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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Vic Koenning is the Defensive Coordinator for Illinois, back in 2005 from 2008 he was the DC at Clemson. He still comes to town often for a charity he belongs to. While in town I suggested to a radio show I have some dealing with that they feature a draft segment and see if they can get Koenning in.

    While he was not able to make to the station he did a interview over the phone that the station will air.

    While talking about A.J. Jenkins because of his work with Koenning's charity he mentioned that several kids at Illinois were high character and that Whitney recently signed a bunch of stuff to be sold at an auction for him. He then went on a 5 minute rant about how great of a player Whitney is and the last time he has ever coached someone with his skill set was when he coached DeMarcus Ware at Troy. Little did I know till he said it was there a connection there. He said Whitney has the "want to" and the explosive ability Ware showed and believed he can be every bit the player Ware is. Koenning said he does not say that lightly because he and Ware are very close and thinks Ware is the premiere pass rusher in the NFL but he see's every bit of Ware in Whitney.
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    Likely candidate for Dallas in a trade down? I love this guys length, athletic ability and his motor. I believe he has the highest ceiling of the pass rushers.
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    great stuff

    quite a lofty comparison using arguably the best defensive player in the NFL.

    but if anyone can have the authority to name drop Ware this would be the guy
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    I would not mind, I'm just not comfortable doing it at 14. I don't think he is going to drop far despite some rumblings he could. Pass rushers are at a premium this year and with Whitney's ceiling some team is going to take that shot.
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    Early 20s for Mercilus, say 20-23?

    I've had dreams of dropping to 33 and getting him but it sounds like that isn't going to happen.

    Oh well, if we trade down a bit and draft him we won't do the flier on Bruce Irvin that I have favoured so we save ourselves a pick there.
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    Zero chance Mercilus fallls to #33. Everyone is looking at the Giants right now as the model and the model says pass rush, pass rush, pass rush.
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    One year wonders make me nervous. If they could trade down get him and a second two, that would be OK.
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    Ware is going to destroy the sack record books... Hard to believe this kid will be on that level.
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    Pretty high praise. A month ago I thought Marcilus was a possibility at #14 but it seems a bit high unless management has plans for Spencer's departure.
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    I know some consider it unpopular but if we draft Mercilus in round one we should release Spencer so we can save the cap space and use it next year while we throw Mercilus to the wolves out there.

    I know some won't accept it and don't want to hear it but we aren't going to be ready in 2012. The OL is being rebuilt again, the front 7 needs more talent and secondary needs more talent - it'll take a year to draft and bring in those players and then have them gel. Cutting Spencer this year, our non-contending year, gives us $8.8M extra cap dollars to push into next year's cap and would nearly entirely undo the effect of the salary cap penalty that was imposed upon us.
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    Thanks for posting this Sdogo.
  12. M'Kevon

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    No such thing.

    NY was 6-6, with a 4 game losing streak on Dec. 10, 7-7 as of the morn of Christmas Eve.

    There is no such thing as "not ready" when all it takes is to be average thru November, then get hot (or gel).
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    Where do you believe he will go in the draft?

    14 seems a little on the high side. Possibly a trade down in the 19-25 range?
  14. Bluestang

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    I agree with you that this team is not ready to contend this year because we have too many holes and so many unknowns. The 2009 draft, the Roy Williams trade, and the high price veteran contract penalties have taken their toll. Next year we should be in prime position so long as we continue with our draft trends from the previous two years.
  15. Idgit

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    Can't we all just agree that this is a horrible phrase that should never be used in a draft context?

    If this is remotely true, you can take the guy at 14 and not give it a second thought. It doesn't matter where he's expected to go if your scouts and sources say he's got the ability to be the best pass rusher in the NFL.

    That said, this same thing's probably going to end up being said about 10 defenders in this draft before it's all said and done. When you have access to tidbits like this, it's got to make it so hard to decide which of them to believe. Especially when they come from sources like this, with experience with current players they can compare the draft prospects to.
  16. fanfromvirginia

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    One reason I expect us to trade down, maybe as far as near the end of the round, is that there are several guys who I think Dallas really likes, including Mercilus, who are generally expected to be available after 14. Each guy could be long gone by the time we trade down and select but there is a low probability that all of them are gone. The other reason is that it seems we may get some good offers.
  17. fanfromvirginia

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    I for one agree and would say the same for a few others, especially McClellin.
  18. Chuck 54

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    Ware relies on beating the OT at or before the snap. Mercilus had a ten yard run time that was down with the running backs.
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    mocked him at 11 to Seattle on my last mock and I haven't seen any concrete evidence to change my mind.
  20. burmafrd

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    Tap the brakes a little on this. Coaches are prone to hyperboly on their players.

    Sorry I do not see in Merciless what Ware has. Not in the same class.

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