh and Alan Ball deep halves to patrol. The deep help denied Eli Manning the big pass plays he rained on Dallas in October.

    This allowed the secondary to drive on balls in front of its zone layers. This means screens were not effective, draws could not spring free. New York did get its receivers deep on the Dallas secondary running high-low patterns at McCann and Orlando Scandrick. Eli Manning was never able to get his players consistently deep. New York's guys made a handful of exceptional receptions, but the Cowboys were good in the red zone.

    The safeties showed some improvement reading Manning and driving on his passes. Alan Ball ended the game with a perfectly timed read and drive on a square in. Ball waited until Manning's arm was going forward before charging the route. He undercut the Giants receiver and snared the football.

    More zone meant better swarm, which in turn brought the rush defense back to life. New York's backs averaged 3.6 yards per carry and totaled just 90 yards.

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    ok, fine.

    so where did mannings 373 come from in the air?
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    from throwing the ball almost 50 times. kitna had almost as many yards on less than half the number of attempts.
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    Good observation. The Red Zone D was a big factor. The Giants have a potent passing attack, but they made mistakes which cost them.
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    The Giants would have won a close one without the turnovers. So the D was marginal at best. They still found ways to win which is the name of the game.
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    I really appreciate Vela but I'd argue a few things.

    1.) The defense was not simpler. Zone blitzes are exotic and challenging but also surprise the QB. The fact is we had more variation which helped disguise things a bit. If you bring more than four a lot teams prepare to unleash quickly on you. We made it hard to attack us because shEli had to figure out what we were doing as the play unfolded.

    2) The zone coverage helped us because our corners finally got some help. This wasn't as a big a factor on deep sideline throws but it was huge on underneath stuff. We didn't see the 80% completion rate we faced with Garrard and Rodgers.

    3) It's almost default to say we did the little things. We definitely did. We had a clean day with penalties and turnovers by our own standards and that was huge. But we also did the big things. We dominated with our OL. That Giants DL is vastly superior to the units who kicked our teeth in the past two weeks. That is a big thing. We also had our 4th CB return an INT 101 yards for a score. It doesn't get much bigger than that.
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    The defense stopped the run and made plays against the pass. Its insane to ignore the turnovers and say the defense was marginal. Was this a mighty shutdown defense? No. Can you win just about every week with this level of defense? Yes.

    The Giants made mistakes but also made some great plays with tight coverage. That was a far cry from weeks past where receivers ran unchecked.

    The Giants defense was the one that got embarrassed. They struggled against the run and could not cover us deep at all.

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