Very nice video of Dez playing ball at Lufkin

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lane, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. lane

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    1:06 ..i've been waiting on that one since he became a cowboy.

    it would so work.
  2. Lonestar94

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    I think if we ever did one of those trick plays it would be Dwayne Harris since he used to be a QB.
  3. xwalker

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    I saw Dez throwing the ball through the goal post from the opposite 40-yard line in training camp 2 years ago. That's 70 yards in the air with the ball still at least 10-feet in the air when it went over the crossbar.
  4. Bill Wooten

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    In High School. Only QB snaps Dwayne took in college were in the wildcat and the pass I remember him throwing was nothing special.

    His strong suit is going to be putting him in the position where he can break one tackle and run for a big gain. More times than not, he will break that tackle and get the extra yards. At the very least, he will drive through the tackle and get every inch he can.
  5. Future

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    2:00 were his fingers out of bounds first? Apparently there's a precendence for that sort of thing :)

    Great footage...but there is a list of songs that should never ever ever be allowed on another highlight film. The first is one of them.
  6. CowboyMcCoy

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    Very nice clip, lane.
  7. lane

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    i think so too..really like 2:41


    the young man has talent.
  8. viman96

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    Amazing how his play on the field then looks the same as it does now.
  9. Alweezy

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    I like watching these back in the day clips of pros in high school, but man.. it's easy to put the best athlete in the backfield and just call his number all night, but to put him out at WR where the defense would have an advantage to stop him easier? And the man still made plays?! That's pretty impressive.
  10. Eskimo

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    He truly looked like a man amongst boys out there.

    The only thing I wonder is with his size, thick legs, power, speed and balance is why his coach didn't try to make him a RB so he could get the ball in his hands more at that age.

    Anyhow, he clearly was put in what would be his proper position in college and the NFL and took advantage of his elite ball skills. Dez may not be a genius off the field but he has some superhuman ability to track a football and then attack it in the air. My biggest fear is that he gets injured during one of those acrobatic catches but he has youth on his side. I was a bit worried to hear about all the back spasms he was having at the end of the Skins game but glad not to have heard anything about lingering effects.
  11. lane

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    this much is truth..

    our stupid coach does not know how to use this man..
  12. Eskimo

    Eskimo Well-Known Member

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    The thing I wonder is if it is the coach or the QB. I know some have talked about how Romo often seems afraid to throw deep even against a single high safety. Other with more knowledge of the situation can comment but Garrett in the Air-Coryell mode has little fear of going for the knockout shot.

    It'll be interesting to see what happens with Callahan in charge next year. I do think we need to try and get the ball deep to Dez more but that is predicated on the QB having the protection to do it and forcing the defense to come up more to defend the run game. Since we had neither going for us last year it is not surprising that we didn't get many opportunities to make plays down the field that didn't involve Romo evading passrushers in the backfield.
  13. lane

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    dez is like earl campbell.

    not very smart.....just get him the damn ball and let him do his thing.
  14. Boyzmamacita

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    I would love to see more of that open field RAC as a Cowboy. There are less opportunities for it in the NFL, but hopefully Callahan or whoever will find ways to utilize all of Dez's strengths.
  15. utrunner07

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    You do realize there is a bit of a difference between throwing a pass in high school v the NFL right?
  16. funkytown

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    Loved the video.

    Dez has always been a man amongst boys. High School, College, and now in the pros. He is so physicall gifted. So glad he's a Cowboy

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