Vick, LOL

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by dbair1967, Sep 3, 2004.

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    Mike "I dont need no preseason game practice" Vick...absolutely awful I just think its hilarious...first play of game he doesnt read the field, gets blasted on a CB blitz that came from 25 yds away, but instead of just taking the sack, super Vick throws a crazy pass while almost on his back, it goes straight in the air 10 yds down field and is easily picked off...

    next series, Vick gets rushed again right into his face, throws ball in ground...on 3rd down he throws into triple coverage, no chance at series 1st play, gets PASTED by Arrington and fumbles, run back for TD by Skins...

    24-0 at end of 1st quarter...Skins 1st team O played one series, drove right down and scored against awful Atlanta D...they finally pulled the totally overmatched hype machine that is Vick and put in real NFL QB Matt Schaub...Skins D is VERY very aggressive...Mr Zimmer could learn a thing or two about pressure, attacking D from Greg Williams...

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    Vick is VERY overrated and over-hyped.

    He won't start 10 games this year.
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    He just seems like a tremendous talent... but he just ain't getting the electric impulses up there to that noggin...

    As many games as he has missed... he needs all the reps he can possibly get...
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    and get Schaub in there
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    You think the NFL might be catchin' on to the Vick act? He is going to have a difficult time this season. His mental and physical toughness will be tested every week.
  6. dbair1967

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    and he has none of either

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