Very small sample: But not impressed with Joseph Randle

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mmohican29, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. jobberone

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    Well, we'll just have to disagree. But if you read all my posts here you'll see that I'm not completely satisfied with him. He's an average NFL back. Some pros and cons. Certainly not anything special.
  2. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

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    BTW, if you look at all our games you can see the aypc for each back. Nothing to write home about for anyone.
  3. theranchsucks

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    Exactly, and randle has not shown anything. JAG
  4. ninja

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    I've only seen the first quarter of the Lions game but he looke d pretty good in the 1st quarter. He had two nice runs to begin the game. He had nowhere to go on the 2nd and short carries. The DBs were in the backfield as soon as he got the ball. No RB would do anything in that situation. I have no clue why the Cowboys were trying to run on 2nd and short so much. The play action was there for the taking.

    Randle hits the hole hard and is a good receiver. It is not the his fault that the cowboys aren't maximizing his receiving skills. Those 2nd and shorts would have been ideal to hit Randle on some screens or out in the flats.

    Again, I only saw the 1st quarter so far. But, he aslo looked decent against Philly. And he didn't get hurt like, ahem, Murray. Not sure what people expect from him so early.
  5. CATCH17

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    He looks alright. I wouldn't want him as a starter but im fine with him as a backup.
  6. JPostSam

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    i don't think he's so bad. for a 5th round draft pick, he's been right around what i expected.

    however, i thought/hoped we were going to draft eddie lacy in round 2... totally dumbfounded by the escobar pick.
  7. Naruto

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    You don't need a special back to win in this league.

    What you do need is a competant scheme that doesn't telgraph runs so the defense isn't run blitzing and blowing up your 2nd down plays, o-linemen who can get to the LBers and a RB who doesn't fumble and can stay healthy.

    IMO we don't have anyh of those so even a special back won't look so special with us.
  8. garrett316

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    I actually loved the way he ran against Philly, now we can say that's a terrible defense, but he got positive runs on every attempt. Actually thought he got more than was there with some nice vision and a touch of elusiveness on a few runs. I was only able to listen to the Lions game, and his numbers were awful, so I cant comment much more than that. For a 5th round pick he doesnt seem to be bad, I'm certainly not writing him off on a 3 game sample.

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