Verizon Tech Given 4-year Federal Prison Sentence For $2.8M Equipment Scam

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    How do these people actually think they are going to get away with this stuff? Especially on this level. $2.8M worth? :laugh2:


    Verizon Tech Given 4-year Federal Prison Sentence For $2.8M Equipment Scam

    A former Verizon Wireless employee was sentenced to four years in federal prison for ordering nearly $2.8 million in equipment for the communications company and then selling it out of his home.

    Federal prosecutors said Wednesday that Michael W. Baxter, 62, of Ball Ground in Cherokee County used the money to buy cars, jewelry and multiple cosmetic surgeries for his girlfriend.

    Baxter ordered the high-value network communications equipment for Verizon from Cisco Systems over a decade when he was employed as a Verizon network engineer, prosecutors said.

    U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said Baxter “abused his insider access to Verizon’s procurement system. He funded a lavish lifestyle with his stolen funds.”

    In addition to his four-year sentence followed by three years of supervised release, Baxter was ordered to pay $2.3 million in restitution to Cisco Systems, and $462,828 in restitution to Verizon.

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    They get away with it at first do to bad process and eventually they get greedy and get caught.

    We had administrative assistant at the last place I worked got busted she was taking the procurement card (Credit Card) and living large on the thing bought a washer, ate out all the time on it and eventually got caught.

    We had another manager and several guys get fired he have them get stuff got out and party with them then approve their expense report. Eventually he got caught when he had to put 10k on his American express to a guy he did not know his name. They think it was drug related

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