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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Doomsday101, Apr 3, 2006.

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    Derek Hagan
    Position: WR
    School: Arizona State Univ.
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 202 lbs.

    Derek Hagan is one of the hardest working wide receivers you’ll ever find, past or present. His work ethic and determination to be the best play a large part in why he’s successful. His speed, though not blazing, on the field and his athleticism is what set him apart. Derek is what many people would call a “natural” at the position. Although he works very hard to be where he is, a lot of Derek’s ability just comes to him by the gift of God. Along with being a great athlete, he’s smart…really smart. He works just has hard off the field as he does on the field, and this will only bode well for him when it comes to the rigors and complexities of the NFL. Derek just gets open. He knows his routes inside and out, and he runs them with some of the cleanest breaks you’ll see in a receiver at any level. Whether it’s the long balls or the short routes, Derek is consistently right where the QB expects him to be and that route running ability might be his biggest asset. The media and several others would have you to believe that Hagan is a deep threat only; when in reality, he’s one of the best short to intermediate route runners you’ll ever see.
    It’s really hard to find any glaring negatives with a player like Derek Hagan. As mentioned, he works so hard on every aspect of his game. Still, whether or not it amounts to nitpicking, one might say it’s getting off the line and out of the jam a little better. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing an ounce or two more muscle added to his frame. Derek can take a hit, and he’s never missed a start, but when he gets into the NFL, they come a little harder and a lot faster. Derek will need to beef up and maintain his quickness to be able to handle some of the shots he’s bound to take from safeties at the next level. Among whatever concerns there might be, out and out speed seems to be one as well. It’s going to be interesting to see what he runs the 40 at his workouts and the combine. If he can run well, he could be this year’s Troy Williamson in terms of shooting up the board. His wingspan and leaping abilities are things that may raise an eyebrow for scouts as well.
    Derek is going to have to keep up with that strong work ethic he has shown so far in college. Will he ever be that superstar wide out in the NFL? That remains to be seen. He’s a workhorse that gives you everything he’s got on every single play. So he’ll get the most he can from his ability, which means he has the potential to be one of the most productive receivers in the NFL for a long time to come. While he may not have all the glory and glamour of a Moss or Owens, he’ll fit right in with the likes of Harrison or Ward by managing to get his work done and step on the field and deliver.
    Final Word:
    HEALTH — All it takes is heart. Well...a lot of talent too, but if you have the heart, half the battle is already won. So since you won’t find any one that outworks or out hustles him, Derek Hagan is a given every time he’s straps on his gear. His durability and dependability will go a long way in the eyes of many scouts. He plays through injury, and he wants nothing more than to win. Derek has always had a good quarterback to get him the ball in college. It may not work out that way for him in the NFL depending on where he lands. Still, Derek’s attitude towards the game, and how he performs when he steps on the field will make him a perfect fit on any NFL roster.

    Mark Mitchell
    Senior Writer
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    you mean i cant catch a ball hagan.
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    I like him alot.
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    Hagan has small hands and drops a lot of balls.
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    Mike Haas is a WR from the Pac 10 that I will openly admit I'd love to see Dallas get. Very good hands. Tough, hard nosed kid. Loves the game.
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    most disappointing prospect Ive watched all offseason.
    VERY underwhelming.

    I still think the most highly of Greg Jennings and Jason Avant.
    Chad Jackson, also but he'd cost us #18.
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    I like Haas a lot. He plays very much like Ricky Proehl. He simply knows how to get open and he catches the ball.

    David Harrell - Pokes
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    Yeah, T O couldn't catch very well either when he came out, but guess what?
  9. Hostile

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    That is who he reminds me of.

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