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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Sep 27, 2011.

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    The Cowboys got their running attack going last night by throwing a twist at the Redskins front. Specifically, they ran a wrinkle on one of their base zone running plays, called bend.

    It's a counter action run that is called from all formations, but which has the back start towards one side of the line and then bend his movement to the backside. Bend is a strongside version of this run, and the complement bend-x, is the weakside version.

    Last night, Dallas showed it from a heavy 22 set. Dallas lined up in a straight-I, with Martellus Bennett as the strongside TE, Jason Witten flexed as the U-back and Tony Fiammetta as the F-back in front of Felix Jones. In base sets, the F-back blocks the back-side end, and the back bends away from him. The design of the play has the defense keying on the pulling lead blocker, thus taking a false step away from the play's intended direction. This gives the line a better blocking angle.
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    Sharp article!
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    From: Felix

    Great article by Vela...

    The officials took about 18 yards away from Jones on Bennett's phantom holding call. That was about a 24 yard run by Jones (to the outside). Ridiculous call...Gruden agreed...

    According to K.C. Joyner, at one point well into the game last night, Dallas had "good run blocking" on 24% of their rushes (for the season). 45% to 50% is considered good for Joyner. The Cowboys were at less than half that.

    Joyner stated that "Jones is doing a very good job, both on his own and when his blocking has been solid".

    That was in the ESPN Dallas chat.

    Some of the people in that chat should be embarrassed, and you all know who you are and why. I didn't even want to read it (after the game), but I was looking for something.
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    I'll say it, again.

    Felix Jones played one of the best games at running back that I've ever seen a Cowboys running back play. Dallas doesn't win that game without Jones' explosive, great game.

    155 total yards

    17 touches

    All hail, Felix!
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    Gotta stay on the field... He's got serious talent though!
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    Jones has missed two games since the early 2009 season. Was he on the field last night?

    I think Jones left the game (real late) after recovering Romo's fumble deep in the redzone. Jones was holding his wrist after when he got up.

    155 total yards on 17 touches and having a long run called back due to a very dubious call and coming off a dislocated shoulder is very, very impressive..

    Plus, Jones was jacking up Redskins in pass protection, and he flat out destroyed some poor Redskin. I think it was London Fletcher who got knocked on his back (delayed blitz). Jones flat out knocked him flat on his back. It was a violent block from Jones, and Witten caught a first down.
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    I'm not trying to be a punk, but some in the Dallas media and some in the national media have been really unfair to Jones on this "issue".

    Darren McFadden has missed 7 games since 2009, and Felix has only missed 2. That is just one example.
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    Just to be clear...

    I'm talking about some of the ESPN Dallas and ESPN people in that Redskins game chat.

    K.C. Joyner (ESPN) was unbiased and informed and on point in regards to Felix Jones' play on the field last night.
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    :laugh2: :laugh2:

    I knew we'd see 41 all over the boards today. Nice game by Felix.
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    as far as I can remember Felix has always had a pretty good ypc so I'm not surprised. They really don't feature him at all either, I think many other teams would. He's very underrated here by fans who hold him to understandably high standards.

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