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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Angus, Aug 6, 2006.

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    They’re Working On It
    By Rafael Vela

    You’re read the reports from scrimmage yesterday. You’re heard Tony Sparano’s post session comments. You might be worried about the offensive line. You might be worried about nose tackle or safety. And you might be wondering, what are the Cowboys doing about it?

    Rest assured they are doing a lot.

    Preseason games have not yet begun, so the Cowboys’ scouts cannot get a good look at other teams’ players (league rules prevent scouts from “spying” on other teams) but they will once the games begin in bulk next week. In the meantime, the scouts are working hard on the team at hand.

    My understanding of player personnel responsibilities is that individual scouts are assigned a primary position. For example, one scout may track wide receivers for the draft. At this stage in camp, he scouts the Cowboys’ practices and assesses team strength at that position. After two weeks, the scouts file reports that when collated offer a strength-of-the-team statement.

    As the preseason games begin and the college season approaches, the scouts are given their national assignments. They get a region to track, like the Southeast or the Midwest and are given responsibility for watching the NFL teams in that region as well. During the season, this means a lot of football watching on Saturdays and Sundays. Right now, this translates into watching NFL preseason games in their designated area and filing regular reports on their assigned teams and players.

    When the final cutdown approaches, the Cowboys follow a practice started by former scouting director Larry Lacewell — the team assembles its scouts and rates likely cuts from most desirable to least desirable. This gives the Cowboys a short list of players to track and pursue on cutdown day.

    So avoid the temptation to panic over a position or two based on one practice in early August. The organization has a far more detailed understanding of personnel strengths and weaknesses than we do and probably has a fair idea of veteran options, based on last year’s pro personnel reports. In the following weeks, they’ll update their boards and do what they can to plug any holes.

    They’re working on it.
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    That's why things like working out Fred Ex are just part of an overall due dilligence plan.
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    Exactly!!! They're just covering all the bases and they should. Leave no stone unturned....
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    Great! We now have to look forward to getting some other teams first cuts. I'm sure these guys will be great.

    I guess we can hope for a team that's top heavy on the O-line and is cutting decent players because they've got too many.

    Anybody know of a team like this?
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    Most teams that I know of do what the Boys are doing--checking out potential cuts. The last time the Pats were in the Super Bowl, they took a guy who literally was working in construction (can't remember his name)--they'd tried him out, then kept him in their rolodex in case a player went down. One did, & he was brought in as insurance. They even had an article about it--said that after he tried out in preseason, Pioli told him they didn't need him then but that he should stay in shape because they'd probably be calling him later in the year.

    No, there probably aren't going to be any studs out there, but you need to know who's available & in reasonably playable shape should it become necessary. Common sense for any team.
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    Yikes... I don't mind such transparent attempts to keep people optimistic after a dismal first week of TC, I just wish he'd done a better job of it!!! "Don't worry, the Cowboys won't leave any stone unturned, any arena team un-scouted, any barrel-bottom unscraped, in their search to replace the under-performing scrubs currently in Oxnard." :p:

    I'll give it another week or two, then I'll panic.
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    I've been intrigued at how Vela's articles seem to be more positive than those of the local reporters. Anyone know much about this guy--is he fairly knowledgeable?

    (I'm still trying to decide if it's time to open the window to the ledge again!)
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    More than any other unit, the offensive line needs time to gel. I think between Flo, Kosier, Gurode, Rivera, Columbo, we'll have a solid O-line.

    I don't like the fact that there is very little depth, which is hopefully, what they're always on the lookout for.
  9. Kittymama

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    Well, I have to admit--the idea of Freddie Mitchell doing some blocking (& getting the crap knocked out of him) may have some appeal, should we sign him! Maybe Parcells is thinking of him as a tackling dummy--he's got the dummy part down already!
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    You know u are in trouble if the media can tell that the OLINE is in bad shape!!!
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    But .... that would mean that there's no need for bulletin boards like this one ........ :confused: :laugh2:
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    I am glad we have folks working on the problem areas.

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