News: Vela-What They Try To Do: The Cowboys Power Running Game

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    Posted by Rafael at Saturday, November 26, 2011

    Short-yardage power running has gone missing for quite some time in the Cowboys offense. Thursday, with the outcome at stake, the Cowboys showed another small but significant sign of finding their short-yardage way. In this case, the play combined a good tactical set up, smart blocking at the point of attack and muscular running from DeMarco Murray.

    Iso right

    A very important factor in the plays success lies in the formation. Dallas faces a 3rd and short, and puts in the 22 package, putting both TEs Martellus Bennett and Jason Witten on the right side. This stretches the Dolphins front. In this short yardage package they have a 4-4 front, with four linemen and four linebackers. Look where they deploy. One is over LG Montrae Holland's left shoulder. NT Paul Soliai is in the gap between C Phil Costa and RG Kyle Kosier. DE Kendall Langford is head up over RT Tyron Smith and the other lineman is head up over Bennett.

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    Good stuff as always from Vela
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    Note that it was an Isolation Play that worked. Red has been ineffective in calling lots of power or pulling plays in short yardage for years. Glad to see him trying something else finally. The slow developing running plays just don't work well in the short yardage game typically.

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